• Having spotted a couple of Sea Serpents near the harbour, and with Rosina still resting in Marali after the big RTQ, I killed one then did what I have done on other similar occasions. Went to see Jorda in order to purchase a stash of mana potions, which I then drop in a corner of the shop and come back to collect them after the fight.

    I dropped my manas in order to buy some more, but the log shows I dropped 20 night visions. Now, these are always in the same spot - 5 items below my mana, so it is a bit unlikely that I should have made such a mistake. I kept trying to buy, but it would not register. As you can see from the log, it does not show I bought 20 manas or even by mistake 20 night visions.

    After killing the Sea Serpent, I went back to the shop to retrieve my mana potions, but to my surprise I could not pick them. I then tried apple+G and discovered I had 20 night visions on the shop floor! At this stage I looked at my log (as described above). How did I end up with 20 night visions and how come the text log does not show the purchase of either the 20 manas or the 20 night visions?

    I pass my little headache to you smile


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