• Charlotte sits down at the little table in her room at The Sleepy Dwarf Inn in Mirith.
    She opens the diary she had bought and starts to write....

    " Day 22, year 442, Waking Moon.

    Hello Diary! Hmm.. Where should I start?
    Viktor told me to write a diary, write about things that happen in my life, about things that I find important.
    I really like staying at the Inn! Opal is a really nice lady.
    In the morning, we eat breakfast together, and I help her clean the rooms and do the dishes.
    Today, she said I could go and play in the city.
    Together with Elisa - oh!
    Elisa is the pixie friend I made! Shivani and Gregg and Ryen helped me to get a pet, but instead I found a really nice friend! So together with Elisa, we went to the city. Heading to the east gate, we stood at the bridge a bit to look at all the activity.
    In the distance, near one of the rocks, I could see a familiar person, Iceane!
    Slowly I walked to him and we spoke. He cheered me up for what had happened after the attack! He's a really nice person!
    Afterwards, I went to the bank and ran into someone I didn't know yet. He told me his name was Cliff, and that he was a wizard. He gave me healing potions and explained what they could do. He asked if I wanted to go for a little walk in the forest, where we ran into some monsters, and one had a strange dust. Called an elemental dust, he said, used for crafting. I asked him more about crafting. He said that people can make things, just like the potions. I'd love to know more about the crafting!
    Cliff seemed like a fun person to play with! I hope to see him again soon. He knows a lot about his magery as well, maybe he can help me control the magic better..

    Oh, yes! Viktor placed strange runes around the entries.. He told me about it earlier, it's a magical barrier that will warn him and those near the alarm that the frost creatures are attacking. The barrier itself can be broken though, but it should be enough time to prepare a defense.

    Ok Diary, I need to sleep now! See you later! "

  • "Day 34, year 442, Waking Moon.

    Hello Diary!
    Today, I saw Siegal standing at the bank in Mirith. Slowly I went up to him and said hi.
    The other people at the bank didn't really pay us any attention, so I came closer!
    Siegal was making boots! I really wanted to be able to make things too, to craft things.
    I asked him if he could teach me, and he said he could. He taught me the process and we went to gather the necessary supplies. After that, we went back to the bank and I managed to make several pairs of brown boots!
    After that, he asked if I wanted to try fishing. So we went to the moat to fish. Eventually, I managed to catch a trout!
    By that time, it was nearly lunch, so I decided we should have a picnic!
    That was really fun! There were banana pies, sheep milk and cookies!
    So yes, today I learned how to fish and make boots!"


    "Day 42, year 442, Waking Moon.

    Hi Diary!
    A few days ago, the tailor shopkeeper taught me how to make bandages, and said he would buy them from me. So I was making bandages to make a little bit of gold pieces to buy things. After I had been making seveal bandages, Amere, the Royal Guard, entered the shop! He asked me how i was doing and I told him that Siegal teached me how to craft and fish!
    He explained what he had to do on his job as the Royal Guard, he must be really strong, even though he says he isn't. He gave me a blue rope of protection and one of resistance, and said he had to give those from Jayson. They looked really nice!
    After that, Shivani the druid appeared as well!
    I asked Amere if he could teach me how to wield a weapon to defend myself. Mommy had only been able to teach me a little because of the time and that I'm not fully grown yet.
    He asked me what kind of weapon I would like, and I said preferably something that wouldn't really weigh a lot. That's because I'm not really big and strong yet.
    After that, we tried out several weapons and armor types, and settled with a dagger while using the blue robe of protection. We decided to go to the north east of the city to find monsters to practice on. While we were looking for monsters, Amere and Shivani were chatting a lot, about ancient dragons and their respective classes!

    Amere went on explaining me about how I should use a weapon, what it is for, what a fighter should do, really a lot! Like protecting those without armor, like the clerics of the party. Apparently there's a way to make a monster focus its attention on the fighter, a strike that challenges the monster to fight you. We got a monster to attack shivani, but I wasn't able to use the strike to make it attack me! I'll have to practice it more!

    After that, Shivani decided to teach me some druidic magery. She first asked me to explain how the tingles worked, and figured out the spells that happen from the tingles are a reflection of my thoughts and feelings.
    Keeping that in mind, I was able to learn the spell "night vision"!

    Then we went back to Mirith to sleep!"


    'Midnight. Elisabeth appeared at the Mirith bank before Dracilus. They started talking about Pervil and her treatment. The treatment has complications. The venom is one banned from use, its primary target is the mind of its victim, not the body. The venom has several uses. It can kill, but also manipulate the mind, or the memories within. It could potentially cause someone to switch sides. There is a vampire magic spell that can cure this venom, but the cure itself is a side-effect. This specific spell is banned from use as well, only a few know it, and even less know how to cast it. Elisabeth knows how to cast it and apparently is allowed to. She'll need assistance from a strong group, but not necessarily a big party. She explains that she was not the mayor of the fishing village Lerilin, but rather, of a different fishing village that is no longer here. The subject changed to her daughter. It's unusual for a vampire to have control of all three magical aspects. Her father had control of all three, but mostly magery/wizard, the others not so much. She should later be able to use weapons as Elisabeth does.
    The night passed, Charlotte would be appearing soon, and Elisabeth disappeared, so that her daughter would not moan to Elisabeth to take her back.

    A bit later, Charlotte woke up and came to the restaurant, to eat breakfast. Dracilus saw her and went to meet with her.'

    ""Day 101, year 442, Waking Moon.

    Hello again Diary!
    Today, while eating breakfast in The Hungry Gaper Restaurant, Dracilus suddenly appeared through the window! With him was another person, called Orest! I introduced them to Elisa, my pixie!
    Dracilus asked me what I could cast so far, and I told him of magic arrow, lesser heal, and Night Vision! I also told him about the tailoring I learnt and the dagger-wielding.
    i asked him if we could visit Lerilin and Andris, and they explained how the crystals work. If you give 50 of one color to the priest, he'll make you a pure of that color, and using those in the portal, you can go to other cities quickly!
    Sadly, the shops weren't selling the needed colours, and we couldn't go to the other cities today, but he said we would go there soon!"


  • Day 20 of the Fighting Moon, Year 444

    It's been a while since Viktor took me home from Andris, and I finally managed to met mommy Elisabeth today. I showed up the red robe I got and she said it looked absolutely adorable! That made me so happy.

    The black dragon was finally asleep, and Mexur was watching over her. Even though she's stable, she's really starting to look weak.

    I decided to tell mommy what I had promised the humans at the bank, and she was quite surprised! She said she'd contact them soon, that I shouldn't be worried, and asked if I wanted to play in the forest a bit. She was talking with uncle Viktor after that.

    When we went back, Viktor continued my magic lesson, and I finally managed to cast a lightning bolt, though it didn't really hurt the forager ant!

    Elisa is doing really good too! We do practically everything together, and she's teaaching me more cleric magic! Well, it's time for bed, see you later, Diary!