• Yandor shot his companion a look. She knew she too would not last long out in these woods if her partner were to unable to hold his part of their deal. She let out a bark in response.

    "I don't like heading into town anymore than you do" he muttered. She barked. "Yeah as if I would break that one" he yelled back as he passed the guards at the gate. He turned to see the Hell Hound stalk off into the forest.

    He came out from the gates to find his Hound messing with the local guard. "What idiots" he thought as he walked by smiling and waving. "Get your hound outa here!" yelled one of the guards. The Hound in repsonse shot her a look and her eyes blazed up in flames and ran at them and lept. Right as she was about to strike the now cowering guard she dissapeared.

    "Don't interrupt Yandor!" growled the Hound. "Yeah yeah you know I have to go in there to buy reagents to heal you right?". She was already gone. He could hear the guards yelling and laughing. "Poor fool probably soiled himself. they usually do... they never will learn. Humans." he thought to himself. For a brief second he forgot he too was Human. Though he did not like to identify himself with his wicked race... he was Human. Cassie was a stubborn Hell Hound and had  a particular disdain for humans. She adored him however, one of the few. He was considered as one of her pack. a few privelage any human can say they have.

    "What does this thing look like anyway Cass?" Before she could respond there was a tremendous lightning bolt and thunderous sound along with it. Instincts crept int. Cass bolted close to inspect what it might be. Yandor grabbed for his potions and followed first shifting into a wolf.

    Upon arriving he could see Cass face to face with a female in a black robe. Cass looked ready to pounce. "This isn't good". He could hear the woman apologizing. He quickly shot Cass a look and she responded with a low growl. "I'm sorry she's been under a lot of pressure" Yandor said as he shifted back into his himan form. What is the issue here?"

    finally looking at her she looked wise. Wizard hat, black robe and juding by all the dead monsters around fairly strong to boot. Better play this one smart , he's seen what her kind can do and its not always pretty.

    "It seems your hound thinks I was attempting to paralyze her. As you can see, and I am sure you heard I have had a few issues myself I've had to deal with" she said nodding to all the slain giants and snakes. "I am in search for slime and goo for my guild, I mean no harm". He could tell right away she was sincere. Had she wanted to she would have had Cass in a spell and have zapped me. It was probably her who'd made that lightning bolt before. Cass began to growl louder and started to walk away.

    "She'll be fine" he said. He knew she was getting irritated, with everything going on and us not finding the flower yet she must be worried. "we are looking for a flower" Yandor began but just then he noticed on her belt. The teal flower, and now he smealt it. Now he knew what Cass was so irritated from... "Say what is your name?"

    "Who asks? replied the female.

    "I am Yandor, a simple druid. My hound here has a sick pup in one of her pack's litter. We are in search of that flower you have on your hip there so I can make a medicine to try and help the pup" Yandor started to explain more but before he could ask she grabbed the flour, whistled to the hound and put it onto the floor. Cass not wasting a moment grabbed the floor and left.

    "I've been around animals my whole life. Our leader Fixx is a druid. I understand the needs of pet's and the importance of the preservation of nature. My name is Fuocoo." she said with a nod. "Now I must go, I can not waste time I have to gather supplies. Would you like to help?"

    Pausing to stop and think what this offer was really for, he remembered she was in fact a wizard... and still, kind or not a human. He would not forget what his kind was capable of, especially the strong ones... "No I must run along anyway back to the forests of Mirith" and before she could respond he was gone.

    He could hear her muttering about goo and saying things like "Damn druids and their teleports" when he got out from behind the tree."Why would anybody want goo..." he thought as he walked.