• He could smell them from miles away... They stunk. Time with wolves has left me with a higher sense of smell Yondar thought to himself. It was not long ago he would be one of them he recalls as he looked upon the Men. Mirith men by their capes and shield. Burning wood from the sacred forest of all places...They disgusted him... all men did. Destroying the forests, harvesting their 'precious' gems that did nothing but create inequality and war amongst the race. "I at least woke up" he says in defense to the Hound as she walked back. Red with fierce eyes the hound gives a small bark in agreement. Did you get it? Yondar asks. Another bark.

    The Hound gets up and departs. Yondar follows his companion into the dark away from the campfire and Mirith Men. One of the men begins to yell about missing his rations.

    This bread is good isn't it sister? Yondar says in a mocking tone to his companion.