• (a summary of recent events and their connections from Bronte's perspective)

    The fighter made himself comfortable at the chair closest to the candelabrum. The guards had just delivered reports from Shivani and Varto of recent occurrences. He quickly unfolded the parchments muttering to himself what do we know so far ... Impatient as always, he quickly skimmed through.

    Curious disappearances

    Nafets, Voltan and Serath of Mirith; Mayor Palmer of Lerilin; Senators Ellychas and Anderson of Andris were dead. Their corpses had something in common; a glowing black wound, perhaps the fatal one. Senator Morgans was missing from Andris leaving nothing but her left shoe and speculations among the Andrisian residents concerning her whereabouts. Rumour had it Commander Vaup was murdered but her corpse was no where to be found. He wouldn't believe it until he saw evidence suggesting otherwise. The commander who fought valiantly against the late Tirana, Vasha and Rasha would not lose her life to the likes of Vandrovic... He unrolled the second scroll.

    Of Shadows and Agents

    Shadow creatures... he had heard of them but had never seen one in person. The mysterious Ardent enchanters. What where they up to this time around? Several rifts appeared in Oberin after the arrival of Ardent. The rift in Marali had produced a Void Serpent. Cauldrons and corpses of several brigands were scattered around it. Some sort of human ritual? Was this connected to recent deaths? Aha. Enzrath, an Ardent Agent had confirmed Senator Morgans was teleported through the rift. Furthermore, a Void Dragon had exited the rift near Andris only to be stopped by some magical stone from said rift. Ardent Agent Edgard was trapped in the void as a result but before his entrapment he sent a message about his demise, urging remaining Ardent agents to explore the void.

    Vandoric and Co.

    Vandrovic... The cunning descendant of the Ancient Ice Dragon who instigated the great Ice War. He had resurrected the ghost of an old fighter to create the Ice spirit with whom he terrorize Duldrus a year ago. He had also taken advantage of the gathering in Andris during the last blue Moon festival to infiltrate Marali with his ice creatures.

    About a fortnight ago, the Ice spirit appeared in Foehan doning a dragon stone and commanding a pet Ancient Forest Dragon. Dragon stone ring... what purpose did it serve? uniting the Dragon Race? Bronte was once again lost thoughts. Perhaps our fears about all Dragons working with Vandrovic are realized? No. The horde in the village only comprised of forest and ice dragons. Resistance by Brave Oberinties caused the Spirit to retreat, resulting in the appearance of an irked Vandrovic, who sent few of the warriors to the grey world in a flash and verbally threatened the remainder of the party.

    On Vampires

    They had peacefully coexisted with humans decades ago before they were sealed away. He had met one during his stay in Mirith several moons ago. Elisabeth was the name; she had an affinity for human blood and that alone was cause for concern. She and her brother Viktor had offered to lend a hand in recovering Marali??? The same Viktor who once paralyzed an entire town? Elisabeth was also skilled warrior. She had suggested distracting Vandrovic at the entrance to Marali while humans slipped into the city via the Crypt. A brilliant plan in theory but did they have any ulterior motives? Elisabeth was involved out of concern for her young daughter? He still had his reservations about these creatures but would do anything to aid Marali, including cooperating with said vampires.

    The Offsprings of Crausaar and a New Alliance

    The Green Mexur, the Black Pervil, and the Red Jextil, Dragon brood of Crausaar. Vandrovic vexed at their idea of coexistence with humans, sought to eliminate them, enlisting the help of an unknown rogue Vampire. Some Forest, Ice dragons and their young shared his sentiments and set out to find Mexur

    The Green dragon had his share of delimma. He had found his sister, Pervil incapacitated with bite marks all over her perhaps from the rogue vampire? and discovered Jextil his brother was missing. With the help of human friends, he found Elisabeth who confirmed the cause of her illness offered to cure Pervil with help from Viktor. Those bite marks were indeed that of a vampire. Specifically Elphina's. Once a rebel leader in the vampire civil war ages ago, she now allied of Vandrovic. Mexur had decided; he would assist in the battle against Vandrovic.

    A new alliance among Man, Dragons and Vampires. It was indeed time to put aside his differences. With the events ahead of us, by Elara we need all the help we can muster. He stowed the letters and resumed restocking the hall with weapons while Dharma did the same with potions and reagents; they will come in handy soon enough.

    (Mina-san kore ha saikin no RTQ youyaku. Bronte no shiten da. Watashi ha Nihongo de peraperajyanai kara, ookina bunpoujou no ayamari ga aru kamo, sumimasen...)

    闘士はろうそくの近くに、楽に座った. ガードは Varto-san や Shivani-san から手紙を配った。彼は早々手紙を開いた。『これまで何を知っている。。。』と思った


    Mirith の Nafets-san, Voltan-san, Serath-san, Lerilin の Palmer 市長, Andris の Ellychas 上院議員, Anderson 上院議員, すべての死者. すべての死体 は共通するものある - 黒傷が輝いた. Morgans 上院議員 も行方不明だった, どこに行っただれも知らなかった; 我々彼女の靴だけを見つけた. 噂によると Vaup 中佐 も死だ 『彼女の死体を見るまで、私はそれを信じられない』 と考えた。次の巻物を開けた.


    影の生き物...ぼくはそれらに聞いたことあるけど見ていない. Ardent の 怪しい魔法使い ... 『何をやろうとしている?』実は彼らがOberin に着いた後に, いくつかの割目が現れた! Void Serpent は Marali の 割目から出て!それの近くには、Brigand の死体、大釜もある. 『これはなんだろう?人間の犠牲の儀式? 最近の出来事に関連している?』 Enzrath という Ardent の 魔法使い ha "Morgans 上院議員 は この割目にテレポートした"と言った。Andris の割目 も、void dragon から出て。でもすぐに魔法石がまた出てきて、Void Dragon を殺した.

    Vandrovic-san の こと

    Vandrovic-san... 氷の大きい戦争の Ancient Ice Dragon の 悪賢い子孫だ。彼は Ice Dungeon de 闘士のお化けから Ice Spirit を生み出した。彼らは一緒にすこし前まで Duldrus を攻めた. 前の Blue moon Festival, みなさんが Andris で祝った間に、Vandrovic-san と手先 は Marali を分捕った

    二週間前 Ice Spirit や Ancient Forest Dragon のペットは Foehan に現れた。彼は Dragon Stone を着た。『Dragon Stoneの機能は何で?さまざまな種類のDragon を 統一する?まさか 全部Dragon は Vandrovic-sanを助力する??』いや。Ice Spiritは Forestや Ice Dragon だけ持って来た。Oberin の 人々は戦って、Ice Spiritもテレポートで逃げられた。後、Vandrovic-san が猛烈だった、またFoehan に来た二人を殺した "もう Vaup を中佐 殺した! 次はおまえら!" と言った. 彼は飛び去った


    昔々彼らと人間は一生に住んでいた。Bronte はに住んでいる間に吸血鬼を会った。あの女の名前 は Elisabeth-san『私は彼女の周りに不快な思い。人間の血が好きだし. でも Elisabeth-san と兄, Viktor-san は人間と一緒に Marali を手伝うと言った』Viktor-san は一人で町全体を麻痺させ! Elisabeth-san は"吸血鬼たちはMaraliの入り口でVandrovic-sanを紛らす間にみなさんは Marai Crypt で町に入る"と言った。Elisabeth-san は娘が安全であることを望んでいるので、彼女が戦っている. 素晴しい考えだけど吸血鬼は頼もしい?

    Crausaar-san の 子供; 新連合

    緑の Mexur-san, 黒い Pervil-san, 赤いJextil-san, Crausaar-san の Dragon 子供たち. Vandrovic-san 人間と同居の彼らの考えを嫌っている. そうして彼はそれらを攻撃するために不正な吸血鬼からの助けを得た.

    Mexur-san 多くの問題を持っていた. Pervil-san という彼女はは昏睡状態になった と体に噛み跡. また 弟 Jextil-san が行方不明. Mexur-san は人間の友人からの助けを借りて、Elisabeth-san を見つけた. 彼女 から聞いた。Elphina-san という 不正な吸血鬼 が Pervil-sanを攻めた。今 Elphina-san は Vandrovic-san の味方だ!Elisabeth-san とViktor-san は Pervil-san を治すつもり。Mexur-san が決めた; Vandrovic-sanとの戦いを支援するだろう。

    人間, Dragon と吸血鬼の間で新たな提携。違いを忘れるための時間です. Bronte ha 手紙を仕舞い込んだり、武器を補充 Dharma も色々な potionsを作って。将来の戦いで、将来の戦いのために、これらすべてが必要になります

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