• The fighter stowed his shears as he heard those familiar footsteps approach; it was indeed Shivani and her companion Rameses. He relied on their frequent dispatch to keep up with the happenings in and out of the city but nothing could have prepared him for today's report. The return of Vandrovic ... Marali sacked and occupied by his minions... Commander Vaup's whereabouts unknown ... His worst fears realized. Perhaps he had been away too long.

    He readied himself and sought out his younger sibling, Dharma at the Mirithian Inn. That stench... the retired cleric reeked of Maralian whiskey, her reflexes a far cry from what they once were. It did not matter. Vandrovic is presently in Marali; he could subsequently seize Mirith, Duldrus, or Andris. He needed to get her under the Aegis.

    A quick glance at the skies reassured the fighter that perhaps all wasn't lost. The full fighting moon was fast approaching; mages and warriors alike would benefit from her immense strength. Elara hadn't forsaken Marali. We may not successfully reclaim the city but will assess Vandrovic's strength, and the damage within the fort, he thought. He gestured at druid and she immediately knew her task. With her swift foot, horde of elementals, and pets at her disposal, she could easily send word to the citizens and relay a message to the city's Vanguard. She had spotted Laricen, Varto, Danery, Amere, Iceane, Delimew and other friends by the volcano a few nights ago and set out to locate them.

    Having secured the staggering cleric over his shoulder, the duo set a course northeast. It was time to return home.