• A warm morning, the rogue set about. Holding a dagger in his left hand, Erich Kästner walked about the city to the messenger birds. Carrying five copies of a letter, Kästner was relieved he had gotten the priest to copy the first letter written. Kästner's tremors had been particularly bad lately.

    The letters read -

    Citizens of Oberin -
    A great plauge besets us in Lerilin. This is not plague of a sickness, but a plague of ants, which has the potential to become even more deadly.

    Towards our humble south entrance, the Ants gather a great force a short distance from our small city. The only clerics that can help us in this plague are those skilled in healing ant bites from great warriors. At least one Queen ant leads an army of warrior ants, with forgers and workers adding to the numbers.

    A small force of warriors, healers, masters of nature, and masters of other magics are needed at once to assist our humble city named Lerilin. All of the treasures of the ants, and it is known that they have many crystals and jewels, will go to the champions who defended Lerilin in her time of need. Assistance is needed while they linger outside our gates, for a city of corpses will remain if they chose to storm us.

    Various signatures

    Erich Kästner attached each letter to a bird, and sent them to the major cities. He had experienced several blood baths in his lifetime, and bathed some in blood in return. All of it gave him nightmares. "I will never let it happen again," Thought the rogue "If a force cannot gather, I will expell them myself, or die trying."

  • The ants have been removed from Lerilin by Ariki, Thane, Erich Kaestner, and Alidar. A warrior ant shouted to Ariki and Alidar about a group SE of Mirith. There was a huge force of ants near Mirith, lead by an ant queen. Ariki, Thane, Alidar, Falken and Erich Kaestner drove them off. The threat is eliminated in both Mirith and Lerilin, with the ants scattered or dead.