• Ok. So a while back Sixtus the Druid was planning to make a guild. For the most part he had a number of people willing to join/found the guild. One of them including me. Of several people we gathered the materials and with the help of the Rhovanion Rebels we were able to meet our requirements. So we had everything we needed: a charter, the materials, the numbers, the people, the power, except for one thing: a name. Now I believe there was a lot of leniency between the members as to the name. There was a plan so that we could fairly name the guild (a voting system). Somewhere inbetween here and there I got busy IRL and had to focus (around the same time Jinker went missing). After returning I found out that a guild name still had not been chosen and it is even harder for me to communicate with the other promising members (don't have their aim). Sixtus was in charge of this and he had quit for another game on Facebook. I talked with Six and confirmed this was true and he gave me 1 Million Gold Pieces, 22k Ingots, and 22k Boards; enough for a Medium Guild Hall (i have the other 1 Million needed of my own money). He told me to do with it what I thought best. So the real question I have is....

    tl;dr Should I make a new guild or use the materials for what?

    If I make a new guild it will be right next to the Andris Portal and the name will be chosen by the founding members. Each member proposes a list of 5 names. The other members vote on which is the best name from that member. Do this for each member. Then all 5 remaining names are voted on by all members but each member cannot vote for their own proposed name. As for the emblem we could do the same. Although Six did give me two pictures. However, I would think you would want the name to match the emblem. Yes I already have a charter. Anyone would be welcome to join the guild (free bank space).

    The other options I have; use the materials to get blacksmithing/woodcrafting levels, drop the stuff on the ground, give the stuff away, or sell the stuff.

    What does everyone else think I should do?


  • Give me all the materials. I will... look... after them for you?

  • so just an update on what i did with the materials. i invested around 10k ingots and boards into getting lvl 10 blacksmithing on Dakanto. so i have around 12k ingots and boards left. only 11k of each is need for a small guild. I still have way more money than i know what to do with. i was talking with Siegal the other day and he was telling me about how the Lerilin walls were built and such. Just keeping an open mind. Talking about building a bank in Duldrus. Honestly i don't think the Blacksmithing levels were worth it. But it's already done so nothing i can do there. I could regain all the materials by hand but for what? Until i have a need they'll sit in my bank. So if anyone wants to contract a Builder and needs materials just message me or post here. I'm still looking to fill a need in Oberin and i want whats left to go back into the community. And by this i mean either Building a Guild or a Bank or some other RTQ use. Sixtus would have it that it goes towards a guild.

  • Hmm, Guild (most-visible, Easiest thing to -accomplish) Hall (which is almost easier than the Guild, itself, in a way); some risk of using it for a Wall (Far less common, and less-Likely, more importantly).. Leveling (and more Leveling @.@ )... of basically-Boring, crafting Skills (well, as I say, "Mining is [literally] Boring") : or, building a (Temp.?) Bank (in Duldrus: it Was done, for a RTQ, By The Way; otherwise, it's Rare - though there's a Temp.-Bank in /offshore of Marali, possibly that's the main, largest Poison Island, there).

    The thing is, it's Hard to get a Guild /Hall, to remain. It Seems that Longer-term, pretty-Consistently, Stay, with it Players, are relatively -rare.

    A Wall is, of course, cool. Guards help, greatly too.

    *sorry, pause while my Chatting companion is slain mostly in front of my eyes 3X by some invisible likely-GM creature at the Mirith Bank*

    Er, Sheep, er Ancient Ice Dragon - Miss! - anyway, 1 /2 hour later; getting Teleported to PvP Island (or, rather, the other 2 guys are) : that 4th idea, away from the Boring one, is that a Guild /Hall somehow get(s) (a) pass(es). This is still-assuming that the Bank idea would only be a Temp., one.

    Leveling for its own sake, to me, is almost as-much effort as gleaning the materials, required, to do so. It's pretty much the most repetitive thing in Obie, other than hunting solo (and Carefully), the accomplishing, of that, with "progress" (like Progress Quest), but in this case it's basically keeping-able to keep-hunting, solo, would be That goal.

    Too bad simply-accruing stuff doesn't lend itself directly to.. people. Procuring any one.