• Hello!

    I know that some people are having difficulties in posting images so I thought of giving a guided tour. Ariki will (I hope) correct me if I didn't get the full picture so to speak smile

    First things first - do not use the Add File/Image facility at the bottom of the text box

    Use the Open Manager instead:

    Once you have done that, a box appears:

    Now you can browse your computer to locate the picture you wish to upload

    This is however what happens to me every single time (and I noticed Gandalfo had the same problem) -

    Well, unless our good Ariki has a solution, you must be armed with holy patience. Delete the symbol by using the backspace key and start again: Click Open Manager, Click Add Image, browse your computer to choose image, click Start Upload then when the thumbnail appears click Insert.

    One clarification: the Browse Images that you see when you have the upload screen open gives access to a gallery you must first create. In order to create an Oberin gallery, once you have chosen each picture from your computer, do not click Insert after Start Upload, just click Add Image again and select another picture and so forth, so you add to gallery. Then you can click Browse Images to choose an image from your personal Oberin gallery.


  • I forgot I had given a pictorial tour... well as I worked on the video, I may as well post it. The second part shows a bug that I wish to draw Ariki's attention to smile

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>