• Just throwing out some ideas. Instead of medi-heal healing the druid I think it should heal the pet. I also think that there should be more level 9 pets, especially one with high RM. Also, maybe SS should be tameable but would disappear when you log out to limit the abuse.

  • i agree with more lvl 9 tamable creatures... tho not so to SS, but to stronger than sharks/weaker than SS... (Great White Shark... Orca ?) lvl'd they could take on SS they should b able to "stable" in water pens, as in certain places like Mirith's stable (extending the fence to edge of Moat)... and "safe" area at certain dock(s)... Dru would summon/stable into moat/safe area from river or sea. GH that borders Sea/River might also claim. Yendu spent alot of hours one day leveling a Shark to level 8... nearly level 9. It did take several hits(with her healing) from SS befor running... it successfully escaped (shark is faster than SS). later Yen, Sugar(shark), 'n Nial/Gasby were able to take down a SS... Seems a shame to "Release" after raising such a critter to travel the Seas with :/

    the age old plea, sort'a... 1 more slot @ level 6-7... 1 more slot @ Level 10(?)

    but priorities r still REWRITE to up to date OS's...

  • "Quote"
    I have no issues with Pets keeping there original HP, but RM should progress as the pet levels up and match the Druid RM at all times. Note; I understand there will be a lot more tree huggers up in andris, but I have that covered, could you please include some where in the code a red text that would says "don't forget to bring Foo a gift if you are heading out to Andris", yep! a nice red text that would pop up just before you head out to the portal, I think she will like that

    PS: Added above in my original Post

    Hahaha Gwyddeon - just seen your post of July 2015! Remember Rosina and Fuoco grew up with druids - apart from Fixx, our companions were Crisian, Adam and Gragnog amongst others. To us, the gift you can bring is being there, visiting Andris, and we shall be very happy to help your pets. Because of being so close to druids whilst growing up, I agree with higher level druids being able to tame a pet that can travel on water and fight Sea Serpents with the help of clerics and wizards, like the plates (yes, there are Pixies but these make too easy a snack for predators); I agree that druids should be able to deal with poison and magic attacks (ability depending on level) and have more control over their pets. Not so sure about pets not dying. It is already a big step forward that the hunger issue has been dealt with..