• Hello, this is the Druid thread for class changes.
    As we're now working on updates, we'd like player input on all classes.

    What do you think should be added to the druid class?

    Please bear in mind these ideas will be taken into consideration, but might not be implemented.

    Keep your replies small please. Bullet points preferred, short sentences to clarify your points.

  • A lot of people are pushing for the ability to summon pet from out of a stable, but I don't worry too much about that.
    What I'd like to see is new creatures that are tameable and perhaps even higher than level 9, for the higher-level druids. This way, we wouldn't be as limited when we fight very high-level creatures.
    Examples: Phoenix, maybe, something with a moderate physical attack but a small probability of casting a fire spell(maybe if fed a DT?), a different animal with piddling attack but sky-high defence and health, maybe a crocodile for land and sea...
    These might be viewed as something that makes druids even more OP, but it's what I'd most like to see.

    Another suggestion I have is maybe the possibility of controlling more than one animal at a time, though they would have to be of a lower level than the one you're on.

  • Controlling more than one animal at a time will over power a Druid.

    It used to be that way, but was removed because of that issue.


    The problem with getting stronger creatures would cause issues into certain places becoming over powered. Perhaps adding more zones where it is only suggested for higher level characters where the spawns are unpredictable and pose challenge for all of the high level characters.


    Pretty much, with every "buff" towards making characters stronger, there will have to be buffs to creatures to keep the challenge of staying alive in battles.

  • The thing about druids is, by their very nature in this game it's hard to balance them because they're overpowered in one area and crippled in another. Until recently the druid was of little to no use in dungeons. That was fixed with greater shape-shift but that spell comes in at level 12. I think this class needs some way they can be semi-useful in dungeons between the levels on 9 and 12. What that is, exactly, I don't know.

    Druids currently have the advantage of being one of the first classes that can solo any given outside area at a particular level. The question is, how much of that do we trade off for the ability to be part of a dungeon group. Currently I think the balance is getting closer, it just needs a little more tweaking....

  • I agree there Draco... Perhaps change the shapeshift spells into something more like, attack/defense. You can select if you want to gain the attack of a creature, or the defense of a creature..

  • A spell that resurrect pets? Perhaps a level 9 spider, combine the speed, AR and HP of a LS with the attack of a FS to create a black widow or something. Also about the stable issue some players only have 4 pets and leave one open slot to tame a pet in the event that they crash. However this is ineffective if you crash twice on a hunt... Reduce MP for greater shapeshift.

  • most of this and much old discussion is about OLDer players... High level players !
    Understandable... but there is a need is to encourge the increase and growth of NEW players...

    1 : "heal pet" sucks, really for young Druids... (can't often find cleric to help you). no suggestion how, but it needs work!

    2 : strengthen Dogs and Wolves (some of the 1st pets many newbs want)(relating to RL stuff)...

    3 : increase number of pets (incrementally)... mayb by Druid leveling taming (start increase over lvl 5-6)... not for other classes... unless tailoring allows us to tame, SHEAR, and release sheep for their wool, rather than killing them)... personally, I disdain the butchery.
    yes.. I kno we kill many creatures daily...

    4 : yes to Resurrect pet somehow...

  • In terms of pets, that one's tricky. The druid class is unique because druids have both a beauty and a curse in that some get attached to their pets (I certainly did, for those that don't remember me walking around a total wreck when my favourite Lion or spider died and wouldn't talk to anyone for the next few days!). Resurrection means this doesn't have to be the case (some system would have to be implemented for it to actually work though, such as pet ghosts tongue), however.... it also means the druid never has a weakness. The whole thing was that if a druid's pet died he or she was suddenly crippled. The pet was what made up the druid, not the other way around (less so these days with Shapeshifting but still). Resurrection means this damage to the druid is negligable.

    I would love to see pet resurrection available. Indeed, I think it should even be accessable in dungeons and the like as a spell, but I believe the reagent requirements should be really large for the spell, i'm talking Nevia Flower-type stuff.

  • I wasn't clear on that but the resurrection spell would be a clerical one; this would encourage druids hunting in dungeons. If folks think the spell would be abused somehow (which I can't see how or why), then require a trip to Brigobaen to resurrect the pet in exchange for an item. I also recall seeing an idea posted a while ago about a spell for druids to transfer damage being received by a pet to themselves. Maybe it's worth looking into.

    Rivvyre, I understand your concern with "heal pet" spell but healing/detoxifying pet does get a lot better as your magery level increases.

    Also, there have are years worth of ideas posted by both old and new players on the idea forums for all classes, perhaps GMs should look these as well.

    Looking forward to the update!

  • In my eyes, I see the Druid as having more knowledge about Animals, as Clerics have more knowledge about Human.