• Hello everyone, and welcome back to!

    I have been hard at work on re-designing and developing the Oberin Website, and i hope you all like how it has turned out!

    Currently I am tight on time, so i cleaned the website up as much as i could today so i can release it before i get snagged up on projects.

    The new website currently is missing alot of content that the old website had, but i have bought back the forums (And hopefully the private messages before everyone gets back to here)

    I have included a chatbox on the side as you all may see, since everyone liked it on the temporary site.

    If you have any questions, suggestiongs or bugs to report (Because i know there will be some)  Please post it on the forums like so:

    "Bug: Quick Reply on Forums"
    "The quick reply on the forums doesnt tell me the post has been posted!"

    Give me as much detail as you can about the bug, and where i can find it, and i will get around to fixing it.

    Another title could be:

    "Suggestion: Bigger chat box"
    "I think the website should have an AIM like section where people can talk to one-on-one or all togeather"

    And last:
    "Question: Where can i find the gallery?"
    "I can't find the gallery on the new site? Where is it?"

    I will try to answer and reply to all questions, bugs and suggestions as soon as i can.  But for now! Enjoy the site!

  • Bug:

    I can never post an image at first attempt. I get the same symbol that Gandalfo got in his first post of his Bracken creation (this is using Safari on the G4, as Firefox does not work at all). If I access the forum via my PC (Windows Vista Home Premium) - and again Firefox does not work so I use Google Chrome - at my first attempt to post an image I get the same symbol as the 'open manager', so I have to delete and reload the image. One last thing, when using the Post a Quick Reply facility', the Post a Reply button gets in the way (it overlaps the text box).

    And oops, by clicking the Post a Quick Reply button nothing happens, so I have just had to copy and paste in 'Post a Reply' mode.

    Thanks Ariki for any feedback.

    PS: Will the delete post facility be implemented?



  • the search option on the forums doesnt work. also on the home page in the latest forum posts bar on the right hand side of the website if you click on a username like: "post by 'name'" it will take you to the user who made the thread and not the name of the person

  • Bug: Post a Reply or Create a New Topic in General Forum does not work. For a week now I have been trying to add a Halloween story from 2 different computers, with or without images. When I click to submit it shows a blank page and nothing happens.

  • For the downloads page, please add the date of the download file. Can't tell if I have the latest without that.