• All seemed normal, business as usual. The Master gets hired, somebody dies, the Master gets paid. As the Master collected a debt of payment in Andris he stopped cold letting the gold fall to the floor. A group of woman were speaking nearby about a newcomer of sorts. All I was able to make out were bits and pieces of a story and a name. "Michele". That is when all of the clandestine meetings started. Meetings I was not allowed to attend. The Master never meets with anyone or goes anywhere without me. He either trusted those he met with or had no choice other than to meet with them unarmed.

    It was after one of these meetings that he walked into Mirith almost as if he wanted to be seen. The Master stopped at a very public forge to cook as though there is no price on his head. Within the hour he was arrested and thrown in jail with both raw and cooked steaks in his hand. I was removed from his belt and watched as he was thrown in a cell.

    The full moon came and went while he was in jail. Then a fighter by the name of Castus came to see him. The Master and him wear the same patch. A guild of thieves? Minutes later the Master escaped the cell, grabbed me and left Mirith retuning to Marali. The Master ventured deep into the forest with purpose and hid as a hunting party came along. I feared they were after us. The Master stepped out of the shadows and they spoke in a familiar tone congratulating the Master on his "release". Could these be they he has been meeting with in secret?

    The Master walked with them through the forrest to the lake where the wise old bracken warn many to repent. A red cloud covered the sky to the west causing the smell of death and decay to fill the air. Giants were poisoned and ambled around collapsing onto piles of their dead brothers surrounding a huge crater. A masked man with mercenaries at his side attacked the group the Master walked with. Could the poisoned giants and the red sky be related to the masked man? The group killed the masked man before turning their attention to a hooded gray figure. They did not know the figure but the figure knew the Master. The Master initially feigned recognition and spoke cautiously to the hooded figure considering that this may be someone seeking revenge for one of the countless deaths the Master has caused.

    Fate would have it that on the day the Master escaped from jail he would cross paths with a creature that many moons ago was imprisoned in a cube of ice hidden far and away in the ice Dungeon. The very creature the Master released from that cube of ice. FROSTBONE!

    Frostbone warned the group of a reckoning that will shock the world but the Master ignored the warning and emotionally asked about his "sons" that were lost at sea, and about his "brother" and his "wife". Frostbone stated he had no knowledge of their whereabouts and left. No one was harmed and the Master knew they all remained alive because Frostbone wanted it so. And then the Master let out a great cry of anguish. This man who has killed so many and cared so little if little means not at all. This man who knows but one emotion, Anger, and that one emotion only. This man let out a wave of despair that shook the Harpies from the tress, and the pixies from their caves. It was at that moment that I realized I did not know the Master. The man I knew as killer is known and known better by others as Friend, Husband, Father, Brother.

    I felt foolish and I could do nothing more but look on and and accept the stark realization that I am nothing more but a tool in the hand of a man that shrouds his life in a cloak of mystery to protect those he loves. For Gelito's dagger.

  • The cleric copies to Gelito the letter she sent to his brother Raffels, about the sighting of his elder son Cesar in Marali, then adds a note


    Something tells me that your sons shall soon be reunited with their family - I shall send you any news I gather and would beg you to do the same.

    Concerning the battle we fought together in Marali, I know my Uncle Ardi is in the process of preparing a report of the events - for my part, I should imagine I got lucky that the creature by the name of Frostbone did not get upset with me for killing all his Skeleton pets!

    Yours sincerely,