• My Dearest Sister-in-Law Michele,

    I have failed in my mission to help you and my brother Gelito get the children to Oberin safely and I fear that they may not be alive. The ship we set sail on to Oberin was overwhelmed by a terrible storm that shook us as if the mighty hand of the Lord himself reached down from the sky and up from the sea simultaneously with the sole intention of carrying us back into his very being but changed his mind at the last moment and crashed the boat against a skull shaped island of rock. I floated adrift on a barrel of rum for what must have been days before a privateer ship captained by a man named Jass picked me up. When I woke I was informed that I was comatose for almost a week and expected to die. When I realized the boys were not with me I wished I had.

    The currents are strong in the Oberin seas and spill into many rivers and lakes that are populated by good people and fierce creature alike. Captain Jass has agreed to help me find the boys but in turn I must agree to be a part of his crew for 10 years or 10 million gold coins. Whatever comes first. I have killed many people and stolen many things in my time with Captain Jass. May the Lord forgive me. Yet and still I cannot help but see the Lords hand in this as one of the poor unfortunates that died at my feet had a folded up copy of the Oberin RTQ Times in his pocket published in the last week. Captain Jass saw me take it and accused me of keeping booty for myself, an act punishable matters not.

    Captain Jass read the Oberin RTQ Times aloud which mentioned an irresponsible master of games that caught my dear brother Gelito cooking steaks and imprisoned him. Captain Jass stated he did not know Gelito. I did not divulge my relation. My brother is a rogue and a scoundrel but I would have never guessed he would be imprisoned for cooking STEAKS of all things! I know my brother. Should he learn that his sons were lost at sea and may have washed up on the shores of Oberin, he will scorch the earth and all that is on it to find them. His jail break will be legendary and any who interfere will rue the day.

    I pray to the Lord that I find the boys and present them to the Cleric Rosina for safe guard. One more instance that I must rely on the nothing more than the Grace of God and the kindness of strangers to help compensate for my inability to protect my family. If Cesar is alive he will find Miquel. If Miquel is with Cesar they will find Gelito. If Gelito is with Cesar and Miquel he will learn of my failure and come looking for me. And if they find me, Captain Jass will know Gelito's dagger and wish he had become a watchmaker instead.

  • Dear Sir,

    I do not wish to raise your hopes too much but I believe at least one of your nephews is alive, or was when I met him!

    On Day 148 of the Lucky Moon, Year of the Goddess 440, a party of adventurers gathered in the military outpost of Marali to rest after a hard fight against Mercenaries guided by a Masked Figure. Your brother Gelito was with us but alas, fate would have it that he left well before a young stranger came into the castle seeking help. He was soaking wet and shivering and spoke of a storm at sea, during which he got separated from his uncle and younger brother. I had no doubt now in my heart that this was Cesar, and in fact asked him whether his father's name was Gelito. He looked at me suspiciously and asked who I was, so I started to explain that I was an acquaintance of his dad's, but the boy must have still been very confused and in a state of shock, and walked away before I could continue.

    Sir, I was immensely tired after the long walk and the battle, so my guild mates escorted me back to Andris, where I reside, without seeing Cesar again. I shall spread the word amongst my many friends, begging to bring news and indeed, to bring the boy to Andris where I shall do my best to look after him, as well as keeping an eye out for his younger sibling Miguel.

    Yours respectfully,

    Rosina Biancavalle of Marali