• Dear Cyzna and Nanuht,

    I want to comment on a few things regarding the new island (aka Larzz Dino island tongue).

    First of all, I think, the effort to build a challenging outdoor hunting area which is not overcrowded as surroundings of the TM (i.e. contains no junk) and does not require a very strong party is a great idea. At least, as a ranger, I can get tracking successes during an actual hunting process rather than dealing with AEs in forests. This place can certainly be a nice alternative to some of the dungeons. I like this place even more than the Marali forest, simply because there are not too many creatures of various sorts attacking on the wanderers (thinking of solo or duo).

    What I suggest is the following:

    The island has a fair number of gapers and brackens, which is great but:

    1. I found the pop time a little too long to keep a duo constantly busy (think of a druid+ranger duo, who would prefer this place to dungeons). Maybe we can shorten that a little bit?

    2. As Tuskers are still rare (I know the spawn is increased, but the location is still quite limited), maybe we could consider adding a few Tuskers mainly located in N of the island, protected by more brackens. With brackens and gapers around, that would make the place a little bit more challenging, and given the quest reward for tusks, it would provide some extra incentive to go there. Also, it could provide a nice alternative to RM training in Andris.

    So, what I think is to keep it as it is (no hounds or anything else... just rats, gapers, and bracks -- i loved the rats!), but have a shorter pop time with a more dangerous zone (due to 2-3 tuskers) towards the N of the island. Druids would also enjoy this new area, I suppose.

    Thanks for all the efforts!
    Dino :smt035

  • Thanks for the feedback, Dino!

    We thought that since the atoll was relatively new, fauna and flora in there would have to have a reason to have reached it. The wind carries tree seeds, gapers are air creatures, and rats are the first abandoning sinking ship!

    Perhaps with time more species can be brought into the land and find that they fit in the climat. wink

  • I really enjoy the stuff i've seen so far. Thanks guys!!! <3

    I'm guessing not all of it has been explored quite yet so i'll be looking whenever I can in the near future and uhh... exploring! tongue

    I absolutely support the idea of having creatures outside that door in Lerilin. Also, if you're worried about people luring things into town like that, then make the creatures only attack you on sand and perhaps you could only attack them if you were on sand or next to sand too to avoid people ranging them with RoLBs?

  • Or we can add a couple of guards, I guess.

  • We thought about introducing tuskers to other parts of Oberin but decided to leave them as natives of Marali forest.

    As Cyz says, the spawn on the atoll is designed to represent creatures that have made their way there recently, but you will notice that someone has introduced sheep to the island. We are very sympathetic to the idea that it should be a fun place to hunt so we may well alter the spawns at some point.

    Someone could try to introduce a breeding pair of tuskers to the atoll if they were really keen for them to live there, but they might not thrive. Alternatively they might badly damage the ecosystem if it turned out to be tusker-paradise.

  • Hi All,

    The Tusker breeding is a nice idea, but apart from that I think I'd prefer the island as it is now rather than having Air Elementals, Harpies, Hell Hounds running around as this would make the place no different then any other forest.

    Thanks for the responses!


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