• So, the update has been out for a few days now, and we have our forum back. As it happens with any piece of work, there are a couple of very well deserved "thank you"s. First of all, to Jinker, of course, who let us play around with the map and patiently fixed many of our mistakes (let's hope he will be equally patient to fix the ones we're finding out and needing to fix. wink). Thanks also to the other GMs who gave us a lot of feedback while we were trying out different versions of the map. We have also reused some areas designed by Charnath and Liaraen. We hope they forgive us for removing the five black dragons that were in there.

    Second, we must sing the glories of Shogun and Ariki, who crafted the most amazing magical item. It was thanks to their new map editor that we were able to do anything at all.

    Finally, we would like to thank the editors of the Oberin Wiki for their patience with our invasion of the space as a replacement of the forum during the first week. Also, thanks to all of you who kept reports on the side to post in the forum when it was back! That was great!

    As you certainly have noticed by now, most of the update is about new areas (we are making a separate thread for the other changes). Areas that we will hopefully explain fully IC in the near future. You've probably already heard about many of them, but there's still more to explore!

    Some of the areas are for role-playing and RTQ purposes, others are for hunting. We have tried to make dungeons for all levels, or at least dungeon areas that can be played with many different types of party, giving you the freedom to choose where to go and when to turn back. The guiding idea of many of these inter-connected areas was that it would feel like a dungeon crawl, infinite and diverse. We have also tried to have something new on each continent, and some new place to go in the middle of the sea.

    We have tried to have the necessary forges and temples in places where we thought that a forge and a temple would be fair. Druids will also like to know that we have included a stable in one of the new dungeons - we know, that doesn't solve the problem for all the others, but hey, it's a start!

    So now we would like to hear your feedback on them. Good or bad, bring it on!

    Nanuht and Cyzna

  • I haven't been in enough of the new areas to be able to give detailed feedback about them, yet. However, what I've seen so far, is fantastic. The new port, as well as its quests and promises of future experiences are all intriguing and dragon hunting in one of the new dungeons was awesome. Oh, and the convent(?)/monastery(?) below Brigobaen is gorgeous. So, big kudos on each of those additions! :smt023

    More importantly though, thank you all for your hard work and creativity. You managed to make our favorite game even more fun and interesting and spent countless, selfless, hours doing it. THANK YOU from the bottom of my *pur*ing heart!! :smt041



  • I know I've said it before, but I just have to say it again. The two new mountain areas are probably the most visually appealing areas I've ever seen in obie (Ok, ok, I said that about Jubal's Grotto too, but these mountains even top that!).

    There is one random oddity, though. At the area just to the south of the entrance to the first level with the snow on the Hidden Peak: When I am fighting ice dracos and frost giants by the rock pools here, if I need to run to the water to heal, the creature can walk all over the water, and not just on the edge of the water either. Strangely enough, it won't attack me while it is running about on the pools, unless I attack it or move back to land. If this sounds too confusing (as I can hardly even follow my own words), I could demonstrate in game.

    On to the Serpent's Spire - a dragon is very easily reached in this area. Not that I'm complaining, but might this make dragon scales a bit too accessible? You never know when it comes to farmers, and I'd rather not see another change in protection rings or in the dragon scale quest reward. Now if this was the intention, then I'll shut up now.

    That's all I've got for now. I of course second Angelica's words of gratitude. I'd type it all out but there's exploring to do!

  • Thanks Shogun and Ariki! Man those two are awesome!!

    On other new:
    Good work on the updates, cant wait to see what GMs have in store cheesey

  • Ok, ok, I'll say it again: Shogun and Ariki are awesome. Happy? tongue

    @Jedd: I'll chase you down in game for a demonstration of that water thing. It might be that the bits where it happens are those where to tiles with water+land are face to face, giving an illusion that there's more water than there's actually there. But it's strange that they stop attacking you.

    And no, don't shut up. As we've said elsewhere, we are still testing many of the spawns, so feedback of the kind "too easy", "too hard", "too boring", "too farmable" is very useful.

  • Just to emphasise the point: telling us about problems with spawns and the map is very helpful. We made a vast number of new areas with spawns and not all of them will work perfectly, so we do rely on player feedback here!

  • I second that, please continue to report. Post on here or call us in game. You are not bothering us when you call, that is what we are here for.

  • This door. On the east side of Lerilin. I'm not sure I see any significance for it unless there is an IC reason yet to be explained? The southeast gate to Lerilin is a mere 10-20 steps south... Although, I did scout the waters along the beach a little bit and did not find anything new, but I could have missed a spot. *shrug*

  • Ok, honest answer:

    Since there are walls in Lerilin, no one ever goes to the sand area behind them, we thought. So we've retouched the walls a bit (now the shopkeepers have better views from their windows) and made it easier to move near the docks. We had also planned to make something spawn in the sand, so that people would go there.

    Alas, when we were working on the spawns, we found out about spawn limits... So while we were reducing the numbers of WEs and turtles (poor turtles!) around the world, we decided not to add anything to Lerilin yet. So the door is giving to an empty place, which is silly, yes.

    On the other hand, the first thing I saw when I logged in the day after the update was someone (a new player, not even Amere or Laricen) using that door to lure things into town without being killed by guards.

    So next update we'll have either something going on outside, or no door again. smile

  • Hahahaha, that is awesome. That is the first thing I thought about doing when I saw the door. wink

    Maybe we should have a new creature there! :o

    Anways, thanks for the input. And I think I second or third what everyone else is saying. smile

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