• I had a daily routine now, some strange force compelled me to walk the long halls of my home every evening. Empty thoughts floated through my empty body. I can't recall a day, or if it was even day, but I felt a strong presence beside me as I took one of my irregular pauses in my walk.

    What has intruded on my home?

    There was a figure, or something, standing there...

    He made strange noises with his mouth

    I had a dream about this once...

    I think I was able to do that in my dream?

    There was a lot of these noises

    They didn't make sense

    Some of them even added to the strange presence I already felt, like an almost warm feeling?

    The poison elementals around me seemed to vanish

    Whaattt? What was it doing?

    He makes these noises again

    "Bone Knight" it sounds...

    "Curio" it sounds...

    I feel the need to get away from this presence

    I take a few steps, into the next room

    It follows

    What was this?

    Again the noises

    Again the poison elementals vanish

    I hear those... "words?", is that what they where called in my dream?

    "Bone Knight" again, it sounds

    I take interest...

    I had lost all will power to speak

    But in my dream I felt I did it all the time

    But I couldn't bring myself to do it... This wasn't like my dream


    I feel its presence looking at me

    There is a strong feeling, like when it first arrived

    But now it was gone...


  • Again, I made my walks through the Ice Dungeon. There were some spots, in these spots I took natural pauses. They were a time to stare into nothing, maybe to reflect on my being. During this pause, it was longer than usual and I felt several presences.

    More presences than last time, but now much much weaker

    I hold still, something felt wrong

    There were more of these strange noises, this time louder, and more of them

    It sounded very strange, but very familiar, I could almost make it out...

    "Yo ho" "Arrr!" they sound..


    They stood near me for some time, they appeared to be up to no good

    I take my leave. Rushing myself to the Lair, where it was safe.

    They wanted something, I knew it, I went as fast as I could but they followed close behind

    I placed myself on the chest. This was not theirs. They could not have it.

    I felt the presences move closer

    The dragons in the area became enraged, and then...

    The presences were gone. Poof. The chest was saved.

    I am wary.


  • As my routine went on for moons, I found myself more and more in a lull of silence. The noises of the spiders, the dracos, and the gapers and even the dragons hardly had an effect on me. Silently we crossed paths without even the simplest notification of each others' presences. As I continued on this evening I felt the slightest of disturbances.

    At my back, I could hear a slight fluttering or even buzzing, like a fly hovering around one's ear.

    Out of instinct, I assume it's a rogue. A sneaky one, this presence was very faint.

    I turn and make a ghostly dash for the chest, guarding it's valuables.

    I look around, I hadn't needed to see in some time. The dungeon was part of me; I was part of the dungeon.

    To my surprise, a pixie hovered there. If that's what they were called. I watched as it flew around me and heard tiny little screeches as if it were trying to get my attention.

    Leaving the chest, I back track through the hallway and made sure the other chests were safe. This presence seemed not to want anything to do with the loot. Odd, why was it here?

    I focus. I focus as hard as I could on the presence, its size made it much harder to feel and to understand than larger ones.

    "...out of here?" is what I make out of it.

    I feel a surge of anger and resentment in me. I would never leave. Unsure if the pixie sensed that too, or was just done trying to get my attention, the presence vanished out of thin air and peace of dungeon returned to equilibrium.


  • Another day, another walk, or as it would become now: another blur of uninteresting events. Although, there was something strange. By now, Razan had nearly lost all thought process and was almost nothing more than a mindless spirit, silently watching over the Ice Dungeon.

    As Razan carefully made his way by entrance room, he felt a very unusual force. He passed through the doorway and stood at the base of the ladder. An unnatural beam of light glowed bright. Razan, unsure of himself, reached out to touch it.

    As his hand entered the beam of light, a wave of energy pulsed through the dungeon. The dungeon shook briefly before calming down as the beam of light slowly faded.

    Razan dared not to follow up the ladder but he could feel the tingling of what just happened. Silently, Razan walked back to his favorite spot in the Ice Dungeon where nothing seemed to be affected by the outside world, where he has found peace at ease and relaxed as time passed day by day, moon by moon.

    He closed his eye, which didn't make a difference. He could still see the entire dungeon, every creature, every pillar, and now there was a new vision. A vision without word or sound, for he didn't understand those no longer. In this vision he saw something bright, full of potential. He took what he had left of his thoughts and guided this vision...

  • Gribtzan sat alone at the steps of Mirith Bank. He was just about to take part in a short nap when a young adventurer walked by. The adventurer looked very new to this part of the world and his face shined in a somewhat familiar way.

    The adventurer walks up to Gribtzan, "Hi.. uhh, can you help me?"

    Something about the way he spoke kept Gribtzan from insulting the adventurer's light blue robe and instead Gribtzan went to his bank chest to take a look at what he had. "Wait 'ere," he said before walking into the bank.

    Gribtzan walks out of the bank with armfuls of stuff, "Alright, ye better lis'n up and ye better lis'n good." The adventurer stared with wide eyes at Gribtzan as a raft was dropped on the ground in front of him piled high with equipment. "Ye see this?" Gribtzan points to the fishing poles, katanas, and bandges, "ye better get strong."

    "Oh.. Okay..." was all the adventurer could say before being cut off.

    "And this. This 'ere be some magic boots," Gribtzan sets a pair of light blue boots on the raft. "I found 'em out at sea once, out there in the ice. Somethin' 'bout the ice must've preserved them like," Gribtzan explains while reaching into his small container of food and pulls out an excessive amount of ale and giant hearts. "Now, ye best toughen up yer stomach too if ye want to get anywhere around here. This ale right 'ere is nice n' creamy from Lerilin. Tell me when ye ready for the real stuff," Gribtzan says, then hands him a pile of giant hearts, "and these 'ere, these 'ill make ye tough. Every body 'round these parts knows that."

    "Tha..." The adventurer tried to thank Gribtzan but again, was cut off.

    "One more thing here for ya," Gribtzan hands him a charm and then Gribtzan takes out of torn piece of paper that looked like it was once a page in a book, "here, this'll make ye fast and ye going to need to learn to read and stuff." Without waiting for a reply, Gribtzan turns in the direction of the Inn to take a nap after a few last words, "Get strong. Get Smart. Learn to speaks. Then, come see me."

    The adventurer looked dumbfounded and overwhelmed with all the gifts he had just received. Cautiously, he put on the boots which made his body tingle and wielded one of the katanas. Determined to receive training from this man he looked at the paper, hoping for some insights. To his dissatisfaction, the paper appeared blank. He kept the paper in his pocket anyway and headed out to go work on his fighting skills.

  • Razan felt changes..

    He awakes from his unconscious state and began to walk. Confused though, he ran into walls that were paths and paths that were walls.

    Maybe he had forgotten the layout of the dungeon?

    Razan walks further and senses a vague presence, though it wasn't an unusual one; it felt like it belonged.

    Among other things he felt as if the Frost Giant population seemed unusually high. But no matter, he didn't question it.

    He felt safe so he approached the presence. Unlike most visitors, it didn't even notice him.


    He followed the presence around, there was something about it.

    He couldn't put a name to it, was it a wizard? a rogue? a druid?

    The presence talked, but not to Razan and not to himself and not to any other presence in the dungeon.

    He talked to the Giants. They listened. The Giants listen to no one!

    The presence moves on, towards the dragons. Words are made.

    "The time is coming near.
    We will not fail again.
    Warn the others.
    You have trusted me this far.
    I shall accomplish our plan."

    The presence then leads to another place, there's four pillars.

    He stands in the middle of them. Then the presence is gone.

    A Frost Giant stands in the pillars as well, an item is dropped. A Crystal?

    The Frost Giant is gone. Then another, and another..


  • After his meeting with Gribtzan, the young adventurer began the strenuous process of becoming the strongest, smartest, and all-around greatest fighter he could be. Finding strength seemed easy to him, at first anyway. He delved into the sewers for long hours with the rats, snails and snakes. He parried their bites away one at a time and delivered series of special attacks knocking them dead in one swipe of his katana. Killing the rats, though, he did intricately. With every blow he made his best attempt to preserve as much fur of the rat as he could. He couldn't help it, there was a strange obsession inside of him that convinced him it would be worth collecting. Day after day went on as Vaznar became stronger and stronger. When there wasn't any rats to kill, he practiced his sailing along the shores of Mirith, bringing down water elementals and cutting turtles out of their shells, even defeating the few sharks who dared to come near. With every fight, he began drinking less healing potions and more of the Lerilin Cream Ale that was generously given to him.

    At first, the ale made him a drunken mess. Every swing of his katana hit the wrong target, sometimes a wall. Gradually though, he drank more and the effects weren't as strong. He felt as though he could handle more, and craved a stronger drink. He finished his last mug of ale and went searching for Gribtzan.

    Using his orb of seeing, Vaznar found Gribtzan out at sea on an island. As if expecting his arrival, Gribtzan spoke the instant Vaznar stepped foot in the sand, "So, ye made it out 'ere, did ya?"

    "Aye," Vaznar responded confidently, "I've grown strong, like you asked."

    "Aye," Gribtzan turned around to inspect Vaznar. Gribtzan began digging a hole in the sand, "Now tell me what ye learned."

    "Well, erm.." Vaznar responded uncomfortably, "That uh page you gave me, it was erm... Blank."

    "Aye." Gribtzan made quite an impressive hole, then reached in with both hands and pulled out a box, covered in sand. He blows off the sand and the box shines brightly in the sunlight.

    Vaznar stood speechless, in awe by what Gribtzan just pulled out of the sand. Gribtzan then looked at him for a moment, picked up the box and tossed it him. Althought unexpected, Vaznar caught it, letting out a small sigh of release thinking it would shatter if he dropped it. The box was made of jade and he couldn't dream of what could have been inside of it.

    Gribtzan walked over to Vaznar, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Maybe ye oughtta write yer own story," he said and set sail as dark clouds began to roll in. Vaznar just stood there and watched him disappear over the horizon and let the rain come down on him. Vaznar paid no attention to the rain as he finally brought himself to open the jade box.

  • It had been two years since Razan had allied himself to the Ice Dungeon, but inside time was just a blur to him as days came and went with the eerie torchlight remaining the same.

    Today, though, was different. Razan could feel a presence that he had not felt in what seemed to him as a very long time. He ended his walk by a pillar in the Dragons' Lair and He arrived. Razan watched, expecting him to announce a danger or announce plans for an attack, but no.

    Vandrovic turned to Razan and spoke.

    Razan was shocked. He was rarely acknowledged, but when Vandrovic spoke to him he felt it easy to form words, something he had not done since his arrival in the Dungeon.

    Amazed, Razan stood back and listened to what Vandrovic came to say.

    "Soon, we will descend on the humans once again."

    "Follow me, Spirit, And I may give you a reason to be."

    Razan followed his master without question, as if all self-control had been lost as he was put under the spell of Vandrovic. He no longer controlled his actions, but merely watched as he imitated the will of Vandrovic for the good of the Ice Dungeon and all the creatures of the Frost.

    Vandrovic led Razan to the entrance of the Ice Dungeon where Razan did not hesitate once before exiting. He looked around and marveled at the outside world he had not seen in so long.

    He then walked over to Vandrovic and let the transformation begin.

    Razan felt strange at first, after being a ghost for so long. His body was a bit weaker from being frozen and several skills had been long forgotten.

    He stood in just a robe and Vandrovic dug at the ground beside him. Razan looked puzzled but realized that was where he left himself to die, and Vandrovic pulled up his old equipment and breathed fire over it briefly to melt the snow and harden the armor.

    Once Razan was fully equipped, Vandrovic spoke,

    "You shall bring warning, in the form of an attack, to the people."

    And together, they flew to Duldrus where the battle would begin.

  • You sense a disturbance within the Ice Dungeon...