• Day 62 of the Dancing Moon, Andris

    Dear Sis,

    I was hoping to catch up with you well before this day and tell you about my dream in person, but alas it has not been possible, so before the memory of it fades, this is the story, which dates back to Day 135 of the Harvest Moon, Year of the Goddess 438:

    Gawr and I had spent a few days in Mirith and I was longing to return home, but my nostalgia was soon cast aside upon receipt of a message from juff - it simply read: "Wait for me, I am headed your way". We were overjoyed and went to meet him at the bridge. After a hundred hugs, and although it was rather late in the day, we agreed to celebrate our meeting by venturing towards Foehan and further. We walked and walked, then decided to cross the river and, after a short fight with a hostile baby dragon, we carried on until we reached a peculiar tree formation in the forest. I am not sure whether some special ceremony had been conducted there in the past, as juff asked, "What? No wedding today?". Apparently not, as the place was extremely quiet and the grass was growing tall, undisturbed by human steps. We lingered by the trees and sat down and talked. My companions' words, loud and clear at first in the silence of the forest, slowly dwindled to whispers and mingled with the soft rustling of the leaves - I had dozed off, overcome by tiredness after the long day and the long walk.

    I was surrounded by a field of beautiful red roses, and I was somehow aware of being a bride again, and Gawr the groom, whilst juff had turned into a priest. Gawr came to my side, in the midst of the roses - how sweet was their scent! Here we repeated our vows. I promised not to kick so much in the future, and asked Gawr not to partake of too many Mirith ales again. Bottles of Andris champagne were brought by some invisible hand, maybe to remind us of where our loyalties laid, while the priest was running away shouting, "I am not hearing any of this! I do not want to hear!". At that precise moment I opened my eyes and stared at my companions. "Welcome back!", juff's soft and friendly voice murmured. Come on, time to go and sleep in a proper bed, said my husband and helped me rise to my feet.

    Arm in arm. we made our way back to the green city but you know sis, I could swear the fragrance of those flowers was following me and the bubbles of the Andris champagne were floating in the air!

    Until we next meet,

    Affectionate hugs (and a friendly kick to my Uncle Crom)

    Your loving sister in arms


  • Day 137 of the Red Moon, Year 440

    Dear sister,

    As you may know Rosi and I have returned to Andris, but Gawr is still in Lerilin.

    I am a little concerned about Jozlyn and Rosie getting drunk together, after a guard reported to me what he had witnessed:

    First, my niece dragged Jozlyn to the bloodfield and tried to convince her that the blood had the shape of a Purple Dragon. Now, our ranger sister has the reputation of being a very sensible person but, probably intoxicated by the ale, agreed with Rosie.

    Then, Rosie told Jozlyn she felt embarrassed that her sister was walking next to her in an old robe, so Jozlyn took it off and boldly went, unprotected, to fight giants. "What if they want to marry you?", Rosina asked, "then I shall kill them even faster!", Jozlyn responded.

    The guard did not follow them further but they were seen to return to the city in good shape.

    I just hope this was an isolated episode, dear sister!

    Trusting that all is well with you and in hopes to see you soon,



    (OOC - Joz will probably kill me for this but there was such a funny scene! Rosi found it a bit difficult to keep Joz alive with two giants on her so they retreated to the water, then Jozzy managed to engage one but, of course, the time came to chase the wounded caveman, so Rosi stepped on land first and engaged the other. She was close to the water punching it when below her the following scene unfolded: a pair of white pants was chasing the injured giant and, in turn, three ants were following Joz trying to bite her - a true case of ants in the pants? Rosi was laughing her head off when she saw it and then told Joz, who asked her if she had taken a screenie. Rosi answered no because it would have been a black and white one!)


  • My dear sister-in-arms, Rosina,

    First thank you so much for always keeping me informed of the fascinating antics of my Rebel clan. I have truly missed being with you all and your messages are a sure cure for the homesick blues. Not to mention highly entertaining!

    I also must apologize for the delay in this response and for the problems of my sister, Sun, while she was visiting with your Aunt Fuoco a few nights ago. She tells me the weather was ferocious that evening and that she could barely utter a sentence before being swept away on the wind again and again. She feels terribly and hopes you understand. I echo her feelings in being very happy that our travels have come to an end for a while and we look foward to seeing you and the rest of the clan much more often in future.

    Take care, dear sis, give my best to your dear husband and know that we will hunt....and all those other silly things we do.... again very soon.




  • Andris, Day 184 of the Dancing Moon

    My darling sister,

    What a joy to receive your letter! We all look forward to the moment we can have you back with us!

    My aunt told me of the trouble Sundiir had when they last met - such a shame, this blasted weather - let's hope for better days to come.

    Gawr and Fixx send their love too.

    A big hug,


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