• I realise that bringing up this topic puts the limelight on something I know the GMs do already know about, but I just wanted to raise it up here because I wanted to know whether anything is planned to be done about it. I'll explain the glitch first, for those lil' ol newbies out there, just to be safe. Be aware I know that the GMs are doing all they can, and I know they're great ( ^_^ ) but I think this is something that should perhaps be looked at in partnership with the community.

    Basically, the glitch is the loss of rings due to mis-givings, often to pets that eat the rings. For instance, you may have an MPR, try to give it to someone in a trade but accidentally give it to the bear beside them (which is one of the creatures I know eats rings) before it is lost forever. The other thing that concerns me is that it doesn't just apply to RoRs. It can also happen to weapons and armour too, which can destroy once-off items (Such as blue plate and RTQ weapons). There's also gold. Not as important, but with million-gp transfers can be worrying. (Look, it's not a thing that happens every day, but it is often enough to be noticed)

    Personally, i'm not really bothered when it happens to me. I can swallow my pride and deal with that one fine. What i'm worried about are the younger players who might have their first experience with a ring having that ruined by this glitch. I know back in my young days of playing I would have been crushed had this glitch happened to me.

    I'm not asking for a list of creatures that eat rings, or even the players who have lost their rings to be given those back. All i'm asking is that this is looked at seriously by both the GM party and the community to determine whether this glitch should be allowed or whether we should try to stop it in some form. I understand that if we take the latter path it could take some hard hours of coding for the GMs, and if we do the former it could cause pain for some members of the community, so I get that both ways have consequences, but perhaps this should be discussed a bit more so we can have a final verdict?

    P.S. Those GMs that have had to come down to dismayed players, thanks for taking the time to investigate this stuff btw. ^.^