• Day 140 of the Fighting Moon, Year 441

    Dearest Fred,

    I am so sorry I missed you, yet again, during your most recent visit to Andris - some adverse fate seems to have decreed our paths should never cross!

    I guess you must have learned from the guards, or during your travels, that our lands are, once again, troubled by dark events - it seems only you and I are left at present to represent the grand city of Andris, as there are no news of Elsbeta and Shvin or, indeed, of the Lady Alys! It was so devastating to see the dead bodies of senators Ellychas and Anderson. Amongst the newcomers, Falov was our favourite and it is such a shame we lost him before he had time to build hospitals and schools. No hope now to improve Ysadril's elocution and spelling - I swear that valet of mine can be maddening at times!

    Who knows whether senators Muqities and Fieltler are alive, or if we shall ever find their bodies. Dear Nartias... to lose him just when our relationship with him had greatly improved - I had really grown fond of his stutter and so had Rosina, Fixx and Gawr. But, above all, I am devastated at the disappearance of Clarissa Morgans. We are searching high and low in the hope of finding the dear lady still alive. I guess she was got out of the way in order to poison Anderson and Ellychas and possibly make her appear guilty, which is something we shall never believe. I even heard some rumours are being spread about her - evil tongues are at work, my friend!

    So sure we are of the integrity of Clarissa Morgans that, if we ever found this not to be the case, Rosina and I have sworn we shall become hermits on Rebel Isle and abandon society! She cannot have faked her abduction - no way! I wish I knew who the strange man she was seen speaking to just before disappearing was!

    There is no peace at my room in the inn - I keep having nightmares of Andris in some state of contorted anarchy and strange dreams have been tormenting my sleep.

    As for Rosina, my dear Fred, I won't even go there - that niece of mine will never change!

    And Marali under siege, my former Commander dead. Rosina is anxious to free her hometown of the usurper, but Vandrovic is too strong, so we may have to accept the offer of help from some extraordinary beings - the vampires. What has the world come to? And will the people of ARDENT finally lift the veil of secrecy that covers their experiments? Will they use their discoveries for the benefit of the human race?

    It is so difficult to prepare for a battle against the unknown, knowing how limited our powers are compared to those of our adversaries but, as the wise say, where there is a will there is a way. I was thinking that, if we ever see the end of this bloodshed, we should summon all the citizens to Brigobaen to commemorate the dead.

    It seems to be the end of an era, my friend, and we must find the strength to open a new chapter in our troubled history!

    Please send news when you can and I do very much hope those cramps of yours are diminishing in intensity.

    Yours most sincerely,

    Fuoco of Andris


  • Year 442 Bleeding Moon Day 95

    Dear Fuoco,

    My apologies for not responding sooner to your kind letter, and for missing Brackenfest. I am afraid I have been bed-ridden for some time now, and am too weak even to write most days.

    These are indeed troubling times in Oberin, but I have heard that, since you wrote this letter, you have organized a coalition that has driven the dragons out of Marali. My sincerest thanks for your contributions to the safety of Oberin!

    Do you happen to have any news on the rifts, or the investigations regarding the assassinations of our Andrisian senators, or the kidnapping of Senator Morgans? I am keen to learn more about these events, but I have learned little so far while I stay in Mirith. Please do update me on any news on this front!

    Yours sincerely,

    Fred, also of Andris.