• Dear Fred,

    I am so sorry to have missed you during your visits to Andris. Rosie tells me she was very impressed by the courage you have shown in following her while she was punching the Bone Mage away from her companions and she was so grateful for your attempts at draining the evil mage's mana!

    Now I have a strange tale to tell... nothing epic, in fact far from it, but rather unusual:

    On Day 9 of the Blue Moon I was roaming the woods to the east of Andris in search of reagents and precious acidic glands and came across a Bracken (which is not uncommon in that part of the continent). This specimen was particularly vicious and I had to gulp a couple of potions during the fight; in between blows, I saw a wild wolf approach (again, not unusual in our woods) but I did not pay much attention to it until... well, the animal started barking and howling at the tree and, to my shock and horror, I realised the wolf was actually attacking it!

    As soon as I became conscious of what was happening, I hastened to drain the evil tree's mana but too late - a powerful bolt killed the wild creature! I hastened to examine its body and discovered that the tree had burnt its flesh and fur!

    I will never know what prompted the wolf to attack the magic tree but this episode left me rather disturbed.

    Fred, both Rosina and I look forward to our next meeting and I trust this letter finds you in good health.

    Yours sincerely,


    (OOC - when I got onto the wolf's body, it had no fur and no raw steaks!)

  • Dear Fuoco,

    Rosina is much too kind. I was really just in the way for most of the time. Your story about the wolf is indeed quite curious. My first instinct was to assume a Ranger or Druid came to aid you, but I suppose that is out of the question if no one showed himself after the incident. Besides, an experienced ranger/druid would probably not bring his pet wolf to the bracken grove while an inexperienced ranger/druid wouldn't be able to keep the animal's loyalty against a bracken. So I guess we must conclude that you witnessed a rare case of nature turning against nature.

    I take it as a bad omen. I have heard rumors of dragons roaming where they usually do not roam and of trolls and giants organizing themselves for war. There is tension in the air and poison in the ground of Oberin. Maybe enough to cause wolf and bracken to turn on each other. I pray that you and Rosina stay safe.



  • Growing Moon, Year 437

    Dear Fred,

    Rumours have reached me that you might be in need of special robes against magic attacks. I happen to have some flasks of perfume that could be traded in the Mirith woods - you must have heard of Rung the Forest Troll and his love for bottled scent! This chap is ready to offer some special purple robes in exchange for perfume so please contact me when convenient and I shall be pleased to provide the necessary flasks!

    Yours sincerely,

    Fuoco of Andris

  • Growing Moon, Year 438

    Dear Fred,

    It seems a long time since we last met in Andris and I wonder how you are doing. I keep busy in the Park and have become quite the expert at skinning the snakes - nice bows can be made out of them. The eggs I throw at Uberh when he winks at me!

    The rest of my time is mostly spent at the cemetery. I have declared war on those nasty Bone Mages who terrorize the population (including me). Sometimes I get into scrapes, but I have decided not to let this intimidate me. I enclose a few sketches in the hope that you can build some confidence too.

    (Letter continues on another sheet).

  • I did also pick a couple of fights with Black Bears but they were too strong for me - just now that I have thought of a better way of handling them, they go and vanish from the east of Andris and Crescent Island - I am gutted!

    However, it is not all war and fights. Sometimes I relax at the bank with guild mates and friends - we drink, laugh, philosophize and craft. It was so amusing recently when a guard chased naughty Adam all over town!

    Let us know when you are back in Andris!

    Yours sincerely,


  • Dear Rosie,

    Ah, Andris! I miss it so! Such dignified architecture! So sorry to not respond to your kind letters. Truth be told, I've no idea what day or what moon it is as I write. I've essentially retired from adventuring life for now, living as a hermit in a simple unadorned life in an unbusy section of Marali (of all places). I do have a stack of red crystals in my bank so perhaps someday I shall return to Andris and return to life as an adventurer. No doubt much has changed in Oberin during my spiritual hibernation.



  • Dearest Fred,

    Those guards are protecting you well! They will not allow me to visit as they claim you need a lot of rest, so on my daily patrols I stop by to enquire after you, and look forward to the day when we can talk and walk about together.

    The guards must have no doubt told you about the new harbour and nearby establishments to the east - the main road now forks just behind the cemetery and the newly built path leads to the harbour itself, whereas the old road, which led to the sandy beach and the crossing point for Crescent Island, now ends in the proximity of a new inn, a potion shop and a warehouse. Alas, the appearance of civilisation was to the detriment of the local wildlife - most of the beasts have now fled, even from Crescent Island, and there were some rumours Senator Grantham may have had a hand in the culling of the resident Sand Spiders and Poison Beasts. Only a few Scorpions, Giant Ants and the odd gust of wind and Bracken still resist. Sometimes one or two Giant Spiders emerge from the Pixie Cave and go searching for food in the newly built area.

    Talking of the senator, I am afraid my niece took a strong dislike to her after a dispute between Helda Grantham and the labourers. Rosi belongs to the poorer classes so as you may well imagine, knowing her easy to flare emotions, I have had quite a hard time keeping her in order and took her away to Lerilin for a while.

    We have had some recent attacks in our beloved city and you shall soon find reports in the local library.

    Affectionately yours,


    P.S.: Is it my impression or the country walk to the Andris Hall has become more dangerous? Many nasty creatures seem to lurk nearby!

  • Dear Fuoco,

    Thank you for you kind letter. I write, out of all places, from Mirith today. Yes! I have finally felt healthy enough to venture out of the hall! I visited the harbor and its nearby outpost. I do hope that it has been a benefit for the city economically, because I too have noticed the lack of wildlife east of the city, and find it a bit unfortunate.

    So sorry to hear about the falling out between Grantham and Rosina. Hopefully, Elleychas can champion the causes that Rosina is so passionate about and the balance of power does not sway too far in favor for Granthams capitalist philosophy.

    Im sure Rosina, and you, and the rest of the Rebels have made quite a few visits to Lerillin since you wrote this letter to investigate the mysterious events there concerning this bloodfang cult. I write with some information that you are probably already aware of, but concerns me greatly nonetheless. The Andris portal area is covered with splatterings of blood, as is the area surrounding the Elara statue in Mirith. You probably know more about what this means than I, but I fear the worst; that the bloodfang are working to brainwash Mirith and Andris the way they did Lerillin.



  • Day 227 of the Red Moon, Year 440

    Dearest Fred,

    What joy to receive your letter and read your friendly words!

    I was mighty pleased to hear that you felt good enough to pay a visit to Mirith! Indeed, this so called Lord Bloodfang and his followers have caused a lot of grief and a few deaths. Rosina came back fuming and screaming sacrilege when the statue of Elara in Mirith was desecrated by a horrible Blood Golem who retreated into the impenetrable barrier of blood which you have witnessed - she discharged the power of a magic ring trying to help destroy the beast but to no avail.

    Goddess knows what else we shall have to face before the traces of such an abominable cult are erased from our horizon! There are constant pilgrimages to Foehan at present as worried citizens inspect the encampment from hell close to the hamlet, wondering when the fury of the horrid monsters therein will be unleashed.

    When we need some time to think and distance ourselves from the horror that threatens our lands, Fixx and I go fishing and have a quiet chat in a secret corner of our lands - hope it will stay such. Everybody needs a spiritual retreat, a little place where to heal body and mind.

    Pray send news whenever you can - it is always a great pleasure hearing from you, and a greater one seeing you, my dear fellow wizard!


    Fuoco of Andris