• Many things have happened in Andris and abroad during the Sleeping Moon of the Year 436, and the trend continues in the new year, under the Waking Moon cycle.

    Forced by my aunt (one day Bradley said that he could almost picture me wrestling a Dragon in the Tree Maze, so I replied "No need to travel that far, I fight a dragon in Andris almost every day and her name is Fuoco!") to sometimes sit quietly at my desk without causing trouble (or looking for it), I shall endeavour to write some of my adventures and thoughts on the pages of this diary, but if Fuoco thinks I shall put all the entries in chronological order, she's got another thing coming!

    For some time now, Wupps and I have been fighting together at the cemetery, in the park and recently also in the lands of giants. Mostly on our own, sometimes in the company of my husband, Fixx and other Rebels and friends.

    I try and guard Wupps with my life and teeth, as my aunt would not forgive me if I let the young Rebel die (and I would not forgive myself either) so I guess poor Wupps feels a bit oppressed and embarrassed at times (over-protected would perhaps be his choice of words) but now that he is growing stronger (he's even backstabbed a couple of Sea Serpents whilst Gawr was fighting them!) I let him go into the cemetery first, and the two of us have killed many a nasty Bone Mage and a fair amount of giants.

    Wherever Wupps and I go, pixies will follow!

  • One day we went to see the giants and Gwyddeon asked if he could accompany us. We later bumped into Bradley and, no sooner had we greeted him, than 5 pixies appeared and started having evil fun wih him, forcing him into the water again and again. I am glad that before his arrival I had dragged a nasty Sea Serpent who was lurking in the vicinity a million miles away to the north west - they like following the scent of clerics and my robe is well known to them!

    The Pixies then entertained themselves by poisoning and teleporting Wupps and Gwyddeon. Only one thing to be done at this stage! I shouted to everybody "Get ready to drink!", armed my bow and started shooting them down. An amused Kevin, who had been hunting giants nearby, passed us at that moment and got rid of a Pixie for us. Gwyddeon followed my example, Wupps was striking whenever not affected by nasty spells and Bradley was punching away and healing. A distorted vision of the events was left in my mind...

  • Wupps, my husband, Garret Jaxe and I were trying to control an infestation of undead at the cemetery that day and were joined by Gwyddeon - a number of dead skeletons and zombies was scattered on the path, Gwyd and Wupps were finishing off a few survivors when an unexpected visitor appeared and, without a word to any of us, started jumping from body to body - the confounded scoundrel was looting our kill!!!

    Before we could confront him, the intruder vanished as quickly as he had appeared and we were all left seriously baffled!

    Actually, I think I shall send a copy of this to the various libraries so that hunters around our lands are made aware of the existence of such a vulture!

  • It was a fine day, the sea as calm as the proverbial mill pond and a small group of Rebels decided to go hunting in the woods near town. Wizard Gwyddeon was with us and our rogue, maybe in need of a rest from his usual task of collecting the spoils of the hunt, asked if any of us was prepared to do the honours. My husband (these fighters... grrrr!) volunteered me. Now, I do not think it is wise to let a cleric multi-task too much as, what with healing, looting, shooting Pixies and posing as bait to try and prevent the evil trees from striking our warriors, there may be a danger of us losing our identity ("Make up your mind", Wupps had shouted to me!).

    I indeed ended up not knowing any longer who I was, and it look a long rest (and Fuoco locking me into the bedroom to ensure I got it) to come back to my usual self.

  • What a busy time I have had of late!

    I followed my aunt to Lerilin to help tidy our hall in preparation for our festival, then met some nice new people and hunted with a few of them, but I was missing Andris, so one day I decided to take a walking tour of Lerilin, then cross the sea.

    I fought many creatures before arriving at the Volcano area - here I was admiring the colour of the Fire Elementals but they did not like being observed by a wandering cleric so they attacked me! Such a shame to kill these colourful creatures but I pocketed the ash they were carrying and brought it to my friend Wupps.

  • I finally arrived at the shore opposite Crescent Island and crossed the water. Dodging the poisonous creatures and Air Elementals, I prepared for the last stretch of sea. A nasty serpent was eyeing me greedily but I shooed it off and landed safely.

    After unpacking my bag, I decided to go scouting in case of troublesome Brigands and the like, and three snakes offered to kindly escort me. No Brigands were lurking about this time so I decided to check the cemetery area. A nasty Bone Mage was waiting for me on the path so I made him chase me to the North East, armed my bow and shot him dead. I continued patrolling the island to the east and pocketed a few precious acidic glands and elemental dusts, then went to ferret evil trees out in their secrect locations.

  • My sojour in Andris did not last long though, as I joined my husband and some fellow Rebels on a Marali trip and also had a couple of adventures with Octar and other friends, which brought me to the green city.

    I was preparing to leave Mirith on Day 157 when I received a message from Octar requesting my company on a trip to Gohoran - he, Kookai, Razan and Uncle Cyric had planned to clear the forest of dangerous dracos. Well, the hunt continued in the Tree Maze area - the number of rust beasts, poison elementals and bracken was extraordinary so I helped the fighters bring down the dreaded rust beasts which cause so much damage to their armour!

    My companions decided to search the Tree Maze so in we went, fighting our way right to the heart of it. Here they found a welcome committee of dracos and four bracken and, as I stepped forward offering to pose as bait so that the men could sneak right up to the trees and destroy them, a huge Forest Dragon attacked me with a nasty bite! I managed to drink an invisibility potion - this gave Kookai enough time to challenge the horrid monster, thus allowing me to stay alive and heal my companions - I still marvel at my surviving the ferocious king of the forest's bite!

    After slaying the dragon, we travelled back to Mirith and entered the city by its secret passage. As I walked through the rooms in the castle, my mind went to King Galandir, whom I have never met, and wondered how sick he really was and whether he looked like this

  • Finally a nice spot where to work in peace! Sat beneath a lofty palm tree, away from the sight of giants and snakes, my basket within reach, I was making bandages and watching the inquisitive turtles play with the waves. The sun was shining in a cloudless sky and I felt my eyes slowly closing, giving way to the warmth and the soft backwash noises, while my mind was opening to the realm of dreams...

    What was that? I paled and sprung up to my feet, seriously startled, my heart racing fast. A strong gust of icy wind had carried some cry of distress and it seemed to proceed from the north. "Somebody needs help" I said to myself so I abandoned my basket and ran along the beach, scrutinising the horizon with anxious eyes. I ran well past the rocks and into the area inhabited by scorpions and poison beasts, hoping for a sign that would guide me in the right direction and finally the sign did come, many signs in fact! - a long row of traps floating on the water - I knew that style and I knew this was one of my aunt's routes, but where was she? I started calling but no answer came. Growing more and more concerned, I set sail towards Crescent Island and saw a dead body on the water, a nasty Sea Serpent swimming around it - she spotted me immediately and showed me her voracious fangs - a nice meal was heading her way!

    I had little time to think as the monster was closing fast on me, then a daring idea came to my mind! I swam towards the traps and, with a prayer to Elara, managed to force the serpent onto them, hoping her greedy instinct would serve my cause. Explosion after explosion followed the desperate chase and, as I reached the end of the line of traps, I could see the monster was still alive. "Goddess give me strength" was my silent prayer as I reached for the club I always carry. My mouth felt parched as I fought the monster, I could hear my heart beats thumping in my head - any minute now I would give up the fight and faint, exhausted, the sea salt nearly blinded me. Strike, cleric, strike for life a faint voice from within was whispering. And blindly I did strike, then the miracle happened - the greedy beast, with one last spasm and a heavy thud, fell on my raft, nearly dragging me into the water. The sturdy nails (thank you Fixx for your good crafting skills!) had ripped the soft underbelly area open, and out came a shiny egg and floated by me - the unborn monster I knew to be harmless so I picked it up, then my thoughts immediately went to the lifeless body I had seen earlier and I hastened to the black spot. It was Fuoco's body, no doubts now. All her earthly belongings were still in her satchel and I figured her soul must have drifted to the nearest temple in search of a new body to inhabit.

    Other greedy creatures may be attracted by her satchel I thought so I removed the most precious items, as much as I could carry, and went to wait for reborn Fuoco on the beach. I guess my feat impressed her, maybe she even felt proud of me because it has been many days now that Ysadril has not been following me in the woods!

  • Ogma and I had been talking about some other big adventure after the successful trip to Skull Island and we got busy contacting friends all over the lands. A date was suggested which was also a very special day for me but, to my regret, my Rebel brothers and sisters could not join us on that occasion as they would be too far away.

    My husband and I had travelled to Lerilin after our adventure at the Tree Maze, added the treasures we had found to our chests then Gawr fell asleep and I went to the cemetery in the hope of finding some Holy Daggers. Upon my return to the hall I settled quietly near the fire to make a few bandages before going to sleep, then a voice called me - looking out of the window, I saw our ranger friend Anniqa so I ran out to greet her and, to my surprise and delight, she handed to me a large batch of beautifully decorated birthday cakes!

    The next morning Gawr and I travelled with Cassandra to the Fire Portal, where we had agreed to meet the party. I was absolutely thrilled and excited about my first adventure to the Lava Dungeon (well, there had been an attempt in the past but we never got further than the portal!). A messenger came and delivered a cake and a gift box for me but disappeared through the trees before I could open my mouth and ask who to thank for this unexpected surprise - the box contained some wonderful bottles and sweets!

    Soon the beach was crowded as other invitees had by this time arrived. I loooked around happily and Gawr and I distributed cakes and drinks before gathering within the portal and descending into the fearsome dungeon. I consulted my list and checked that everybody was there - our party was thus constituted:-

    Archers - Behsan and Boric
    Magicians - Lym and Cassandra
    Rogues - Eldena and Leiland
    Druid and Pet - Charonia and the lovely Hannibal
    Healers - kotori, mikomi, Punit Bene and of course myself
    Fighters - the lords Hayate, Kookai and Gawr.

    But where were Ogma, hisashi and Anniqa? Messengers were sent out looking for them but unfortunately our friends could not be found.

    Still in hope that somehow they could join us at some point, we dropped our magic crystals and the doors of adventure opened for us. We fought many a Dragon and Magma Golem and some lives were inevitably lost, but thankfully the powers bestowed upon us by Elara allowed the healers to return our companions to life. Charonia was obliged to leave us half way through the hunt so we escorted her and Hannibal to the portal, whilst Boric fought with us a little longer.

    When we emerged from the dungeon and our rogues emptied their sacks on the beach, I was astonished at the number of precious items that had been accumulated - in such a place, I can certainly say that the rewards are commensurate to the risks!

    My aunt appeared to welcome us back and distribute more cakes and Andris Champagne - Anniqa arrived, running down the beach, just in time to partake of a mug of ale or two... exhausted by a previous hunt, the ranger had fallen into a deep slumber!

    It was now time to thank everybody and part from our guests. My husband and I chose a safe spot where to rest awhile whilst Fuoco made her way back to our hall.

    What a day - certainly one to remember!

  • Day 67 of the Fighting Moon, Year 438

    We had some distraction from bigger concerns in the shape of Mrs Piggins's visit to Andris recently. Ysadril was all in a flutter while trying to negotiate some lodgings for her in the humble abode of one of the miners, but my aunt would not have it and booked her into the local inn at her own expense. She even asked Baylden to provide fresh flowers every day!

    Fuoco's valet was hoping to introduce the ruddy widower to Falov Ellychas and that he would persuade her to learn to read and write, but our new senator is busy out of town with a bunch of miners at present so Winifred Piggins never got to meet him.

    Well, Ysadril's friend was enquiring about fish the day before she was due to return to her village so my aunt, with Karad's help, filled a crate with trout, tuna, sea bass and what not and presented it to Mrs Piggins, telling her that Baylden would most likely oblige by keeping the catch fresh and cool in clean water for her.

    A little later that day, Aunt Fuoco, Fixx, my husband and I were gathered at the bank, discussing the sad situation in Mirith, when strong smelling clouds of smoke nearly chocked us. A look of alarm spread amongst us - is the city under attack? Instinctively, we ran in the direction of the smoke, but nothing could have prepared us for what we saw! Mrs Piggins, rolling pin in her hands, was supervising some fish she had hung out to dry outside the Andris QUALITY Accommodation establishment, as if it had been her own backyard!

    In hindsight, even though I felt badly for the shopkeepers in the surrounding area, I can only be grateful she had not decided to do her laundry and hang it out to dry in public instead... why, only one day earlier she had invited me into her room and I caught sight of her pants - I could have made a full size robe out of them and, with the remaining cloth, built a tent too - I am sure Senator Janik would have fainted!

    I think Baylden was very amused by this very rural visitor who obviously has no idea of city life - after she left, he told me he had caught her dusting her room and that she had also appeared in the kitchen, sleeves tucked up and ready to roll out some pastry for the lobster pie!