• Escaping from the northeast wind - and worse foes in the Marali woods -
    still shivering in his armour, the fighter stokes the ashes in the forge.
    The fire had never quite gone out in the Marali Vanguard hall, and soon the furnace would roar once again. A wry smile crosses his face, as a rather obvious parallel crosses his mind. 'Captain Fang wants recruits - and by Elara we need them. Twice now in recent months has our hall has been attacked, and twice we have repelled our foes - but at great cost.' As the light from the windows fails, a flicker from the forge illuminates a notice that would soon be placed at the gates of Marali.

    Citizens of Oberin,

    If you are of good character and have sufficient courage, the great citadel of the north needs you. We offer two routes of entrance to the Vanguard.

    For those young and inexperienced in the world, our armsmen will undertake to help train you to face the dangers that will beset you. When you are ready, and have completed the tasks set down by the First Scout, you will be invited to run the gauntlet, and be inducted as a fully-fledged member of the guild.

    For those veterans of many battles, hunting with guild members and distinguished former vanguardians will an important test of character prior to running the gauntlet.

    Marali has many enemies, and therefore must have many allies. Vanguardians are expected to maintain friendly relationships with other players and guilds, including the other vanguards.

    Potential applicants should contact Octar (Vanguard Leader) or armsmen and armswomen Charonia, Nimuialwing, Nial, Borti II, Decado, Luciella, Terliyne, Gwyddeon or Hideaki for further details.

    (OOC: Applicants should be comfortable roleplaying. Without being too righteous about it, we do like people to stay in character at least during RTQs and official Vanguard business. We don't require your alts to join the vanguard, though we need to know who they are. We accept applications from all classes. Apprentices should be lvl5-8, veterans should be lvl8+ with RM5 (7+ and RM4 for fighters) to survive the harsh Maralian environment. Some distinguished former vanguardians have kindly agreed to help here. Apply in person to a vanguardian, or make an IC application on this thread or on the MaV forums at .)

  • At the bottom of one of the chests, Armsman Octar spots an old noticeboard. Rusting pins hold yellowed paper notes from many famous Armsmen and Armswomen of yore. Blowing off the dust, and applying a new coat of varnish to the Maralian oak frame, Octar smiles grimly. "This will do for now".

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  • Depressed after being killed with all its companions, mere seconds after an Ancient Forest Dragon unleashed its poisoned breath, a ghostly form wanders slowly northwards to the Marali Vanguard Hall. It hesitates, and does not enter. Not wishing to come back from the grey, Octar's spirit eyes alight on the noticeboard outside the hall. The varnish has dried on the frame, revealing the rugged beauty of the burnished Maralian Oak. Rusting pins have been removed, yellowed notes neatly filed away. The beginnings of hope are kindled. The grey form wanders south, off to find a good friend to breathe life into the spirit as well as the body once again.

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  • Dear Fang,

    We have been watching with interest the progress of Octar and, if you choose to heed the words of your former sister in arms and former Lieutenant Gawr, we are certain that this young fighter will become one of the great in our lands and will do the vanguard proud.

    As for myself, I must confess I am growing very fond of a young cleric who aspires one day to join the Marali ranks. Rosina and I are taking turns in guiding him as best as we can to face the dangers of our lands and we have no doubts of his abilities and integrity. There is no greed in the young man except for knowledge, and our friendship is strengthening with each encounter.

    It will be with some sadness that we shall see him depart Andris when his time comes, but we shall rejoice in learning of his future feats, if such is the will of the Goddess, and in any opportunity of hunting and fighting side by side. After all, travel is made easy by the magic portals nowadays and great distances can be comfortably covered in little time.

    With affection,


  • [A note from Borti II, of Andris, to Armsman Octar, left pinned to the GH Message board.]

    Dear Friend,

    Although my father, Borti, and cousin Owen the Ranger, will remain in CoF to assist helping new adventurers in Oberin, I have decided to remove myself from CoF so I can focus just on developing the skills I need for surviving the harsh environment of Malari. It troubled me to remain in one guild whilst training for another, I felt it too dishonest to allow it to continue.

    Although I believe I fall somewhere between basic apprentice and maybe a more worldly apprentice, I formally am applying for membership in the Malari Vanguard. I realize that my application might be delayed, pending additional training and study on my part, yet I am content to wait.

    I patiently await a reply.

    Borti II, cleric of Andris

    (OCC: Over-all cleric level 9. Magery 8. Alchemy 9. Medi 9. Healing 9. RM 6. I hope to level healing and Medi to 9 in the next two days. I shall continue to work on RM as I'd like it to be 7 or 8. Edited to update scores.)

  • Dear Borti II,

    It is with great joy that I read your brief note. I shall compile a report for Captain Fang, noting your excellent progress in training, your exemplary devotion to serving the youngest citizens of Oberin, your courage and your kindness. In the many adventures we have had together, I have never known you to let anyone down or breathe an unkind word about a fellow citizen. Let it be known that Marali shall not spurn the services of such an honourable man. It would be a privilege to serve alongside you as your brother-in-arms, and I look forward to you becoming chaplain to the Vanguard.

    There remains the small matter of your test, the details of which I will discuss with the First Scout. Suffice it to say, you should come prepared for anything!

    Your friend,

    Armsman Octar

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  • The shadows hold a figure - a figure who quietly leans on his bow. His hat pulled down over his eyes, a well worn, drab cloak pulled tightly around his very old and damaged armor. A pipe juts out from his chisels face, slow puffs of smoke rising from it's open mouth. One. Two. Three. The old and greying eyes scan the crowd as he watches the notice being posted, and narrow as the figure moves away. And then he is gone.

  • Year 436, Day 108 of the Blue Moon

    To my brother Armsmen Nimuialwing and Nial,

    I know you are away on your travels at present, so I thought I should keep you up to date with news in Marali.

    Many moons ago, a Maralian Wizard by the name of Decado the Black applied to join the vanguard. This skilled mage was deemed worthy to join the ranks, but became lost in some nameless void before he could enter the hall.

    Emerging as if from sleep, he has shaken off the effects of the void by both patient study and swift action. Completing tests in the pixie cave, hunting in the Marali forest, and destroying bracken and gapers single-handed he has convinced me of his worthiness. After a short hunt in Aborek with Captain Fang, myself and Borti II, he was allowed to perform his gauntlet. This was successfully undertaken, and he has been formally inducted as armsman of the vanguard.

    This great news comes very shortly after the appointment of Borti II as chaplain to the vanguard (with the rank of Armsman). You will have seen the report I compiled for the Captain, and perhaps read Borti II's own account of his gauntlet. The morale of the guards has already been lifted by their new spiritual guide. To know that should the worst befall, this man can bring them back from the grey is no small comfort.

    I hope that in a time not too far off, we can become worthy of our distinguished predecessors in the Vanguard. Marali Prevails!



  • Year 436, Day 85 of the Fighting Moon

    To Marali First Scout Fang,


    I am delighted to report that we have appointed the rogue Luciella as Armswoman. She has dwelt long in these lands, and has acquired much wisdom during the years. During her tests I was not only very impressed, but learned a good deal from her. She has hunted with Armsman Nial and the Chaplain, and they provided me with glowing reports. Finally today she was able to complete the rogue's gauntlet under rather difficult circumstances - the weather turned very nasty - and she has been inducted into the guild. She has agreed to be responsible for the training of apprentice rogues for the Vanguard, and I am pleased to say she has started this onerous task already!

    Marali Prevails!


    Armsman Octar