• Bloody Bleeding Moon report part 1

                                                                                             A Strange Sighting

    Bleeding Moon Day 27

              Walking just right outside of Mirith, I ran across a red robed figure who wasn't one for a conversation.

    (Blood Wizard): Hmm this isn't the volcano.
    (Llino): Hello.
    (Blood Wizard): Goodbye.
    (Blood Wizard): *shel rel bol*

    The Blood Wizard takes off.
              I stood in place... frozen... can't chase... When I finally came to I took off in the direction I thought he ran towards. I tried to coax the Blood     Wizard to come back but he must have called my bluff...

    (Llino): Come back! I've got candy!
             I head back into Mirith to get ready for my journey towards Lerilin hoping to run across some company who can help further investigate the strange sighting.

  • Bloody Bleeding Moon report part 2

                                                                     Cleric's Demise

                   Upon my arrival at the Lerilin portal I headed for town post haste! There, as if they were waiting, were two rather familiar faces.
    Rivvyre the ranger and Dakanto the fighter. I tell them of the  figure I had encountered earlier and they agree to accompany on my journey to scout the area around the volcano for any suspicious activity.

                  We searched , and searched but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Were we even at the right Volcano? Maybe we should wander towards atoll? After coming up with nothing unsual Dakanto had decided to ho his own way. Rivvyre and I bid him adiue and we continue on our journey.

                 Little did we know trouble was brewing. I'm sure it was only a small taste of what they are capable of.
    Passing by the volcano entrance stood what appeared to be a druid dressed in a red robe with 3 red dracos... his pets.

    (Blood Druid): Leave this place.
    (Llino): What are you doing here?
    (Blood Druid):It does not concern the likes of you... Not yet anyway.
    (Rivvyre):Who would it concern then?
                ... *No response*....
    Feeling bold  I step right up into the Blood Druids face.

    (Blood Druid): Step back.
                   Showing no fear....what do I do?
    (Llino): *smooch*
                 (my way of saying "screw you.")

                  I guess the Druid didn't like that I was getting fresh for he had his pet dracos attack us. We knew we were no match for the cultist's pets so we tucked tail and ran, hiding/drinking invis pots only to be revealed by one of the Druid's spells. Eventually his Dracos got a hold of me and everything went gray... and cold.... my body lay bloody and tattered on the ground from the dracos using it as a chew toy.

    (Blood Druid) Do no returnn or more blood will be spilt.
    (Llino): *Blows a kiss at Blood Druid*


  • Bleeding Moon Report Part 3

    The Murder of a Friend

    Bleeding Moon Day 39

    Fighting bears and Gooeys alongside my dear friend Blazzin the Lava Spider when suddenly I come across a red-robed figure: a Blood Wizard.

    Having a poor memory and vaguely remembering a friendly blood wizard that may have helped us find a cure for our friend dragon once long ago I approached recklessly and greeted this visitor.

    (Cadica): Heel!
    (Cadica): Hi.
    (Blood Wizard): Hello.
    (Cadica): how may I help you?
    (Blood Wizard): I am behind the others...I need to shed some blood.
    (Blood Wizard): * bol flas *

    Realizing his evil intent I quickly rushed to attack with my spider, but even as I checked my store of potions I realized my dear and loyal companion was fearlessly attacking this fiend at my behest with little protection against the magical attacks of our foe.

    As a second lightning bolt struck my dear friend and she ducked for cover, I send healing magics her way and noted the local population of bears and gooeys had noticed our battle and were unfortunately intent on doing me harm. Noticing the Blood Wizard chase my pet I quickly lept to the NE and summoned my pet to me in the nick of time, extending more healing and a momentary respite of steaks and meditation.

    (Cadica): Well Blazzin.
    (Cadica): you ready for round 2?
    I said while stroking her hard carpace and downing a healing potion.

    Not a moment too soon. The Blood Wizard had tracked us and instantly cast a strong disorientation spell my way before I could react. In horror I watched as he first paralyzed dear Blazzin, then repeatedly called down lightning upon my friend until she perished suddenly before my eyes. I couldn't move. I couldn't heal her. My regret and sorrow were deep and piercing. With tears dripping down my face and falling upon my stumbling legs I looked at the monster who had stripped me of my dear companion.

    (Blood Wizard): Your pet can not save you now.

    A druid's rage began to storm within me as I beheld this foul creature revel in his assault against life and nature. My anger gave me focus as I shrugged off my clumsiness and finally drew my Robe of Resistance around me.

    (Cadica): Oh really?
    (Cadica): Is that what you think foul wizard?
    (Blood Wizard): You are weak...But I will have your blood just the same.

    The rage began to swell within me until I felt my form begin to shift. With a flash I became a vicious beast in form, lending strength to my arms as I leapt at the Wizard, clawing at him with my bestial arms as I yelled in Fury. Summoning more creatures to my side we directed our onslaught without mercy. Whereas my attempts to wrestle before had little effect, now the combined fury of nature began to rend the life from the Blood Wizard as he fled before us.

    Giving chase and swigging potions as I shrugged off his magical attacks I saw him board a raft and begin to flee SW across the sea. Leaping aboard my own raft I gave chase but fell victim to an untimely paralysis spell and began to lose sight of my quarry.

    (Blood Wizard): Don't think you will win so easy when the full moon comes to play.

    As the rage left my my shape reverted to normal as I reflected on this encounter and vowed vengeance upon him. As I entered the city with the bitter shout of Murder on my lips I was directed to the reports of various Blood fiends about their nefarious business.

    I do hope we will make our preparations before the moon is full. For with the waxing of the moon will embolden this Blood cult with the glut of power...they will not run and hide for long. And when they reappear....there will be a reckoning!

    R.I.P. dear Blazzin.

  • The rocks were hard as their names indicated. Nevertheless the lone miner drove his mining pick deep into them to extract the precious ores. The hunger of the Andris Guard for a constant supply of weapons and armor could never be saturated.

    For endless ours the process of crashing rocks into smaller pieces went on and on. Dust was clogging the miners nostrils, settled on his face and kept sticking to his thirsty throat, no matter how much water he drank from the nearby keg. A rather small pile of ferrite lay next to him, when in a moment of lure, his senses long damped by the metallic sounds on hard granite, his nearly closed nose catched a very familiar though in this tunnel strange scent. It was biting, firey, hot and at the same time sour...dracos! Suddenly his mind switched back to the mode he knew best: rage in the face of death. He grab the mining pick close, since he had no weapons or armor with him, but he was nevertheless willing to sell his life as costy as possible. How in the world could a draco be so close to Andris? And why was the stench so horrible? There was something else on it he could not discern, something familiar, yet not fitting to a draco, something well known...

    Carefully he crawled towards the opening of the small tunnel he had excavated earlier and took a sneak peek outside. With shock he dug his head deeper to the ground so the approaching group could not see him. A red robed man flanked by two red dracos were just passing by his hiding hole. The man was obviously a druid, since the two fire creatures followed him in perfect unison without the slightes sign of rebelling against him. His stride was confident, overconfident or better said arrogant, and they walked with their heads bowed, although scanning the surroundings. The man´s robe featured a sign on his chest the miner couldn´t make out nor identify, yet he was sure he didn´t see it before. And the druid was in contrast to many of his fellow kind clean shaved, his hair oild and well combed, more the appearance of an aristocrat than a defender of nature.

    At one point, when these three rather unusual companions were basically less than 30 feet away from the miners hideout,  the man in the narrow tunnel was ready to fight, since the draco closer to him uttered a short, but nevertheless frightening sound pointing with its head towards the tunnel entrance. But a short movement of the red robed mans left hand, seeming like a discarding movement indicating non-importance, forced the beast back into its task of walking right next to him. And as the miner saw the three "travellers" walk over the next hill, he suddenly drew in a big breath, realizing he stopped breathing for a rather long time. As he caught back his composer, he knew that this incident with the full Bleeding Moon coming up didn´t mean any good. Once again the black clouds of upcoming bloodshed gathered, the thunder of future killings could be heard in the distance....

  • A silent warm breeze rolled over the lands. The Lerilin city guards patrolled the streets without any serious intent for keeping the usual drunks and dock workers quiet, since it was a pleasing night and their little quarrels were not too disturbing for the usual fisherman. After all Lerilin was not the Royal City of Mirith and their wages kept flooding in although nobody at present ruled or at least had any saying, so why work more than asked for. And to whom were they report anyways? So the normal turmoil of drunks fighting and shouting over some stupid semi-philosophical matter went on.

    Disturbed by that very basic discussion, where the bigger arm meant the better argument, a young man rose from bed, still more asleep than awake and decided, that it was too much. Since his profession wasn´t that of a warrior, but the fine arts of entertaining with song and music, he decided to leave the Inn he was staying at and have a walk in the woods. And as later would prove valuable, his first thought of donning his armor and carrying a Katana with him, was absolutely right. Even a wandering bard was in danger of becoming the next meal of some predating beast Oberin was so famous of.

    At first the fair haired youngster searched in his worn backpack for a Night Vision potion, since his meager experience had already proven, that it was not too wise to wander at night without this preparation. When he deemed everything right, he left the wooden building through the back-door, which was always open for late arriving guests, passing the old man sleeping there in the worm ridden wood chair, who was supposed to take care of night business. But since these days very few travellers made it to Lerilin, his job was more or less useless.

    Traversing the worn out, dusty roads towards the gate at the potion shop, the young bard looked into the sky and like always the potion turned his vision to a semi daylight, although faintly he could make out the stars. The only thing that arouse his suspition was the half full Bleeding Moon, shining in a bright red as to forewarn of coming events matching its rather sinister colour. He bruhed those dark thoughts away, passed through the gate by the half asleep guards and proceeded into the woods. At first all seemed quiet, since he knew too well of the nearby Ants at the hilly rock formation, so he passed them by quickly not to attract their attention. The insect´s constant sounds of mandibles clicking on each other was very clearly heard in the distance. Where they never sleeping or resting? A miracle thought the young bard. As he went on through the woods, his stride lead him towards those deep parts of the woods, where he knew the fearsome predators would dwell. Before realizing where he exactly was, a cracking sound of breaking underbrush sounded to his left. The man turned quickly around, drew the Katana and readied himself for the surely upcoming confrontation. With a ear deafening cry of rage and hate a Hellhound broke through the dense growth of bushes and small trees, breaking the smaller ones and throwing over an armthick treeling, leaping at man´s height at its surprised prey. As he could frightenly clearly see the blood red eyes of the beast atop of a gigantic maw spiked with dagger long yellow teeth just mere inches in front of his face, the eternal burning inside those pools of hellfire and hate started to fade. When the beast landed with full speed on him, the young man uttered a prayer to the goddess to take his soul with mercy.

    He felt warm blood running inside his armor, and tears started to run down his cheeks. His last thought was, now stupid could he have been wandering those woods alone at night? All of his education proved he didn´t listen close enough to his teacher B´Rian o Jacques. Death was there with its cold fingers grabbing his soul he thought. But suddenly he realized, that the blood he felt inside of his armor, wasn´t his, but the beast´s! When looking up, right into the still open, now black and dull, eyes of the Hellhound, he saw a strange green feathered arrow sticking right out of its wide open maw. The beast was dead, not him!

    Trying to get rid of the enormious coldening body from his own, the young entrepreneur thanked the Godness for having mercy on him and sending one of her fabled Faith Arrows to his rescue. But to his total surprise, a man of indistinguishable age, dark, very dark hair, dressed in a green robe made his way towards him. Although he tried to make out the strangers features, his face remained somehow unmemorable. face out of the crowd, although a hint of royalty marked the lines. Ah, I thought I tracked a human. You're a brave one, out hunting at night under this moon.... Beflustered and still shaken by the unexpected encounter, the young minstrel greeted the Traveller.

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  • Toc has gone missing!

    In an attempt to trade in a few handfuls of skulls for dragon teeth, I noticed that the man I was looking for is no longer there! The owner of potion store also had no useful information to tell me. Also, no clues were found as to his whereabouts.

    Be on the lookout!

  • Day 230 of the Blue Moon, Year 444

    The Blood Crusade is active again. One of their teleportation areas was found in the Andris countryside and there is every reason to believe other camps might be found elsewhere. Citizens are warned to keep vigilant. There is some rumour Elphina might also be meddling with black magic and necromancers.