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  • The Three Liches

    The two whispered in conspiratorial tones as they sat in a darkened corner of the local inn.

    "So did they get the letters?"

    "I believe not but a conversation with the lich Greshthar took place where it is learned the three liches are brothers. One believed weakest, presumed dead and Bodrik, the strongest of the three."

    The first nodded and slowly fiddled with his beard. The more knowledge he could find on this potential danger the safer he felt.

  • A newcomer rushed to the table while of disposing of his cloak and joined the two deep in thought.

    "You're late."

    "I was accosted by ants, they really should do something about them..."

    Then in a barely audible tone.

    "Maragir still roams. There is talk of a father to these three, some powerful mage whose work will only be realised when one lich remains and the others destroyed."

    "And the first lich planned for early retirement is to be?"

    "Well, it is understood that to take down Greshthar and present Bodrik with his head would be the way forward. It is largely thought best to ask Bodrik assurance before striking the Lich near Lerilin."

    For their findings, they were happy but for what lay ahead and the potential peril, they were most anxious.

  • "Listen!"

    Together the three stood and moved towards the window. The sun was just breaking over the horizon. Pressing their ears against the pane the first spoke.

    "I can hear their cries to the southwest."

    "Are they breaking the maze already?"

  • Word was spread across Oberin, most notably by the Scoundrel Samic about new activity by the Lich in Lerilin. After trying without success to find out when the "later" was that another group had planned to take on this challenge, the adventurers not privy to the earlier meeting gathered at word of the expansion of the maze South of the Lerilin Cemetery.

    For a full day and a half, a battle was waged against the minions of the maze. If we were not to be at the main battle, at least we could do our part. Many took part in this marathon, the names I can recall are Crisian, Gragnog, Kate, Stockhausen, Nimi, Beta Balloc, Povel, Cesmei, Kyr Glanaugh, Juggauria, Zico, Grimar, and Maharal, although I'm sure there were others. Not all were there at one time, but spelled each other off to keep the pressure on the inhabitants. Unfortunately the Black Dracos proved too much for a party that was almost all mages, and Greshthar appeared to adjust the runes to make a new exit point at a corner on the North side of the maze.

    The assult on the the maze may have been stopped for the time being, but at least half the runes were now clear of undead, making a better starting point for the next party to arrive.

  • The wizard shook her head. "The maze was fed by the blood of reckless fools."

    Standing at the hall of the castle, watching the Squire walk away, she turned to Anton. "I am sure you tried to stop them, my friend. Alas, they even forgot we need the claw."

    Taking off her hat for the time being, both kept waiting for Ciddia Tigg to return.

  • The Handsome Troyus and I were speaking at the Mirith bank on the evening of the 147th of the Red Moon. After hearing some surprising news from him, I asked him to show me his findings. The fighter reported accurately. Bodric's runes were down to a paltry 5 in number, and the chest guarded by the Black Dragons was now gone!!!

    If, as believed by some, the power of these liches is shown by the size of their rune maze, then Bodric's power has waned significantly. I will not speculate on how this might affect whatever negotiations might be planned, other than that time might make bargaining with this lich unnecessary.

  • *A note is pinned on the doors of the Mirith and Lerilin banks*

    Intelligence gathered by Hisashi, Redman and some others has reached Dragon's Gate. The uncleared area of the Rune maze by Lerilin is currently sealed off by magic runes. It seems that many different adventurers are interested in this maze. This is not surprising. The cleared area remains clear, by all reports, so the success gained previously remains.

    On a side note: I have not seen word of anyone speaking with Mayor Palmer about the situation. Perhaps that might be prudent. It is right outside his village, after all. And, if (theoretically) one wanted to attempt to prevent the locals from poking around, speaking with the local Mayor would be the first logical step.

  • Some days later at the same Inn, the three met again.

    "It seems the skirmish was a success, well a partial one at least."

    "Yes, and the claw?"

    "I have heard rumours from Mirith that it is back in the hands of the public."

    "Good. Well, it's your round. What are you waiting for?"

    Clicking his fingers he beckoned the barmaid over for their mugs to be filled with more mead.

  • Shopkeepers in Andris are overheard talking excitedly of some big news concerning the city - the magic shop may soon be open again but, above all, Senator Fieltler has managed to get a message abroad - her rescue may soon be attempted when the pirate ship docks at Port Gast for supplies after the full moon. Senator Morgans has been heard to urge the citizens not to travel to the area in large groups in order not to the frighten the enemy. Discreet scouts will be patrolling the area.