• And wow... All I can say is wow.

    It just felt so good to open the code and work on it again, to see how Oberin changed since I first started to work on it, to see how the community evolved... And to see how much this game still brings to me.

    Anyway, I'm not here to rant, today is update day! After way too long, it's time to finally fix things and add some new content to Oberin. cheesey

    First, you will not be able to use the auto-updater for this update. You will have to download the whole client again. The main reason is that the updater relies on Stuffit Expander, which was ok a year ago but now really isn't that great anymore, IMHO. So I am going to code a new auto-updater, and in the meanwhile you will have to download the client from whenever there's a new update. If you try to connect to the server with an outdated version of Oberin, the auto-updater will try to update, and fail.
    Don't forget to back up your Oberin Logs folder before overwriting your Oberin folder, if you want to save your logs wink

    So... Where to start? At first this update was meant to be dedicated to small fixes and tweaks of problems that a year of playing and high level characters uncovered... But I got SO many people cheering me and so many great ideas that I had to add a few of them. There are now a ton more things I want to implement but hey, I need to update once in a while :roll:

    To the serious stuff!

    It is recomended that you delete your Oberin Preferences before updating. Doing so will result in a loss of your fkeys, but should prevent windows from randomly disapearing upon log-off.

    You can find your preferences file :

    - For Os X: ~/Library/Preferences
    - For Os 9: System Folder/Preferences

    Now for the update...

    What's New and Shiny

    - Female bodies and sounds! Now ladies can properly die and stop fearing for their beauty and voice everytime a Giant crushes them to goo. Jinker and Murri made an awesome work on those, and Charnath already loves killing girls cheesey

    - A new item was added to the "Options" menu, called "Color Own Name". When checked, the name of your character on screen will turn green, allowing you to notice it better when a lot of other players/monsters are around. Note that your name will still turn purple if you stealth and have that option enabled.

    - PvP island is now a zero-loss zone. That means that when you die on this island, you will not loose any skill and you will not be able to get looted by other players, even if you allow them to step on your body. Your body will still decay and eventually disapear over time. We do hope this will all go well, but might revert to the old system if we see any abuse.

    - Traders and NPCs can now cast spells on players. This will allow traders to "sell" spells (they will cast a given spell on you for money), or to cast them in exchange of a particular item.

    - Added a new, quite rare, tamable creature. This creature will also drop unique quest items that cannot be found anywhere else. Tame or kill... Your pick!

    - All new Emblems that were sent to Jinker are now in the game. Be sure to check your ID window!

    - A sound will now be played whenever you or someone on your screen gains a skill level. Everyone around you will hear the sound when you level up, and celebrate! cheesey

    - Last but not least, a lot of new quest items were added, expect to see more quests in the near future!


    - Creature spawning time, aka "pops", are now random. It is now impossible to know exactly when the next spawn wave will be, which should make dungeons and travels a bit more hard and exciting.

    - On-screen text was adjusted to cover much less of the screen. The number of lines was reduced and all on-screen text adjusted to take as few space as possible. For instance, "You must target a creature when casting a XXX spell." was reduced to "You must target a creature."

    - Skill level up text will now appear in red, making it harder to miss.

    - Creatures were made a lot quieter, and now should only talk but a few times per battle.

    - Wrestling damage was reduced. I know many of you will not like this, and I want to remind you that Oberin is still in a state of flux and this change may or may not be permanent. We had the feeling that wrestling dealt way too many damage, eventhough we are conscious this is the only way some classes can actually kill monsters.

    - Critical hits calculation was slightly modified. This should result in critical hits happening a bit less often, allowing fighters to level more easily. The damage output from a critical strike was not altered. Paralyzed creatures are still more likely to be hit by a critical strike.

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed a grammar mistake upon shears destruction: "Your Shears have been destroyed."

    - Fixed a bug that would made the Moon sometimes disapear in the Calendar Window

    - Players whose name were temporarly changed (during a RTQ or for other purpose) will no longer have their true name revealed when they become cursed.

    - Water creatures should be tamable again, and not make pets defy anymore.

    - Fixed a bug that would make the Calendar and Inventory window disapear on log-off.

    - Players cannot withdraw more than 999,999 gold pieces at once anymore, and are now safe from bank character corruption.

    - Players can no longer hide in certain spots of PvP island to prevent other players from attacking them.

    - Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause creatures to say their killing line while they did not actually kill their target.

    Click the "Downloads" link on the left to download the new client required to play Oberin.

    This one is long overdue, so thanks for your patience and understanding, and just enjoy it! cheesey

  • Let me be the first to congratulate you Stefan! Awesome work once again. We'll see if we can get you a tub of those new Ecuador Dark Magnums wink

  • Well done Stephan! Good job smile


  • (Sorry, I always mis-spell your name) *slaps wrists*

  • finally the game is updated, i really love the random spawn times

    thanks a lot

  • I love the changes to PvP. I can go and get killed all day long and not have to wary about a thing!! And now the GMs can come and play with us and not have to warry abot the players getting mad and reporting them. tongue (if that ever happened)

    *group hugs Stefan and Jinker*

    You guys are awesome!!!

  • Awsome update Stefan, Nice work Jinker made on the Tusker, and a new item, hope the quest for it is made soon.

    Awsome work!

  • Good job. Good changes. Spawns are awesome. smile One question remains.

    I know lot of people were whinning about overpowered druids, now we got the tusker (I was expecting we would loose spiders instead suprised). Is the tusker in testing or do you really mean it for good? You made me very confused with this update I must say. One hears lot of things even from GMs about my class and than you acts very opposite. Can you make this clear for me?

    Thanks. smile

  • Good work Stefan, have a magnum.

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