• Year 442 Harvest Moon Day 129

    Deary Diary,

    Today, feeling healthy and hearing about an exciting scanveger hunt being conducted throughout Oberin, I decided to attempt to participate in this hunt. The hint in Mirith was to travel east near water, near the center isle, or some such that like. I didn't quite understand it, but I figured traveling up the river toward that island in the center of Mirith continent might fit the description. So I made my way up there fighting a giant, bear and many many harpies and air elementals on the way. Unfortunately, I did not bring a map with me, and not being familiar with the area, I completed passed that center isle and arrived at a wall of rocks. I tried to travel past them by going through the river (as opposed to walking around it) but discovered sea serpents blocked my way. And the other side of the river was no safer as a forest draco spotted me and chased me back to the other side. Oblivious to the fact that I had walked past my intended target by quite a bit, I reluctantly gave up and headed back to Mirith. Only now as I write this entry am I aware, with map in hand, that what I encountered was the rock wall surrounding the tree maze. I overshot my target by quite a bit! What misfortune! But alas, this is the life of an adventurer, especially one as abset-minded and inexperienced as myself.