• Year 434 Sleeping moon Day 71

    Dear Diary,

    It has been less than a moon since I returned home to Lerillin to lead a more simple life in this quiet fishing village. After practicing my enchanting skills by infusing some crystals and fishing for trout and eels on my raft close to shore, I decided to go out to the forest, perhaps in hope of fighting a bracken to challenge. While I didn't find any bracken, I did find three hell hounds and a sludge beast during my walk. While I was initially worried of taking down these beasts without any poison glands, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to take them down (one by one) with just lightning bolts and a few arrows from my new favorite weapon (a short bow of power). I returned to town after I ran out of arrows and there I found a gentleman druid with a giant spider. I asked him if he was interested in hunting together. He suggested the cemetery so there we went, fighting wave after wave of skeletons with his giant spider doing most of the damage and me mostly supporting the spider with my paralysis spell. The skeletons stubbornly rose from the ground, both outside and inside of the cemetery but we managed to practically clear the area so we headed back to town. We had quite a haul of skulls and even found a holy dagger, all of which I kept for myself since the gentleman druid wasn't interested!

    So all in all, a very successful expedition!

  • ( smile It is very nice to see a tale/log of a regular hunting trip & the experiences of a young wizard)

  • Year 434 Sleeping moon Day 156

    Dear Diary,

    As I was cooking up some trout and steak at the blacksmith, I saw an acquaintance of mine: Cerise the spider tamer.
    We started talking and the conversation turned to the topic of guilds. Both of us were members defunct guilds. Hers had fell apart when members left the land or joined other guilds. Mine, as far as I know, never had much of a presence to begin with. The day I joined was the first and last time I ever saw the leader. Both of us were happy to be the sole-members of our guilds so long as we got to proudly wear our very finely designed emblems on our robes (hers a red dragon wielding a sword, mine a grim reaper).

    But then, an emblem is supposed to represent a guild, not just one man! Our symbols would be that much more powerful, strike that much more fear into our enemies, if representing a group of adventurers! Inspired by our discussion, we ran to the bank to rally young adventurers into joining our guild. But of course, we found the bank was deserted as it usually is,

    Undeterred we set off for the adventurer capital of Oberin, Mirith! So the thee of us, me, Cerise, and her spider enthusiastically followed the road towards Mirith. On the way, we encountered many dangerous creatures. A bracken!! Her spider and my fire made quick work of it. A Troll!! It was no match for my lightning or the spider's fangs. Air Elemental!!! Dead before it knew what hit it! Gaper!!!! Well... the gaper didn't see us so we decided to ignore it and go on our way. Giant!!!! Well, the giant was much stronger than Cerise's spider and practically immune to my we retreated back the way we came. To our dismay, the gaper we had ignored earlier was waiting for us on the road. In the ensuing panic, I found myself lost in the forest, chased by a rust beast, and zapped by a bracken. Luckily for me, the gaper decided to attack Cerise instead of me (unlucky for her though). I found the river and escaped the rust beast and bracken on my raft. Cerise wasn't so lucky. She died that day. Fortunately, she resurrected herself at a nearby guild hall and was able to recover her belongings from her old body. A little deflated, we headed back to Lerillin and went off our separate ways.

    Retreating from a giant? Panicking when seeing a gaper? I guess I don't really know what I was thinking, trying to recruit Mirithians to an up-start guild without any members and that doesn't stand for anything except for the beauty of it's own symbol.

    Attitudes are changing across Oberin. I fear the day of wearing emblems for long-dead guilds will be frowned upon as time goes on. day The may come when I have to remove may grim reaper from my robe. That would be a sad day indeed, It really is the finest guild emblem I have seen (if i say so myself).

  • Year 435 Waking moon day 8

    Dear diary,

    First of all, happy new year! Hopefully, this new year will bring excitement and prosperity to all in Oberin and that this nasty business with outlaws hassling Andris will be resolved as well. In the mean time, I have my own mission, well, two missions actually. One, to find a buyer for my holy dagger and two, to find recruits for my dying guild! I set off to the bank to do just that and found a Rogue by the name of Gilante (I think). He wasn't interested in buying my dagger or joining my guild but we made pleasant conversation on why people bought holy daggers and on the rise and fall of guilds while we chopped trees together. After a while, he left to see a friend. After I was done collecting logs, I returned to the bank but it was empty.

    All alone, I decided to go hunting in the forest in the hopes of finding a bracken to fight and hopefully increase my resistance to magical attacks (hopelessly weak for a wizard). Although I didn't find any bracken, I encountered the common lerillin beasts: ants and harpies, with the occasional rust beast and hell hound. I travelled down south past two guild halls (circle of friends and equitas someting-or-other), and wondered if my guild would ever construct anything so grand with guards under its command. I travelled all the way down to Brigobean and wondered if it would be better to just give the my holy dagger to the forgetful monk living there but then thought better of it (he would just lose it again anyway).

    Also, I encountered a blink hound around the equitas guild hall. Practically immune to magic, I thought I would finally kill this troublesome beast on my own with my new bow but alas I am a poor shot and the hound seemed to heal itself as quickly as I could damage it. Soon I grew impatient, and let the guards kill the hound. Someday, I'll kill one of those on my own, but not today...

    One the way back to town, I found a giant snail and successfully tamed it which made me very happy. It then turned on me when I encountered a gooey (which I ran away from) but I managed to find another one (or maybe the same one) to tame. I named the snail Jabba and brought it back to town. With Jabba in the stables, my collection is almost complete! All I need now is a giant bat and I'll have all 5 of the strongest beasts tamable by wizards (not counting turtles which I can't keep in the stables)!

    So all in all, a modestly successful expedition!

  • Year 435 Waking moon day 81

    Dear diary,

    It has been quite an exciting day! I was mining for ferrite in the southern part of town when my axe broke. No problem, I thought. I would just buy a new one, but to my frustration, no shop i visited was selling any. I was expressing my frustration and disappointment to a fellow wizard at the bank when a rat came out of nowhere to attack me. Strangely, the rat came from the east rather than up north from the docks. We thought it a strange, but thought nothing of it, until we heard a scream from the inn. Confused, we went to investigate and found the entire building full of rats!!! I asked the inn keeper what was going but all he (she?) said was that they just came from nowhere. Me and my new wizard acquaintance slowly but surely started killing them with magic arrows. My new wizard friend brought his pet ant to the battle but it got trapped in the narrow corridor of the inn and died, which prompted him to leave to get a new ant, leaving me to kill the ants by myself. It was no problem as the ants dropped like flies and once I was done the inn keeper and I hypothesized the rats were attracted by the food in the inn (oatmeal cake was found in one of the rooms). It was kind of a sketchy theory though, as I would soon learn that the rats were all around town, infesting all the buildings!

    I met up with a different wizard (whose name escapes me) outside the inn who told me a similar event occurred at the potion shop. Indeed, we were being swarmed by rats from all sides! We found them at the blacksmith (who kindly gave us coal after we cleaned up there), the bakery (we got apple pie!), and the potion shop again (free healing potions!) and maybe more (my memory is failing me). The point is, the two of us killed a lot of rats! And it was nice to hear the appreciation from the towns folks for our hard work as well (although I suspect cleaning up after all those dead carcasses will be a lot more work than blasting magic arrows). So all in all, even though I get frustrated when the town won't sell me mining axes (or buy fire crystals or gray wizard hats) , I love this town and am happy to call it home (I do worry about my rat-killing spree angering some of the rats that chose to stay in the docks as two of them decided to come from the docks all the way to the bank to attack me)

    On another note, I have decided to change my wizard hat from grey to brown (mostly to get rid of some cloth and elemental dust I had lying around. Also, I've decided to remove the reaper from my robe (Oberin is the worse for it!!). I can tell that citizens do not approve of me wearing the emblem for fashion rather than for guild membership. I have kept the emblem though, on the off chance the guild revives itself. I also went on a short hunting trip to the forest but I would be being generous if I called it successful, as I was unable to kill any of the harpies that I crossed paths much less the bothersome gooey that kept following me. The hunt didn't last long, as I ran straight back to town as fast as I could when I saw a gaper from the corner of my eye.

  • I appreciate the updates on Lerilin. This is my home town, as well. It has been a long time since I have been back. I, like many have been seeking new adventures. I have found myself in the great city of Mirith. Had some amazing adventures, with great friends, and seen many new strange places. Lately, been feeling an urge to return to home. The recent Your stories, have solidified my decicion to return. I will be home soon, to offer my services. See you soon.

  • Year 435 Waking moon day 166

    Dear Diary,

    It has been quite a surreal day. I was at the bank, creating boards from logs and conversing with the druid Opamo when an old man drunkard-druid Hania showed up. As always, I was trying to get rid of my holy dagger so I asked if he would buy mine. He said he would but claimed ignorance one what a fair price was (I have no idea either), claiming senility from old age. In any case, he gave me a satisfactory amount, so I gave him the dagger. He then asked me and Opamo if we wanted to see something special. I was busy woodcrafting so I was reluctant but he insisted it would take no time so me and opamo agreed to let him show us what was so special. First we dropped by the stable where he recalled a Tusker. It was the first tie I saw one of these strange exotic beasts in the flesh and I was already impressed and though this might be what he wanted to show us, but then he bade us follow him outside of town.

    He led us to the ant cave and I became dubious as to how "quck" this show-and tell was going to be. He reassured me we would be in and out of the cave in no time. Sure enough, we made a mad dash from the entrance to the cave, up to the entrance of the rat cave. and out, barely pausing for breath lest we be overwhelmed by the beasts chasing us. From there we made our way south and east, to the volcano.

    This was his plan? To show us the volcano? Specifically, he wanted to show us the inside of the volcano. Maybe this man was drunk and senile after all. This sounded like a terrible idea that could only guarantee death. He reassured us that he had done this before and it was perfectly safe. As long as we used our invisibility potions, the monsters would ignore us and we could watch as an elite druid challenged the volcano beasts by himself. Since he guaranteed our safety, and promised us loot from the corpses, I figured, why not? I have to say, the fight was quite the spectacle. A careful dance of dispersing the beats with some strange druid powers to avoid getting swarmed and then hitting smaller, more vulnerable, groups with the tusker. It was quite impressive to see just two creatures take on dozens and dozens of hellish fire beasts (rust beasts, hell hounds, fire elementals, lava spiders, it seemed all red creatures in Oberin were gathered there). It certainly wasn't trivial though, and eventually Hania started to get overwhelmed by the crowd. When his tusker was at the brink of death, he told us to get out. I didn't waste any time doing so and it seemed everyone got out ok, except Opamo who was apparently badly wounded and also poisoned and died as soon as he got of the volcano. A quick trip to the equitas guild hall to recover a body for Opamo's spirit and we were back, this time with more success for Hania. I have to admit it was quite impressive and it was neat to see inside the volcano (probably the only time I will ever walk into such a notoriously dangerous place). Hania was definitely mistaken about it being quick though, or safe. And the promised loot was couldn't buy us one invisibility potion let alone the 10 or so we used to keep hidden. But in any case, it was a worthwhile venture. It seems strange that Lerillin is not favored by the strongest adventurers when the insides of the volcano are surely on of the most dangerous locations in Oberin.

    I should also note that passing through the rat cave to the ant cave (the route we took to go back to town) and is also very unsafe, especially if we are not bothering to fight them. We were easily swarmed by the rats and bats and ants and Opamo fell a second time. I was charged with guarding his body by myself in the middle of the cave as Opamo retrieved another new body with Hania. It was an extremely eery experience to just stand and weight and exist among the ants in their home, hoping that they wouldn't notice the lone intruder. In any case, when they came back, all was well, as we made through the cave more carefully.

    Back in town, I went back to my woodworking (that would have been finished had this adventure not occurred). There was a lot of hustle and bustle around the bank with more people than I had seen in a long long time. Before I knew it though, they were all gone, off to hunt sea serpents of some such.

    After I was done with the woodworking, I made conversation with Angelica and Osgar. Osgar, apparently, was a mighty druid long a go and only recently returned to Oberin was unfamiliar with charms. As I happened to have made an extra charm of swiftness I made from the loot from the volcano beasts, I offered mine to him since he didn't have one. I have to say, I must be one of the lowly Lerillin wizards who have entered the volcano and escaped unharmed AND given an elite adventurer a useful item he didn't own!! Not that he needed one or anything, as Osgar's pet of choice was the slow Tusker, just like Hania.

    I proposed a hunt at the ant cave (a place i've yet to explore fully) and off we went (minus Angelica who busy with her alchemy). I had always had trouble making it far in the ant cave by myself but with an elite druid and tusker, it was very straight forward. Even the queen ant, a creature I expected to be large and terrible, seemed rather pathetic as it was easily crushed the weight of a Tusker. After clearing the cave of most of the ants, we went on to the rat cave and where the tusker trampled the rats and swatted the bats. I did my small part, bolting ants and such whenever I wasn't too busy running away from them. At the rat cave, I was able to tame a bat and thus complete my collection of pets! So all in all, between the new bat, the massive loot of crystals, and a shiny ruby found on the queen (all of which I got to keep for myself!), this was a wildly successful expedition. My only regret is that neither of us had the lockpicking skill to open some of the chests we found in the cave, so some treasures were left unopened.

  • Year 435 Growing moon day 9

    Dear Diary,

    For once, I write about a not very eventful day. I started the day enchanting and the selling the stash of crystals I had collected from my expedition in the ant cave. After that I went to the blacksmith to create some ingots from ferrite I mined many days ago.

    After making some conversation with a master woodcrafter whose name I now forget, I decided to set off for Mirith. The rat infestation from several days ago left me with several rat tails that was only taking up space in my alloted bank storage space, and I knew Chucky form the Mirith sewers would gladly take them regardless of where the rats were from (He gets paid by the tail anyhow, right?). Last time I traveled in the direction of Mirith, Cerise and I were beaten back by a raving giant and sneaky gaper, but today I found few creatures giving me trouble. The most dangerous monster I saw today was a giant spider but I barely lifted my hands to cast a spell before it was dead by the hands of the guards of the Mirith Vanguard. Well, I guess that's not entirely true. I did see a sea serpent near the bridge connecting the lerilin and mirith continents. These creatures are truly dangerous. I tried bolting it twice from the safety of the shore yet it was hardly hurt at all! It must be bad omen that these kings of the sea have been roaming the narrow straights between Lerilin and Mirith recently.

    In any case, my journey from Lerilin to Mirith was very safe and uneventful. I plan to inquire about Chucky later on when I am settled in.

  • Year 435 Growing moon day 93

    Dear Diary,

    It has been quite a stressful day!! I had spent some time making maces at the smithy and selling them at the weapons shop, Spending so much time near the burning furnace of the smithy and running back and forth between smithy and weapons shop was quite an exercise, and I soon found myself taking off my stuffy robe and working only in my underwear. If the citizens of Mirith are anything like what they were when I left, they probably don't mind.

    Anyway, after tiring from blacksmithing, I proposed a hunt to the adventurers at the bank and the druid Leane agreed (it seems I am blessed or cursed to always be hunting with druids). So me, Leane and her lion Tom travelled eastward deep into the forest, deeper than I had ever travelled. We saw the typical forest monsters like harpies, spiders, ants, air elementals and blink hounds. We also ran into a pair of giants which were quite a challenge to fend off. I spent most of the fight running around, occasionally poisoning or paralyzing when I had the chance while Tom and Leane dealt damage. Next we encountered a small army of skeletons led by a bone mage. Having been killed by these terrifiend magical creatures, I ran the opposite direction as fast as I could. Luckily, Leane was able to chase the mage off by summoning air elementals, and the skeletons by themselves were no match for us. We also stumbled upon a small grove of two brackens, and used some genuine teamwork to defeat them with Leane and Tom luring their bolts while I cast burned them with magic. So far, the expedition was going splendidly. Unfortunately, after the excitement of defeating the brackens, I forgot to change back my from robe of resistance to my robe of protection. This would prove to be a fatal mistake, as we stumbled upon another pair of giants with a troll. In the heat of battle, I managed to get hit by the troll a couple times. I started to run to get an opportunity to change back to my Robe of protection and drink a healing potion, but the troll was quick and stubbornly ran after me. Fearing I would run into other monsters if I ran too far, I decided to make a stand and change clothes and drink a potion. Sadly, the troll was on me with his knife before I could drink and I was dead. Leane took care of the giants and troll and we set out to a nearby guild hall to get a new body. After retrieving all my stuff from my old body, we set out for Lerellin. Leane seemed to be in a cheery mood but I felt a little depressed for having let that troll catch up to me. I should have just ran! In any case, we split the loot and and bid farewell to Leane. I don't think I will be hunting in Mirith in the future.

    As I was storing my hunt loot into the bank I realized I was still carrying 50+ rat tails that I meant to give to Chucky! I had completely forgot, and now I was back in Lerellin! I suppose I could go back to Mirith, but that would mean traveling through that godforsaken forest again. Well, I won't make any decisions yet. For now, I will simply enjoy the peace and quiet of my hometown where I don't have to worry about being ambushed by giants and bone mages.

  • Year 435 Growing moon day 179

    Dear Diary,

    The talk of town in Lerillin has been some strange magical tower discovered near Andris as well as some new fairy creatures that have inhabited the forests of Oberin. While part of me wanted to explore the forest to see these creatures for myself, I also wanted to get rid of rat tails that were talking up space in storage. Thus, after making selling a few maces, I decided to make my way towards Mirith and brave the unfriendly forest. Unfortunately, I ran into a bone mage so I made a hasty retreat back to Lerillin. It seems the gods have decided I was meant to keep those tails for a bit longer. Since I was back in Lerillin I decided to look for these so called "pixies." Unfortunately, I didn't find anything except the usual forest monsters (plus a zombie, which I should have taken as a bad omen). All the running back and forth that entails hunting alone must have gotten to my body, because I suddenly, without warning, got cramps and was unable to move. It was just my luck, that this happened while I was running from a gooey. Drowning in that disgusting poisonous goo is the most unpleasant way I have died yet. Luckily, Gilante and Kalen from back in town helped me retrieve my stuff from my old body. But using up two bodies in the same moon! Argh! Diary, I believe the growing moon is cursed. I cannot wait till it wanes and a new light shines over Oberin at night.