• Since many of the members of the LV that I know left for other guilds, I am curious, who is besides me, still in the LV. And if anybody knows who is the guild leader, I would be thankful, if this people post a little comment about their status (active/inactive/temporarily away etc) here.

    The LV web-site is down AFAIK and nobody seems to care for the LV (personal opinion only)

    I know, that my operating hours are different to the usual US players, but it seems to me, that the LV is close to be dead, or am I mistaken here? Or can it be, that i simply miss the other players/chars by my differing online hours?

    It would be nice, if we could reactivate the LV in the future.


  • I havent been on obie much, but from what i know, your guild leader Anakajae will be a bit busy for the rest of this month and at least half of the following month.

    Blame Shogun :wink: :roll: :lol:

  • (first of all hahaha)
    (yes I am spamming this message across guild discussions and anything to do with LV)

    Greetings Fellow Vanguards:

    Beginning Monday and from then on every Monday and Wednesday the Lerilin Vanguard will be meeting at our Guild Hall for training sessions and patrolling. The hope is to revitalize our ranks and to fraternize with our guild brothers and sisters. We will also be discussing some of the expectations of LV members. If you are a member your presence is requested.

    I hope to see you there,


    ( August 12, 2013 and every Monday and Wednesday thereafter. 9pm PST/6pm EST -- if time is an issue we can discuss it via pm )