• Kyshak, Crom and Angelica, former members of the Lerilin Vanguard, found themselves together once again as they prepared for a hunt that would prove to be more than average. There trek took them into the northern wilds of Oberin in hopes of finding rare and special iteams when they were attacked by two Brigands. The trio became alert to the possibility of more Brigands in the area which lead them in the direction that the first two had come from. Sure enough, because of Kyshak's keen tracking skills, more Brigands were spotted along with two shelters that hosted a Bracken on each side. It was then that battle ensued. The first few Brigands tarrgeted Angelica for she was the foundation of the trio's strength. Kyshak loosed her arrows in quick sucsession and deadly aim. Heads, arms and legs flew in every direction as Crom's weapons hit true. The ground soon turned the colour of the red moon. As the Brigands continued to pour from there shelters they were joined by Giants, Air Elements, Harpies and the like as there retreat was blocked by a Forest Draco. Crom did his best in drawing the worst of the attacks on himself fearing for Angelica for the Brigands were relentless in there attacks on her. But she stood her ground casting her protective powers as the ranger and fighter did fierce battle. In the end the three prevailed and the shelters were soon destroyed. Twenty three Brigands in total was the final count. The loot proved to be that of scouts. But why so many of them? Are the Brigands planning something bigger? Time will tell.

  • Maybe not the same group but there seems also to be some sort of activity in the south.

    Juff had been made that silly decission to camp at the beach north east of Andris. When he got out of his tent he found two giants waiting for him. A bit disy and tired juff had to use raft and wake up. Anyway soon as he tried to out run and poison them down he had five Giants drooling behind him. (not knowing of how bad his liver tastes, i presume) After juff had almost bravelly run them all to death he noticed a shelter in the distance. Already weary the running continued. one after one brigands apeared, this time the brave running wasn't that effective and luckily some merry robed adventurers, such as Kulesi, Malachi, Mackenna, Selendia, Antoninus, Tais and maybe even others arrived (i was too busy running to greet them in the proper way) All the sudden the improviced formation of Robe soldiers took control of the situation and not many brigands were left to tell the stories of defeat to their grandchildren.

    Not many, no... But i fear that at least one made it. Feeling victorious with the two shelters and the brigands down, we did not pay much attention on the chest waiting for its looter. A brigand popped up and disappeared just like any rogue would do in a dragons lair. At that time i noticed that the chest was gone and i fear that the stealthy brigand took it from under our noses.

    This leaves us with some questions unanswered: Had those giants and brigands some arrangement? Pact, if you will? What made brigands camp so close to Andris? No way they could camp so close to city walls without being noticed. And what was in the chest? It must have been some thing of significance since one brigand were brave enough to sneak up among us and take it away.

    Anyway, i would recommend Vanguards and castle guard to be alert, the chest could have contained lobster pies, but why would a brigand risk it life to steal that back? Could be some bad stuff in there.

  • Brigands always have the best lobster pies, of that there can be no doubt. Indeed it's fact they are very proud of. Could they be guarding the secret recipe?

  • juff wishes he had known that fact and made a new fortune, new job. But then, would them brigands carry the recipe around near Andris walls?

  • A few days ago, Zagnog while minding his own business, and chatting to Fixx, Fuoco and Zico near the volcano a sizable band of brigands bothered them. After dispatching them and searching around they found no camp or anything. Perhaps they were a scouting party looking for a place to camp and crossed the water to the Andris area?

  • Antoninus and Sindri today (day 179 of Dancing Moon) came across 3 Brigands and their shelter right outside the walls of Andris, on the beach. Having despatched the Brigands and destroyed the shelter, we made a brief search for further camps but found nothing...

  • Again Brigands!

    Avynar, Rhovanion Rebel Fighter, awoke early near some trees at the north-western part of Lizard Island. As the first warm sun beams hit his face he was going to get ready for his wanderings on the Island. Suddenly he heard a noise...a Brigand was patrolling along the wild bushes. He was surprised about a Brigand on that island...but well as a fighter he is used to make quick decisions. So he got his shield and weapon in his hands and jumped out of his tiny camp and attacked him!


    Suddenly there were more calls from other humans....weapon noises were to hear...two other Brigands appeared and Avynar was a bit swearing about his own impulsive thoughtless action.
    After a short hard fight they fell to the ground and Avynar explored the area for more of these.
    He found a shelter and no other the shelter was fast burnt down.


    Avynar got with thoughts his way back to Mirith...he was already so many times on this Island and never met any Brigands here. What can that mean? It was only a small group - his brother Flingee told him earlier on a campfire about other bigger groups who attacked cities or were just closer to cities. But here?....strange...he must tell it his brother in Mirith.

  • More brigands!

    It had started as a normal hunt. The combined force of Kookai, Mizzee, Morrigana and Sirnaith were patrolling to the North West of Andris, seeking out giants. Soon though, they discovered tracks on the beach, leading to the North West. The decision was quickly made to follow the tracks and see where they might lead. In doing so, the group of 4 met up with Tougarashi and Len Ben Mikal. The tracks led to a shelter, some way from the walls of Andris. the area was teeming with Brigands! A quick count put there number at close to 20. Despite this numerical advantage they were no match for the groups fighting prowess and they were soon dispatched and their shelter destroyed.

    It was another worrying sign of brigand activity, once more close to a major city.

  • so the shelter was fast burnt down.


    I wonder if there was any lobster related recipies in the loot.

  • (You know Avy wink He loves he took care only about the lobster pies and used the papers with some Brigands cook recipe hieroglyphs to burn the hut ... hehehe wink )