• In order to apply mini patches more easily, Oberin now comes with a built-in auto updater that warns you whenever an update is ready, and then downloads and install it for you.

    The updater will work on both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. Here is a mini-guide to help anyone having troubles with updating their version of Oberin.

    1- How will the auto updater warn me when an update is ready?
    2- Updating on Mac OS X.
    3- Updating on Mac OS 9.
    4- Auto Updater Error Messages.
    5- I just updated on OS 9 and my client is now a text file!
    6- I am using Mac OS 8.6 and the auto updater doesn't work at all.
    7- I tried everything but still can't get the auto updater to work.

  • 1-How will the auto updater warn me when an update is ready?

    The Auto Updater checks every time you connect to Oberin if a mandatory client update is ready. If that is the case, an alert dialog will pop up:


    Simply click on the "OK" button and the auto updater will handle the rest. If you click on "Cancel", Oberin will quit, and you can apply the update later if you want.

    Alternatively, you can always find an up-to-date version of the client in the Downloads page. The auto-update process can be skipped in favor of downloading a new full fresh client.

  • 2- Updating on Mac OS X

    As the update process is initiated a new window will appear:


    The window contains a list of which files need to be updated. The auto updater will download the files one by one, and install them on your computer. Once all files are downloaded and installed, a new message should appear:


    If you see this image, you should now be able to log in and play. You will notice your Oberin Folder has a version of your outdated client called "OldOberin". This file will be auto-deleted next time you launch Oberin.

  • 3- Updating on Mac OS 9

    Updating on Mac OS 9 requires, sadly, a litte bit of manual work.

    Just like Mac OS X, the Auto Updater will download and install all the files. Once you get the message that the update is complete, your new Oberin client should appear as a Text File.


    Unless you installed an application that overrides your settings for Stuffit Expander, double clicking on the "Oberin" file should launch Stuffit Expander. If it doesn't, you will have manually open Stuffit Expander and ask it to expand your "Oberin" file.

    Depending on your stuffit settings, a new client will be expanded, called either "Oberin" or "Oberin.1". This client should will have the proper icon so you can recognize it.


    You can now delete your old "Oberin" text file (if it isn't already done by Stuffit), and rename "Oberin.1" to "Oberin" (again, if it isn't already done by Stuffit), launch your client and play!

  • 4- Auto Updater Error Messages

    Here are the possible errors that may occur when trying to auto update. The general steps to follow when trying to update again after an error are:

    1) Delete the "Updater Temp" folder inside your Oberin folder.
    2) Rename "OldOberin" to "Oberin".
    3) Try again.

    Here is a list of the Auto-Updater's possible messages:

    1. [
    2. :78f8e40201]The update server is busy right now. Please try again later.

      This will happen when either the official server or are down or overloaded. As the message suggests, you can simply try again later.

    3. :78f8e40201]Version not found. Aborting

      Your client sent wrong data to the server. Delete the "Updater Temp" folder that appeared in your client folder and try again. If the problem persists, you will have to manually download the new client.

    4. :78f8e40201]A file-system related error occured. Please Send your error log to @

      That happens when the auto updater was unable to write to your system. The two main reasons are that you are either updating straight from the DMG, which isn't possible, or that your "Oberin Client" folder is read-only.

      Move your Oberin folder to someplace you have writing rights on and try again. If that doesn't solve the problem, you will have to manually update your client. Do send me your error log if that is the case.

    5. :78f8e40201]File not found. Will have to redownload.

      This is an alternate message of what will happen if you are trying to update from a read-only folder, or if you tempered with the "Updater Temp" folder during the update process.

    6. :78f8e40201]An unknown error occurred. The application will now terminate. Please go to and update your client manually.

      This most likely happens when you are trying to update with a very outdated client. Heads over to the downloads page and download the new client.

    Remember, that whatever problem you have, you can always download an up-to-date full dmg from the downloads page.

  • 5- I just updated on OS 9 and my client is now a text file!

    The version of the client you downloaded was converted to a BinHex file to preserve the Resource Fork. Such files may look like Text Files to you, but they are actually expandable by Stuffit Expander.

    Stuffit Expander comes bundled with Mac OS 9. If you installed another application of the same kind, your settings may have been overwritten, and the Finder unable to find a file to open your client with. Simply manually open Stuffit Expander in that case, and ask it to expand your "Oberin" file.

  • 6- I am using Mac OS 8.6 and the auto updater doesn't work at all

    Support for Mac OS 8.6 was dropped a good while ago. You might still be able to use the auto updater and/or play, but we do not offer support for 8.6 anymore.

  • 7- I tried everything but still can't get the auto updater to work.

    Like everything else, the auto updater is in early beta version and may not work on all systems. Rest assured that the full client .dmg available in the Downloads page will always be up to date and contain the latest version of Oberin. The auto updating process is not mandatory.

    If you are getting unexplained errors, do send your Oberin Error Log to @ so that I can improve it for later versions.

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