• My name is Gimley, I am a ranger, set on a mission to avenge my father's death. My father, Arathorn, died when i was a young the age of 7, i was hunting with my Dad when we were ambushed by giants. He told me to run until i found a town, i didn't. I ran a little bit away from the battle, and several hours later went find my father dead. I was sad for a little bit, but then i realized my anger outweighed my lament. i took up my fathers bow and armor and left on a mission. You might ask what my mission is? It is death, death to all monsters. I grew up lonely.. my mother died when she was birthing me, and then my father died. I had no one, no one but nature. I ventured through the woods, killed monsters, and became one with nature. I now interact with others, my trade is tailoring. I live a simple life, but i can never forget my past. If you see me around sometime, we will hunt. and as each new moon phases, from Duldrus to Andris, death is on the wind!

    ~Gimley, Son of Arathorn