• Goodbye Ol'Sheepshaver!

    Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working on a way to play Oberin on a windows PC without having the hassle of the dodgy SheepShaver.  Anyone who has used SheepShaver knows exactly what I mean.

    This new method I have worked on, will allow you to run Mac OS X (10.6.8) on Windows 7 and up, in a way that feels native.  How so?  Well for starters, that annoying windows key will no longer be an issue.  I have worked out the kinks and any issue that the windows key would usually cause, has been rectified.  Thus!  Fully playable Oberin without any hassles!

    I have everything all setup in a neat little file, (Although, a large one.  It requires approx 15gb of space) all you have to do is follow the tutorial to go through everything, and boom, you will turn your windows computer into a Apple.  It feels native and it looks native too.  Infact, I think I prefer to be running VMWare on my windows computer constantly.  Means I can switch between two different workstations with ease!


    (x64) - Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1.
    4GB RAM or more.
    20GB + Storage Space

    Now What?

    Download the files here.
    (Please disable "Ad-Block" if you have it enabled.).

    Password: oberinplayer

    While you wait for your download to complete, look through the tutorial.



    Click here for the support thread.


    Tutorial on next Post


  • Windows:

    Mac OSX Snow Leopard (10.6.8) Emulation Guide.

    Follow the simple steps on this guide to get Oberin up and running on any decent windows computer.

    Unzip the file downloaded, and you will be presented with the following folders:

    Open "Windows Install"

    Open "A (VMWare Installation)"

    Run "VMware-workstation-full-10.0.4-2249910"

    You will now have to install VMWare.

    Click "Next" to begin.

    Everybody always reads the EULA, I mean, who doesn't enjoy reading legality things before installing a new program?...

    Do as you would..
    Select "I Accept" and click "Next"

    Next you want to select "Typical"
    Click "Next"

    Next is the install location, I generally just install it into the default location, but feel free to install where ever you please....

    Click "Next"

    De-select the "Check for product Updates" option.

    Click "Next"

    Again, make sure the option shown here is de-selected.
    Click "Next"

    This is all you to you. Pretty self-explanatory.

    Once you have your preferred options selected/deselected... you guessed it!

    Click "Next"

    Click "Continue"

    Installation should begin, and soon after finish.

    You will now be asked for a License Key.

    Don't worry, I have you covered.
    Head back to the downloaded files, and you will notice this puppy:

    Open "Serials" up in Notepad

    Take a pick from any of the keys in here... if one doesn't work, try another...

    Select a key, Right Click and "Copy"

    Head back to VMWare, and place the key into the text box.

    Click "Enter".

    VMWare will now open up, just go right ahead and Quit the program.
    VMWare does not usually support Mac OSX on windows, so next we need to fix that.

    Open the "B (Mac OSX Support)" Folder:

    Right Click on "windows" and select "Run as administrator"

    Command Prompt will open up, let it do its thing. It will automatically close once it has finished.

    (All this is doing is adding and editing VMWare files to allow Windows to host Mac OSX)

    Next task, disabling the "Windows Lock" short key!

    Basically what this does, when you try to open your text log in Oberin, it will log you out of your computer.... Bloody annoying I tell you. This will solve that issue.

    Open "C (Disable Lock ShortKey).

    Next, you want to open "DisableLockWorkstation"
    N.B – If you want to set it back to normal for any reason, just use "EnableLockWorkstation"

    You will be prompt with "Security Warning" – Click "Run"

    A popup box will now open, informing you that the Registry will be edited.
    Click "Yes" – The next window will let you know the action has been completed.

    Emulation Time!

    Launch VMWare, and select:

    "Open a Virtual Machine"

    A Windows Browser will open, find your way to the extracted file, and open:

    "OSX Disk Image"

    You will then see:

    "Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8)"

    Select this and click "Open".

    We are almost finished.... Just a few more things!

    Here you will see the default Memory and Processors selected. I will have these set to work on a universal basis. But, if your computer can't seem to handle the emulation with the settings I have pre-set, then try modifying the settings.

    Click on "Power on this virtual machine"

    Wow! Look! Mac OSX on Windows.... And its not SheepShaver!

    Next a few optimization processes to go through... This is to make the experience more enjoyable.

    Highlighted in Yellow, at the top, you will see "Enter full screen mode". Click on this.

    Boom, your screen should be from corner to corner, OS X. Next though, click the pin at the top (highlighted in yellow) This will hide the awful bar. If you need that bar back, just move the cursor to the top of the screen.


    Enjoy your new Oberin Experience on Windows!

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