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Rivvyre on 2 months ago
Patronus, scroll down to "view all posts", scroll down to Davon semris' post for link to make a Discord account. U din't need to DL all of Discord app, it will work thru browser. there r 2 Oberin servers thru Discord... Morgoth made 1 last winter... Ariki/Aethon made another couple months back, u will find all links needed on Ariki/Aethon's pinned to a channel for DLs
Patronus on 2 months ago
Trying to download the whole client - but the links are broken. frown any suggestions?
Rivvyre on 2 months ago
am looking for the thread for the map update by Seregil(?) can't find it ! Also J'adore/ Gren was at Mirith bank today...
mayb returning..
Fuoco on 2 months ago
You can read about the 'updated' Wraith in my article "A Very Interesting Saturday". posted in the General Forum.
Fuoco on 2 months ago
Just in case there are any doubts - Oberin runs normally now, the bug was fixed by Ariki. Wraiths now contain valuable loot and Ariki advises to experiment with various weapons as one may inflict more damage!
Rivvyre on 2 months ago
Leopoldus 'n Yendu worked into the Mirith Cem... it seems close to its normal nastiness for now. (Quinn was there experimenting)
Rivvyre on 2 months ago
not sure if it will last , but there are a lot of Zombies in Mirith Cem !!!
Yen 'n a bear hav taken 125 shirts... the back area is still full
...bring a bow, many hav arrows
Fuoco on 2 months ago
The bug affects players and their inventories, but not creatures or stuff you pick up from the ground, so I advise you. if you do play all the same, NOT to pick up bags, as these will disappear from the ground and when you log in again the items they contain shall not be in your inventory. Make a note of where you saw them and go find them again when the situation has gone back to normal
Hayate on 2 months ago
me too
Aerowyn on 2 months ago
Hi all strange things are afoot I have logged into obie and started at mirith bank, went hunting logged out in rock maze, and then relogged in to find self at bank as though time had gone backwards still had logs that I cut up earlier etc.., went back to maze and still saw bodies of giants I killed! so obviously time has not reset.... but skills and belongings and position had... happens every time I log in... back to the bank in original condition.. saw Fuoco online she experienced same issue on all characters..
Karad on 2 months ago
New server is great! Come try it out.
Rivvyre on 2 months ago
Gwyddeon on 2 months ago
Makes me smile, just saying smile
Fuoco on 2 months ago
Brilliant - as per usual, I acted on impulse smile
juff on 2 months ago
I did actually put it there also and got a response from ariki. Thank you smile
Fuoco on 2 months ago
Hi juff - will copy your request to Ariki on Discord smile
juff on 3 months ago
Any ideas how son could recover or renew his lost password?
Rivvyre on 3 months ago
Harvest Moon gathering...
Rivvyre on 3 months ago
nvm on 'Edit'... I found/used it for reply to Rolin's new post
Rivvyre on 3 months ago
totally bitchin' Ariki ! cheesey
not too important, but there is not 'n "edit post" option I could find
Fuoco on 3 months ago
Yes, thank you Ariki smile
Gwyddeon on 3 months ago
Well done Ariki smile
Ariki on 3 months ago
Forums are once again functioning
Fuoco on 3 months ago
Ok Riv - we shall make a point of checking any messages of yours here. Even Jinker has popped in on Discord smile Oberin is up again!
Rivvyre on 3 months ago
thanks for answering to my question Fuoco... I hav an account with Discord. they recently required my accepting ToS... I found it very invasive, so I hav no entry there
Fuoco on 3 months ago
Rivvyre - Obie is down but Ariki has been informed. Worth checking our chats on Discord - Davon has given the link.
davonsemris on 3 months ago
Informations, support, download links etc. at official Discord -
Rivvyre on 3 months ago
is Oberin down or is it just my very poor connection (2.4G wifi)?
davonsemris on 3 months ago
Hello, dino, page is a mess, please join us at Discord - ; game is indeed still up and running and you can play it with some tinkering.
dino on 3 months ago
Hi everybody. Maybe you remember Dino. Has there been an update on running the game on more recent games? I've been gone for years...
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