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Fuoco on 1 day ago
For the same reason as below, I will post instructions concerning the Silver Leaf shop on Facebook, Oberin Players of the World group.
Fuoco on 1 day ago
Currently impossible to post in Bugs Forum: this afternoon none of the hunt companions was allowed to drop items. Some of us logged as our alts elsewhere with random results - for instance, Fuoco could drop stuff in Andris but Fixx could not. We had to use dice rolls as we could not do the bag game.
Fuoco on 2 days ago
I have established that the bug with the Brown Bears is random - I killed a few today in different circumstances and none poofed.
Fuoco on 2 days ago
Thanks for the info Rivvyre!

@ Davon Semris: It only took me 9 years dear druid smile But, today the Brown Bear mystery happened again in Lerilin: I cast the second bolt as the bear was lifting himself on his hind legs to bite me, and it poofed!
Rivvyre on 2 days ago
try logging to Obie without IP... Ariki got it working again smile
davonsemris on 3 days ago
You have finally mastered the art of magic Fuoco...
Fuoco on 4 days ago
I have just witnessed one of the weirdest things ever (in Obie calendar Day 17 of the Waking Moon, midday): I killed a brown bear with two bolts and it just poofed in front of my eyes - did not fall on anything - there was just grass!
Rivvyre on 5 days ago
Ariki's working on the site 'n forums... as RL allows. there's a Discord server for Obie if u want to join... will run in Browser w/out App.
Yehoshua on 6 days ago
Any idea on when forums will be fixed?
Stryker on 1 week ago
Server Up!
Hayate on 1 week ago
Thank you.
Stryker on 1 week ago
Server Up!
Stryker on 1 week ago
Username: Stryker
Password: •••••••••
davonsemris on 1 week ago
** (previous one expires in 30 mins, my bad)
davonsemris on 1 week ago
@nanasian, hayate, mikomi -
Ariki on 1 week ago
Ok, apparently the forums are fully broken and you cant view old posts.... did not realize that.
Ariki on 1 week ago
Sorry, i am trying to sort the problem ><
nanasisan on 1 week ago
I am ready to die , plz Server back.
Stryker on 2 weeks ago
Server Down for everyone. ><
Hayate on 2 weeks ago
I can not log in ><
mikomi on 2 weeks ago
*jinker  XD
mikomi on 2 weeks ago
Happy birthday jenker!
I'm sorry it was a day late.
Fuoco on 2 weeks ago
Hello all! There is no access to Oberin right now.
Fuoco on 2 weeks ago
Happy Birthday Jinker!
Gwyddeon on 3 weeks ago
You the Man Ariki wink
Ariki on 3 weeks ago
Tis all brokeded. Atleast i managed to recover everything :S
Gwyddeon on 3 weeks ago
Foo, pretty soon you will end up with a Bouquet wink
Fuoco on 4 weeks ago
Found another Silver Leaf - see my latest post in general forum!
Fuoco on 1 month ago
I miss you too Ardi boy!

It would be great if Full Fighting Moon could be extended for a week, says the cheeky dreamer!
ArduisdeGispard on 1 month ago
OMG I seldom have time thee days and suddenly the trolls appear! Somebody get them the hammer! BTW is there a slight chance to get Obie running on the latest Mac OS without that whole emulation stuff? My wallet is dry as the Sahara, so no way to get a legal copy of VM ware. I miss you folks a lot smile