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The Ballad of Ranger Jonathan (II) by Alyssea on 05 Mar 2008 : 12:28
A Ballad for my good friend.

Across oceans wide and blue,

Through forests thick,

The old ranger Jonathan,

Is on a mission epic.

The kingdom now depends on him,

To deliver an important message,

For if not, and he should fail,

Be not for lack of courage.

Across the land, both day and night,

He charged upon his horse.

Anxious to get his message through,

And nothing could change his course.

As he entered a vale,

His steed stopped still,

Listening to a sound,

Moving in for the kill,

As the arrows flew past,

The opposing force grew,

The brigands were getting closer,

The chase was anew.

His hands gripped the reins,

While fear struck his heart,

The sword plunged deep,

And his skin was sliced apart.

He was now injured,

And with to much for one man,

He escaped into the night,

And kept to his plan.

He flew through the stables,

Slipping from his steed,

He ran towards the castle,

To finish his deed,

The King looked down on him,

And took the paper from his hand,

he read the note, then announced,

Ranger Jonathan, you have saved the land.

The king stood back,

As his family arrived,

And In the arms of his wife,

He peacefully died.

Prisoner Set Loose 2 by chillgreen on 05 Mar 2008 : 00:10
Page 3 and 4. this is a continued story so enjoy

PS. Theo is a blind man tongue



Prisoner Set Loose by chillgreen on 29 Feb 2008 : 10:53
I've been doing alot of character casting,

and now i'm glad to say i've done with that.

about this comic... it's nothing to do with the game

but the game inspire me.

anyways i work on this thing alone and my English

isn't that great hope ya guys will enjoy it as much

as i enjoy drawing it ( ofcause the story didn't end here )Photobucket

The Unholy by Radu on 28 Feb 2008 : 21:35
My wife uses me sometimes as a model. I don't think it looks like me.
Not trying to sell anything here. But check her work out at

The Unholy (leaving

Uninvited by chillgreen on 27 Feb 2008 : 07:25
When a stranger appear at the bank.

The blood dripping from his sword

and the bleeding moon, Make you feel

uneasy to be there. Finally gently smile

and said, " Die "Photobucket
Hunting with Flingee by chillgreen on 26 Jan 2008 : 18:42
just a funny skit hehehePhotobucket
Ranger in the Woods by chillgreen on 25 Jan 2008 : 01:07

For some reason i think ranger look good with Katana

Under the Stars by Getafixx on 11 Jan 2008 : 18:27
Camping out on Lizard Island

I did some photoshop touch-up on this image.

Oberin Christmas by Alyssea on 23 Dec 2007 : 11:08
Mess around with some game creatures and images:

RTQ: Ice Sorcerer by chillgreen on 17 Dec 2007 : 06:49
tho i didn't play obe that much anymore

but i'll still draw obe stuff heheheheheh

So here's ICe Sorcerer

i picture her with a blue skin and grayish out fix


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