Player Art

Town by chillgreen on 20 Apr 2008 : 23:23
a sketches of town/cave/wood/whatever i think it would

look like in the game ( the bottom sketch is just for fun )

Assassin by chillgreen on 15 Apr 2008 : 07:22
Been a while.....

weather is killing me gahhhhhhhhhh

Mad Zombie by baka on 09 Apr 2008 : 22:45
Alright then, back to work =p

What a shame... by baka on 08 Apr 2008 : 22:02
And here we go again...

Now the noo.. ehem. Demo is in the forest.

Resilient guy ain't he.

Enjoy =D
How to kill a gaper by baka on 06 Apr 2008 : 10:51
Pardon the fancy looking bank and some weird artworks you may notice =p

Oh, if it loads longer it's cuz this one is 5x the size of the bracken story....

This is gonna take some time to read XD

A bracken story...(kinda) by baka on 25 Mar 2008 : 09:00
Another photoshop now with imageready to animate wink
Bandaging by Fuoco on 24 Mar 2008 : 21:05
Beginners' Mishaps

Yum *warning: not for weak stomach* Yum by baka on 23 Mar 2008 : 04:24
Quick Photoshop. Don't expect much, but do look at it for a long time and maybe salivate a bit =p
Prisoner Set Loose 3 by chillgreen on 12 Mar 2008 : 03:19
Thanks you for reading ( or stop by )


Theo is a blind man he relay his life on

other sense. For that he's nose seem to be

very sensitive to smell

Flingee Love drinking while hunting. Tho it doesn't make any different

He just enjoy alcohol while hunting , more fun



Three Dark Wizards... And a Demo by Satyricon on 11 Mar 2008 : 20:00
I played around some with an Oberin screenshot, and this is how it came out like.

Made it a bit blurry and bright on purpose, for that kinda cartoony look.

Three Wizards...