Player Art

Druid and Wizard by Fuoco on 03 Jun 2008 : 23:11
Two birthdays - one had some witnesses (by the way, thanks to all the friends who came to join us - Fang, Avendus, Captain Valerquez, Charonia, Cassandra, Adrienne and Jonathan II to mention a few - Gawr received some nice presents indeed), the other was quite of a different kind.....

It was Fixx's birthday as well as Gawr's, but the dear old druid was averse to the idea of a party, so we had an almost private celebration - we would dive after SS and try and ride one! Fuoco's twin was on hand with nice warm fires - the waters round Marali are rather chilly!

Afterwards, I followed my spiritual guide, Fixx, into the stable for a good night's rest - we used Cysgod and Annwyd as pillows (I can see Cassandra and Charonia grinning). Well, the next day Captain Boric look puzzled at the sight of me shaking hay off my robe, Charonia was shocked at the idea that I had spent the night with Fixx (Charonia - I did say 'sleep'!!!) but you see, I explained (in a whisper) to the Captain that the soldiers' dormitory is full of bugs and the do bite!!!

Fixx a Fire  /><br /><br /> 

<div class= Aunt Cave by Fuoco on 03 Jun 2008 : 23:10
Fuoco and Gawr venture into the semi-darkness in search of home made apple pies (hopefully!)

It's Gawr's auntie
The Treacherous Seas by Gawr on 28 May 2008 : 22:34
I fights with Sea Serpents I does.I vamped this one up with a little PS magic smile

The Poisoned Bottle II by Alyssea on 17 May 2008 : 16:31
Took the old one, cropped and painted.

This is my first digital painting. I hope I did OK.the poisoned bottle
The Bald by chillgreen on 14 May 2008 : 06:17
The only Bald guy in Oberin

I don't have to mention the name

you all know him Photobucket
Black Haired Fighter by chillgreen on 04 May 2008 : 08:39
Her jet black hair will whips your butt

better be good!

Frost Giant by draugr on 24 Apr 2008 : 03:18
Frost Giant [concept] renders Using Makeahuman software (free)

Lost Player Art - An Old Wallpaper by assassingao by JonathanII on 23 Apr 2008 : 16:23
Found this.

Prisoner Set Loose 4 by chillgreen on 23 Apr 2008 : 09:05
My house is still under

renovation and now they are

waxing the floor ( again )

think am getting high from the stuff


feel like puke



The Poisoned Bottle by Alyssea on 22 Apr 2008 : 12:58
An unfinished drawing of the potion shop. It needs leaves tongue