Player Art

Late by chillgreen on 09 Sep 2008 : 06:30
Don't be the last one to arrive at

the party, 'cause that really lame


To hell, We ride!
Druid by Hania on 29 Aug 2008 : 23:55
Picture of a druid and his pet wolves.Yes here is what a druid should look like wink

New Pet by chillgreen on 29 Aug 2008 : 00:59
When will we be riding a horse?


I just can't wait to ride a horse in oberin!!!!

Come on GM..... tongue

i was side track from working

Oberin - The Demo Room Overview by JonathanII on 24 Jul 2008 : 11:26
The Demo Room, that we all know and love.

I know there's a chunk missing from the wall but who cares! cheesey
Tales of Oberin by chillgreen on 23 Jul 2008 : 14:32
When a Rogue want to learn some spell


I was bored doing work so i decided
to draw something.
This is remake of Ceala i heard that she have change
her job ( class ) But Sephfarn would probably stay as rogue....
i hope...... ( ROGUE ROCK )

The Legend Of Zarco by Fuoco on 22 Jul 2008 : 22:09
The prince of the Oberin underground prepares to strike - Queen Aunt beware!

We Eat Rice! by chillgreen on 18 Jul 2008 : 10:44
Adora ( on the top )

Ceala ( with sword )

Theo ( cheap home made bow )

Kulesi ( the guy who have facial hair )

Sephfarn ( smoking )


Hot Summer by chillgreen on 11 Jul 2008 : 07:05
Summer in oberinPhotobucket

Young Rogue : Ahhhhh it's damn hot!!!!

can we stop for a while?

Fighter : No.

Young Rogue : Can i have some water?

Fighter : No.

Young Rogue : Come on it's hot out here!!!

Fighter : Who told you to wearing all black

Young Rogue : Why you! A'hm a rogue i have to

be in black ya know hide in the shadow

Fighter : Ummm... yeah you are a rouge

apparently a dumb one as well

it's summer and it's sunny

Young Rogue : GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

A few "second" later a cleric was summon since

the Young Rogue can't beat the Fighter

Awwww... poor rogue.........


Under the Magnifying glass by JonathanII on 02 Jul 2008 : 19:36

Jon sees his true self.

Like to thank Jinker for the Magnifying Glass. You are da man!
The Impudence....! by Fuoco on 08 Jun 2008 : 22:43
Cracking the whip on crime in our cities...

I was cooking trout which I had just patiently fished off the Marali jetty, when some unknown rascal came along and stole my robe and my hat - the impudence of it all! Well, admittedly I had fallen asleep in front of the fire, but even so.... grrrr!

Wait that I lay my hands on the culprit - the search is on!