Player Art

Hania Ravenheart (RL) by Hania on 12 Dec 2008 : 23:42
This a pic of me! smile I thought is was pretty snazzy. It's cool in B&W too.

New Daedra by Morgoth and Daedra by Daedra on 07 Dec 2008 : 04:00
New Daedra by Morgoth and Daedra

Lesser Demon by nanasisan on 03 Dec 2008 : 04:55
I made 3D nodel of Demon.

Jonathan Rabbit by Fuoco on 30 Nov 2008 : 10:53
Never mind pulling the rabbit out of the hat - look what came out of my pocket!!!!

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The Portraits of GYPSY by Hayate on 30 Oct 2008 : 20:09

Let's have a party together!

The Grim Reaper by chillgreen on 08 Oct 2008 : 09:08
Sorry for the rush on finish this painting

I wasn't going to paint it at all,

( i should be working not playing )

this is one of the NPC that i think it

would be fun to have him wondering around



Meeting with the grim...

- first you need to become a ghost ( yeah die )

- 2nd offering him a gift ( Rings or whatever PS. THe grim love shiny object)

- if he like it he will grant you some of his power

but in return he will put an expiration date on your soul

( like 30 days oberin time )

so when the time is over you die hahahahah ( lose 25 success )

- if he hate the gift you offer... he'll take your soul ( lose 50 success )

- if you don't want a deal try to talk your way out of it

Where can you find the Grim

- just wondering around as a ghost

- be warn sometime he just take your soul with out a deal

Dragon or SS? by Cyric on 02 Oct 2008 : 21:13
Sea Serpent, Forest Dragon or what it was original drawn for, Swamp dragon?

The Oracle by chillgreen on 25 Sep 2008 : 10:06

Meet the Oracle of Oberin

" TADA "




i wish Gm would creat the NPC

of the oracle..... it would be fun

just to see her talking evil stuff

not just that, She could give you

a hint of the next RTQ.

I'm sure not everyone check out the

RTQ news everyday . but am sure

eveyone play oberin everyday!
Shadow Knight by chillgreen on 23 Sep 2008 : 12:28
Finally i draw some think with full armor

( except the leg plate )

hmmmm now what's next



Short Story by chillgreen on 10 Sep 2008 : 22:46
Well, i've been post a few page of

comic that related to obe in this section

and i think it's time to just re post it with the

9th page. it's my great pleasure to

draw something for obe tho it's just

something for fun.

i enjoy the ( Free ) game and community

long live OberinPhotobucket









that's it for now

PS. the story is so mess up and

Caela butt seem to grow bigger

and bigger hahahahahahah