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Oberin... in HTML by ZardusFang on 02 Aug 2009 : 16:53
*sighs* I was bored today, being jobless gives lots of time to spend, So I decided to make images in HTML. Well one of them was our awesome Oberin Logo. Hope you enjoy it!


P.S. I have it also hosted some of the HTML Images on my site.

Oberin Logo

Sega Logo


Anime Fang Face
Lizard Man figure by Hayate on 16 Jun 2009 : 23:46
Not for sssssale

Clirseit by karpok on 14 Jun 2009 : 22:20
Finally came with a small outfit

Hanako by Hayate on 26 May 2009 : 12:52
The new member of the guild GYPSY.

Breigje Balloc by Sephsochill on 13 May 2009 : 03:32
I haven't play oberin for so long since

i upgraded my mac. Anyhow....

I did promise Balloc to draw her

So here we go

this is Breigje Balloc

( yeah i know she's sexy )

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A Lich.... by draugr on 26 Mar 2009 : 14:30
A Lich, or Marthonis, or even Neth.

*shrugs* (( Yup thats me! under all that photoshop work )) ^^
Morgoth by draugr on 27 Feb 2009 : 21:21
Hmmm Wizards look better with staves cheesey
Daedra, New by Daedra on 16 Feb 2009 : 19:28
No more super flirty Daedra, she is going to be married anyways.Daedra dress
Ka-Boom by chillgreen on 12 Jan 2009 : 08:10
Traps..... don't we just love them...

Only if we got more option to it.

Bear Traps, Poison Traps, Explosive Traps.


After a busy year come another busy year

Life will be more fun if we just Hunt and Eat

( day dreaming )

I have this comic sketch for a long time and i

never got a chance to finish it. and this isn't finish yet

hahahaha , Hope you guys enjoy it
Vulin - Gem of the Peace Givers ;) by warmanator on 30 Dec 2008 : 10:14
I have been working on a signature for myself, i thought it was pretty nifty

If this has impressed you beyond belief, check out the actual guild that is attached to it. If not, go see it anyway. Hey! maybe it you like it you can join!You can sign up at the forum www.oberinpeacegivers.freeforums.orgMe and Jastherin hopefully will go for a publicity drive to your town soon!