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Once In A Blue Moon... by Gorden on 06 Jan 2012 : 04:57
Something from my old Oberin works I wanted to touch up and post before retiring from Oberin. It's been many long and fun years with everyone, and I hope there will be many more.

Signing off,


Card game !? by Hayate on 15 May 2011 : 01:12
Self portrait by Fierathewitch on 07 Mar 2011 : 06:17
Self portrait of me, Fiera, that I was asked to share

All eyes on you... by Mliza on 23 Feb 2011 : 04:29
Death to eyeballs!!Photobucket
Ant Cave Map by Ames on 14 Jan 2011 : 01:41
A long day in the cave mapping ant covered walls has finally paid off! smile

Fuoco searches for crystals by Fuoco on 13 Jul 2010 : 06:40
In the magical world of the ice crystals

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Oberin Lich by Nystal on 22 Jun 2010 : 05:31
Feel my power!Lich
Charnath and Cherubs by Fuoco on 24 Dec 2009 : 23:28
I created this after a conversation with Charnath at Welif Docks, during which we touched on the subject of Lucifer, fallen angels and cherubs

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First Kill by chillgreen on 27 Aug 2009 : 03:29
Been a while since i've draw / paint anything..

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This painting was done in photoshop all the way. ( sort of experiencing )

It's not finish yet but i've so little free time to finish all the detail hahaha

PS. I know i promise someone to do an illustration of them

but i guess they will have to wait tongue

Oberin for life!!!! Yahhhhhhhh
Our great overlord by Alyssea on 26 Aug 2009 : 03:26
Just something I threw together in like 20 minutes. I don't like the outline of Jinker's head, its a bit tacky, but I can't be bothered fixing it.