Player Art

Gaper? by Gawr on 11 Jan 2014 : 12:55
Can the realm of fantasy crossover into our own dimension?Passing the company director's desk this morning, I couldn't help noticing that some brainstorming notes he had been making for an important meeting might be trying to reveal some quite sinister!

In Memory Of Lynlyss by Gorden on 13 Aug 2013 : 11:33
Wherever you are Lynlyss, I hope you are in a better place. And if my little piece of art does it any justice, I think you are.

To David and Lynlyss, and may their love for Oberin and for nature always be remembered.

Lynlyss by Sephsochill on 01 Aug 2013 : 01:53
Lynlyss you won't be forgotten.


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Aunt and niece by Fuoco on 24 Jul 2013 : 18:55
Modern days Rosina and Fuoco. My real life niece has agreed to put a face to naughty Rosina. Behind is a section of the Brigobaen library.Uploaded with
Luciella: Then and now by Luciella on 10 Apr 2013 : 03:09
Drawing and inking till late. I haven't submitted a player art before so now would be a good time before I forget ^^

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Fishing Under A Harvest Moon by Gorden on 30 Aug 2012 : 05:48
A mage and son, fishing underneath the Harvest moon.

Anyway, I eventually hope to do a moon series of wallpapers but that may take a while so we'll see.
The Loss of Major by Heike on 19 Jul 2012 : 10:15
During a fight with a bracken, I was unexpectedly knocked out. When I came to, I was alive but the bracken, 2 giant snakes who must have attacked while I was unconscious, and my brave pet Major, were not. He gave his life for mine. Major, I hope you're playing chess and eating lots of troll house cookies in the next life.

Neblin and Corgi Dolls by Corgi on 11 May 2012 : 23:26

I had trouble figuring out how to post player art...

I'm also nervous that I may be doing this wrong... AGAIN.

But these are crocheted dolls of Neblin and Corgi. smile

Pants! by Hayate on 29 Mar 2012 : 19:32
Cult of Wong

Chibi-Gaper by draugr on 02 Feb 2012 : 16:27
Cutest Gaper ever!Photobucket