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Black Magic: Tome II, the missing pages by Liaraen on 20 Nov 2010 : 04:59
Black Magic : Tome II - the missing pages as deciphered by Cecil.It is really strange to see how the two first tomes were written in our language, but everything ripped from the latter. I still can not figure out why it was written in reversed ancient language. The fact is, using the golden mirror my old grandfather gave me when I was a child (which his own Grandfather gave him, he said) and my knowledge in ancient languages, I could decipher it. The Ancient Language contains words that describe feelings much better than our, and I am afraid some part of it I could not translate so well.

"Mirtius, 6th, Yellow Moon

It is incredible how fast my researches are going. Black Magic is keeping me awake although I don't eat or sleep anymore. I have understood this Ancient language in less than a month, and am now fully ready to move on to the next step. I am a Black Artist, I will become a Black Artisan. I will create my own spell. Open new Gates now one ever opened before. All I need is to find that old Tome...

Tonight, I will become one with the Magic. I will destroy all my barriers. I will let Black Magic not only flow into me, but possess me. I will become Black Magic. I will become the world. I will be every single tree, every single rock, every single lifeforce. I will be the world. I will be better than GoD himself...

Mirtius, 7th, Yellow Moon

Hahahahaha! I did it! I know where that Tome is! I will send my minions to retrieve it. Soon I will be stronger than every Black Artist ever was! The worlds will be mine so easily it will not even be funny. I will have to create a spell that will keep me entertained for ages... I already thought about some things....

Jarius, 16th, Brown Moon

I have finished reading the Tome today. A bunch of peasants came to my camp trying to retrieve it, pathetic humans. They have no idea of the power I wield. I used Black Magic to break their legs, and now they are all standing on the ground. I wonder what will kill them first. Starvation? Rats? Heat?

Jarius, 18th, Brown Moon

How funny. I went to see the peasants today and noticed a wonderful thing. One of them had a gourd full of water, and took it out of his bag to ease his thirst. No sooner had him done that, another peasant crawled to him and actually killed him with his axe to steal some water! It was so amazingly fun to watch I think I decided what my spell will be...

Jarius, 25th, Brown Moon

Took me a while. Silly wisps. They keep disturbing me while I am thinking. The peasants are all dead. Most of them killed each others. I just love it. I am now ready to create my new Black Magic spell. Since I definitely am the Strongest Black Artisan of all the worlds, I decided my spell would wear my own name. I called it 'The Neth'. It will be a real plague. Once I cast it, everyone who ever used Black Magic once in their life will become a blood thirsty human being. A serial murderer. They will only live to kill other humans, to steal their possessions, to feast in their blood. Each world I will conquer will see its own inhabitants killing one another, and the poor little innocent people who never used Black Magic will see their friends and teachers killing one another, and killing them too. They will have to fight back too... Even without the Neth, they will have to kill their own friends... Ohh, my, I just love it. I just love myself.

Jarius, 27th, Brown Moon

I talked to Black Magic today. I know the reagents needed to create my spell. I will start gathering them.

Quiriat, 4th, Red Moon

Stupid book. I wonder why I am still writing on it. I lost an arm today. I don't care. The destruction of worlds can cost as little as an arm. I need three more reagents. I need three more reagents. I need three more reagents. I need three more reagents. I need three more reagents. I need three more reagents. I need three more reagents. I need three more reagents. I need her too. I do.

Agrabal, 15th, Blood Moon

"One more. Need one more. Must have it. Located in a chest in the center of this world. Got her too. Saw her. Killed her. The Neth is almost ready. The worlds are mine."

These were the last words from the old fool called Neth. The rest of the pages were written in our language by someone else, whose name I could not find anywhere.

"We did it. We defeated Neth. Without the help of that red robed old wizard, we would never have managed to do it. I was right to trust him. I am glad I did."

The old wizard sent Neth a vision, telling him to seek the last reagent in a dungeon we knew as empty. We put an old chest here, and the old wizard dropped a very special item in it. I could not say what it was, but I remember, when the old wizard took him out of his pouch, our village's leader, the old mage Salazer, stood in shock, his eyes started to cry, and he said "Curio...". Today, he can not remember he did it, but we were all here, and we saw it.

The red robed wizard then cast a Black Magic spell on the chest, and we all hid when Neth arrived. He was but a mere Lich. One of his arms already fell off from decomposition and the rest of his body looked like it could do the same at any moment. His whole skin was dark, just as if he walked through fire, and somehow survived from it.

Neth opened the chest, and the "Curio" started glowing a wonderful blue light, one that took all of us in a trance, unable to do anything but starring at it, while Neth was holding it in his own hands, babbling something in an incomprehensible language. Neth sat to the ground, or, should I say, Neth's body fell to the ground, and he put two other artifacts looking exactly the same next to the "Curio". The first one was all red, while the green light flowing from the third looked even more appeasing than the others. We were all smiling, kneeling at Neth. I can not remember what happened of the red robed wizard. He was probably already gone, knowing his task was over.

At that point, we all thought that wizard had betrayed us, but when Neth put the tree pieces of the artifact together, a moon crescent shaped blinking white light invaded the dungeon's room. We all became deaf, or maybe the light was just too astonishing for us to be able to ear anything. The ground underneath us disappeared. For a moment, how long I could not tell, we were all floating, watching the white light piercing through Neth's body, consuming the very last life force he had in him, trapping it in the chest the red robed wizard prepared sooner on.

When Neth and the light totally disappeared, only the strongest of us could stand on their feet. The chest was sealed, by a Magic I could never understand, and our village's leader talked, with a voice that was not his, but the red robed wizard's. He said, "The Neth is trapped inside the chest. Whoever will try to open it will die. Shall someone be powerful enough to break the seal, the Neth will wake up. Everyone who already used Black Magic will become the exact opposite of what they used to be. That is the only thing Neth was able to do before he was trapped. Protect this chest, it is worth more than a thousand of your lives.". I fully intend to follow that advice. Even with that light consuming him, Neth was able to create a spell. Not exactly what he wanted to create, but powerful enough to destroy this world. The chest cannot be destroyed, and I don't think it ever will, but as long as I live, as long as my childs live, as long as the childs of my childs live, it will stay closed."

Obviously, the last of this pages was written years after the event.

"So far from swearing with my own life. Gidon opened the chest, he unleashed the Neth. The predicted disaster happened. Everything happened just as that red robed wizard told us. Everyone got struck by the Neth. I myself... When I woke up and saw what I did... My own sister... My own mother... The King and Steward of Mirith killed Gidon and managed to close the chest again. The Neth is sleeping once more now... Until when... I am fed up with this. I can not look at myself anymore. I killed my family.... I will have no children. The chest will be forgotten, for the sake of humanity. I do not want to be there when it is opened again. I am just going to let myself die, just like Neth let the "peasants" dying. I will just sit here, and die.

I am sorry..."

The time-stamps used by Neth in the notes is definitely not Ancient Language. I really have no idea what is it about. I think it is something Neth probably made up, seeing how insane he was at the end of the pages, it would not surprise me. It was a terrifying book, and I am really glad I am done with it.

I had never heard of the Neth before, I can not put myself to believe this actually happened. I have no idea if the chest still exists, if it ever existed to begin with, and if it does, whereabouts could it be, but I think I would just kill myself if I did...

Black Magic: Tome II by Liaraen on 20 Nov 2010 : 04:59
Black Magic - Tome II : The side-effects - by Neth, Black Magician.It took me some time to finally start writing this second Tome, but I am glad I did. Over the few months that passed since I finished writing the first one, I saw more and more consumed roaming the lands, old fools who thought they could be stronger than what created the world itself.

Now is the perfect for me to write a Tome about the side-effects of manipulating Black Magic, this vicious art. As previously mentioned, opening your own Gate and letting Black Magic flow into it is not without consequences. This Magic will taint your own soul, darkening your body, pushing it to the very last states of decomposition, and, eventually, kill you...

As mentioned before, the first signs of an overuse of Black Magic is dark spots appearing on the Artist's hands. The spots will grow bigger with time, and there is no way to get rid of them. I wrote the first Tome with many little spots covering my right hand. At that time, I thought it was funny, a sign of power. I was dreaming of the day when I would wake up with black hands and could tell my master "Master! Look! I am powerful now!". When this day arrived, my Master showed me how much of a fool I was...

What one has to understand is that the use of this powerful magic corrupts your perception. There is no feeling greater than this sensation of superiority that takes over your mind when you let Black Magic flow inside your body, that feeling you could dominate the whole world just by letting a little bit more of it inside you, just a little bit... Shall one fail to resist, their Death is guaranteed.

The dark spots, of course, are only the beginning. As time goes by this Darkness invades all your body, slowly making its way to your heart, your mind, your soul. When this happens, you are no longer a Black Magician. You are no longer an Artist. You belong to Black Magic. Your body starts decaying just as if it was dead, and the darkest thoughts invade your soul. Some beings are more resistant than others, but they all fail, eventually. They all do.

As your body slowly turns into one of a Lich, your corrupted soul loses all its power. I saw dead Black Magicians wandering inside a temple, crying to themselves why, oh why were they still dead, slowly realizing it was way too late for their soul, slowly realizing they already belonged to that power they once tried to manipulate.

The end of the Tome is written with a much more insecure writing. It is obvious it was made with a shaking, trembling hand.

Today, my Master has fallen. He became a consumed and attacked me. He said he needed my body to survive, he said he found a way to transfer his soul into it. He told me that if I loved my master I should give him my body. What a fool.

When one of my lightning bolts torn his robe apart, I could see with my own eyes what too much Black Magic brings. The ultimate Darkness. Dark rays coming out of his chest, spreading thought his whole body like veins, reaching his black hands, which he could barely move. With every lightning bolt a bit of his own hand's skin would fall to the ground, his guttural voice claiming the whole word would be his. The whole worlds.

I hope one day this Tome will make it into a great Library. The world has to know. This Magic has to be forbidden. It has to be forgotten.

Here the writing becomes even more uncertain, barely readable.

Actually, I hope it doesn't. I was a fool when I wrote this Tome. I should even burn it. Black Magic is so... Powerful. It can bring so much... There is nothing that cannot be done with it. One just has to know how to resist. Darkness? I don't care. Those black veins look much better on my chest than on everyone else's. I, unlike my master, learnt how to resist. I learnt how to use this energy. It is mine, I can do whatever I want. I will take on the worlds as I see fit, and no one will be able to stop me. NO ONE.

*The last page was ripped off*
Black Magic: Tome I by Liaraen on 20 Nov 2010 : 04:58
Black Magic, Tome I : The basis - By Neth, wizard. Any decent book would start by describing the origins of the subject it is trying to deal with. As far as black magic is concerned, it is impossible for me to do such thing. This art - as I would never call it magic, but art - is older than any Dragon or Mountain. Some say it came with the world, some say the world itself needed black magic for its creation.

As for the name, "Black Magic," as I said before I do not consider it as magic, much more as an art. It does require one to incant and utter magic words, but, like any other form of magic we know, it does not use any reagent or spell energy of any sort. The "magic" as we know it is a gift, a trainable gift. As you develop your body, you will be able to generate more energy, and to transform it into the magic you want to cast. Black Magic is very different. Unlike the magics we know, it does not require the "caster" to produce any energy.

You will be surprised to learn that Black Magic, in its most pure form, is everywhere. Every tree, every building, every single human being is constantly surrounded by that energy. Every breath that you take contains some of it. In this form, however, it is totally harmless and unable to affect us in any way. Only those who are skilled in the Art of manipulating this energy can actually create anything.

How do these people manipulate this energy? Is this an Art we can actually learn, or is it just a gift from above? Wise is the one who could answer this question. I myself am able to manipulate a bit of this energy, but I will tell you about this later.

The main purpose of manipulating this energy is to open gates. The first is the gate to your own body. Before being able to do anything with Black Magic, you must let it flow inside your body, fill it entirely, take over all your senses, and try to control you. In fact, the more Black Magic you let inside you, the more easily you can fall under its control. If that ever happens, it will only take a few seconds for Black Magic to consume any form of life inside you, leaving a babbling emotionless shell of a man where you once stood. I have heard of some of these "consumed" individuals roaming the lands, killing and pillaging those who were once their own families, before falling to the ground and dying, their hearts totally consumed by the energy they once tried to manipulate...

It is also said that once your body was touched by this energy, never again will it be the same. The most obvious change would be dark spots appearing all over the magician's hands. The more Black magic is used, the bigger those spots get, to the point of covering the whole hands, and then starting to spread to the arms. I have never heard of anyone using Black Magic so much that those spots started covering their torso or heart, but I can only imagine what would happen if that was the case. Again, I will tell more about all the side effects later.

As I said before, the main purpose of manipulating Black Magic is to open gates. It is mainly used to open a gate between two beings, and to allow instant transportation from one to another, without even requiring both of them to be able to manipulate it. I have tried to gather and understand the magic words, from my personal experience and witnesses, and here is what I have so far:

* Mora * : The main word. It is used to open the Gate of your own body and to let Black Magic flow inside it. All Black Magic "'spells" begin with this incantation. Depending on the power of the spell one is trying to cast, they may need to utter this word more than once, in order to allow more energy to flow into their body.

* Olsa * : The localization word. It is used to locate (and open) someone else's Gate. Doing so, however, does not give the caster any information about this person's current state or whereabouts. There is no way to know anything about someone just by opening their Gate. Also, one will not be able to open a gate with someone he never met before.

* Preldian * : The transportation word. Once a gate is opened between two beings, this word will allow instant transportation between them. It is up to the caster to decide which of the two will come to the other.

Those three first words pronounced together form the most basic and easy to use Black Magic spell : * Mora Olsa Preldian *

* Elarum * : The conjuration word. This word will open a very special Gate, not bound to any being or place, but out of space and time. It is very hard to describe the purpose of such a Gate, as there are no common words to describe the place it opens to. This is a preparation spell, as it will give the magician the place and energy to create something from nothing, before bringing it into our world.

* Erarum * : This word is very similar to the conjuration word, but it serves the opposite purpose. The Gate this word will open leads to absolutely nothing, and anything crossing it will instantly vanish into eternity... Using the words Elarum and Erarum in the same spell, as pointless as it may seem, is actually quite often used, as it can allow the magician to be granted more Black Magic energy. Elarum will open a Gate and create this energy, which will flow through the magician's body, who will then use it as he sees fit. However, since the magician has to be very careful the energy does not take control over his body, he will also open a Gate to nothing, where the unused energy will vanish. The sentence * Elarum Mora Erarum * typically gives the magician a temporary huge energy boost, which he can use to then cast a major "spell".

* N'eshra * : The summoning word. This word will be used to create enough lifeforce to inhabit a "lesser" body. By lesser body I am talking about what we humans usually refer to as Monsters. Fortunately, the amount of lifeforce needed to create a human is far too great for any known magician to handle. Some have tried, no one actually survived.

* Alt'er * : The alteration word. This word is surprisingly close to our common word "alter", and it serves the whole purpose. After opening a Gate to another human being, this word is used to alter some of its functions. A weak magician could prevent someone from talking or moving, while a powerful one could literally take control of someone else...

* Phesta'h * : This word is the last one I could define in my years of research, and I am not quite sure about its function. All that I know is that this word was used in two events that looked quite similar to me.

The first one was during a battle. A human leader decided it was time to teach a tribe of lizardmen a lesson, and sent a ranger to scout the camp. As soon as the ranger left, the leader went his room and asked not to be disturbed whatever the reason might be. It is said that a curious servant listened to the door and heard the human leader casting the * Mora Olsa Phesta'h * spell. A few hours after the Ranger left, the leader came out of his room and claimed it was time for them to attack. Surprinsingly, this day, not a single human fell into the many traps the lizards set...

When I was only an apprentince, my master woke me up one morning and told me that a thief managed to steal one of his parchments while he was asleep, and that he saw him running into the mountains. I was still very sleepy and could hardly follow my hasty master, but after casting the very same spell, he was able to tell exactly where the thief was hiding. I will not make any conclusion about what this word could be used for.

Here ends the first tome of my Black Magic encyclopedia. After reading this, you should be able to apprehend and maybe even understand what took my master and myself years and years to figure out, and what will be on the other tomes I will write after this one.
Historical Mythology: The New Order by Liaraen on 20 Nov 2010 : 04:44
Historical Mythology: The New Order

An excerpt from an essay written by Cecil, head Cleric of Brigobaen. The next section of The Shurilizuk is truly another amazing turn of prose. The previous Tomes used a kind of poetry, whereas this next selection uses an almost story-like format. Let''s take a look, shall we?I. And Elara''s triumph over the Black was total, and the people rejoiced, and there was much praise and glory given to all around. And Elara smiled and wept, and the people smiled and wept. (...) followed by a great feast, loaves of bread and steaks of fish and sheep were shared, and the people cheered, the bounty of the World was plentiful.

II. The people needed a place to settle. And GoD said unto Elara, "Settle in the fertile plains here, may your progeny spread through the World again." And Elara, following the divine shining beam lead her people to the plains. There, in a valley between the mountains and a bountiful river, a settlement would be created.

III. Her people said unto Elara, "We wish for you to lead us, Wise Elara." Elara wept, for her people had suffered long, and she wished their suffering to end and a golden age to begin. Elara declared to her people, "I will do what you ask. Who among you will learn at my feet and aid in my duty? For to lead Man is a job that I am capable, but disciples I will need for my time is short."

IV. Her people could not believe that Elara was not long for this world. Elara was there before even the eldest of Man living now, there was none before her. Elara was timeless and eternal. Elara spoke to the masses gathered before her, "All shall shuffle off this mortal coil, as is the Will of GoD."

V. Gathered to Elara were the Disciples of Elara, 7 youth, skilled in the martial and magic arts. These would be the students to Elara''s mastery, the Disciples would learn at the feet of Elara the Brave. The Disciples would aid in administering the will of Elara, maintaining the Balance that Man had once Sundered.

From The Shurilizuk, Tome of Elara, Sections 1 through 5

The 7 Disciples, lead by Elara, headed a kind of "central government" of Man in Oberin. The place that is described in Section II has been debated by many historians and theologians over the years - but it seems obvious to this cleric that they are talking about Mirith. The Tome of Elara does not make too much out of the timeline of foundings, but it is something that the Mirith Royalty take very seriously. In the next sections, we will learn more about what appears to be a relatively calm period of Oberin history.

IX. And the city of Mirith was founded by Elara, a city of fame and glory, steadfast and prosperous, home of traditions and the birth of culture. And the city of Andris was founded by Nystral, the First Disciple, a city based on logic and reason, gleaming marble and scholarly debates, and the fount of knowledge.

X. The city of Lerilin, founded by (...) Disciple, seaside looking on the glory of the oceans of GoD, rippling waves and sunsets, the city of peace and serenity, and foremost neutrality. And Marali was founded last, founded by Ybarra, the third Disciple, the fort of order and regiments, the last bastion of Man in the otherwise unfriendly environs of the Wilderness, the Rock.

XI. The Disciples 7 and Sage Elara led Man into their golden age, where peace reigned, learning prospered and freedom rang from every corner of the World. Elara held the demons back, and the 7 learned her secrets and obtained the trials of the haven in order to rule in her stead. The Age was marked by Balance, and GoD was pleased.

XII. And the people rejoiced, and they paid reverence to Elara and the 7, and to GoD in sum total, for the (opening of the Door?) and for Holy Forgiveness. Man prospered in the light of the Shining Elara and her 7, may Elara never perish from Oberin and her light never fade.

From The Shurilizuk, Tome of Elara, Sections 9-12

The Golden Age... the Tome of Elara goes on for several more sections talking about it, but doesn''t really give any insight into why it was given such an impressive title. More likely, the beginning of Man''s reintroduction into Oberin was marked by strife and hardship. I believe the Tome of Elara was rewritten some time after this time period for whatever reason, most likely because of the problems that appear quite soon afterward.
Historical Mythology: Emergence from Haven by Liaraen on 20 Nov 2010 : 04:43
"Emergence from Haven"; an excerpt from an essay written by Cecil, priest of Brigobaen.The next Tome of the Shurilizuk, called Hymns of Solitude, has a different feeling to it than the previous two. One gets the sense that it was written for a different audience, perhaps even for a different purpose altogether.

"Man waited in the caves of flame,

hoping that their penance would erase their shame.

Man was eager to shoulder the blame.

Hail God! May his glory never wane."

"God is glory, sent from on high,

may one day Man see the sky.

Man stirs in the cave to cry,

Hail God! Tears of joy for being alive."

"Many years pass, waiting in the cave.

Man cursing himself, the foolish knave.

Man learns joy for what He gave,

Hail God! May his Mercy the way pave."

From The Shurilizuk, Hymns of Solitude, Numbers 11, 12, and 17.

The hymns continue for many pages. The rhyme scheme is clumsy at best, and sometimes the language is somewhat confusing. In spite of all this, these hymns must have served a purpose for Man during his solitude. I believe they served to lift the spirits of the condemned and show God that his children wanted to relearn what had been forgotten.

I will skip the introduction of the next Tome, The Emergence, and get to its critical parts. The most critical part of The Emergence is the entrance of Elara, the first human named in The Shurilizuk (that we can tell).

"Among them was Elara;

mage of the stars,

wisest of all Man,

timeless Elara the mage."

"Eldest Elara, in all her years,

divined the purpose of God,

relearned the Balance of All,

and sought to return to the World."

"Humble Elara sought to show,

that Balance would be perserved."

"Wise Elara took from her daughter's arms

a newborn babe of her image,

sought the secrets of Haven,

to find the outlet to the Sky."

"Courageous Elara wandered the Haven,

allowing the light of God to fill

a new Window upon the World,

an old Door to swing upon the grasses again."

"Master Elara chanted the hymns

of joy and sorrow to God

songs of Balance and Mercy,

dutiful words to the God on high."

"The newborn wept, seeking the food of the World.

Mother Elara wept,

seeking the food of God."

"God saw the weeping,

and gnashing of teeth,

and the hunger for His food,

and for his Mercy and Love."

"God's light fell upon a dark space in Haven,

a new pathway seen yet unseen by Man,

cold yet warm, light yet dark, wet yet dry,

the outlet to the Sky."

"Lighted Elara emerged from Haven,

on top of the Fount of Flames,

breathing in the sweet smells

of freedom."

"God had forgiven Man."

From The Shurilizuk, Tome of Emergence, verses 21-32.

Pretty powerful stuff. It continues for several verses about the lands spread out in front of her,and so on. It gets more interesting many verses later, as we will see.

"Darkness fell around Elara,

pitch black nothingness,

drawing around her like a cloak,

a cloak of pitch-black nothing."

"Determined Elara cast her eyes about,

looking for light to alight her way,

she peered into the mouth of the Fount,

and saw the brightness catch flight."

"Ice-blue stone,

smooth as glass,

jutting out of the fiery heat,

whisps of ice-blue smoke."

"Astonished Elara heard a voice, a voice of Old."

" Here lies the Moon,

Moon cast down by Man,

dissolving away for eternity.

What has Man learned?

"Mage Elara raised her companion overhead,

proclaiming the Balance had been created again,

decrying the Sins of Man and glorifying God."

(several verses are missing)

"If I must sacrifice this child,

to prove my worth,

I will do it,

God is the World and the Balance is God.

"God was pleased. Man had learned."

From The Shurilizuk, Tome of Emergence, verses 41-46, 52-53.

The tome is mostly incomplete from here. We can piece together (mostly from later Tomes and associated texts) that Elara somehow dislodged the stone from the fiery Fount. She deduced that it had some kind of power that she could bend to her will. Her fellow Man did not believe her, so she used the stone to banish the "Black" (there''s that word again) into the bowels of the bones of the World. Man emerged from the Fount and settled anew.
Historical Mythology: Haven by Liaraen on 20 Nov 2010 : 04:43
Second Work.

An excerpt from "The Haven"; an essay written by Cecil of Brigobaen. "The Black pursued Man,

sending him speeding from the hospitable places

and driving him down,


into the belly of the World."

"Desparate Man,

desparate to live on,

desparate to see the green fields through the window,

desparate to walk through the (welcome) door,

deep in the cave,

sought Haven."

(several verses are missing here)

"Haven was not available to Man,

his transgressions too great.

Man, in his arrogance, created a haven

for himself in the bones of the World.

A flash of the last power, deep in the bones,

created a pocket haven for Man to exist,

exist away from the Black."

"In the creation of the Haven, Man angered GoD further,

truly not learning the lessons of balance.

In the unleashing of the last power, the very heavens shook,

the balance of the Sun fell,

crashed from overhead."

"A blast that could be heard for hours,

a blast that echoed through the haven of Man

and the bones of the World,

shook the window on the World

and fixed the door closed for (forever?)."

"Man would not know his transgression,

the erasure of the Sun balance,

Man forever sealed away from the sunlit World,

in an unknown vault of forgettable treasure,

Forever sealed in Haven."

(a few verses are missing here)

"Man existed in haven for the passage of many sunlit days,

kept alive by the warmth of the bones,

newly warmed by the unleashing of the last power,

kept alive by the last flicker of Black Power

Man only sought to exist."

"Man hoped that God would forgive,

restore the balance and the World

to its former glory, a glory

that Man erased

for his intolerance of natural order."

"God, it seems, would forgive..."

From "The Shurilizuk, Tome of Haven."

There are several puzzling terms used in the Tome of Haven.

1. Haven, when first written about, is capitalized. Was there a placeof safety in the world that was known to people? Those missing verses would be helpful to understand this odd convention.

2. The middle verses seem to indicate that Man was responsible for the creation of the Volcano as it is now. This incredible surge in Oberin's tectonics would have fundamentally changed the landscape (as you can see in the next Tome). How Man came to wield such power is unknown.

3. The balance of the Sun has been argued about for many years by historians and priests. There is much scholarly debate on this topic. I would argue that the balance of the Sun is actually the physical Moon. My reasoning for this will be apparent in the next essay; however, there are

other interpretations.

4. At some point, during the writing of this Tome, the capitalized D of GoD was dropped, and the name "God" is used. It is unclear as to why this naming convention changed. It may have been changed later, as revisions and edits were done.
Historical Mythology: The Unbalancing by Liaraen on 20 Nov 2010 : 04:42
First Work.

"Creation and the first Unbalancing"; an excerpt.

Written by Cecil, lead historian and clergyman at Brigobaen: "There was nothing in the beginning,

nothing but GoD.

A vast waste of nothingness,

an empty void,

devoid of all life and energy.

There was nothing but GoD."

"GoD peered out into the nothingness;

the window overlooking the field

of night.

Perpetual night.

Darkness and gloom, darkness and gloom."

"GoD saw the imbalance of nothing.

A door leading to nowhere,

a window viewing a blank slate,

the darkness pervading everything.

No life, no energy, no spark."

"GoD sought to correct the balance,

with a divine spark of thought,

He created the World,

the World of Oberin.

The window would overlook a field of green,

the door would open to the light of day.

Lightness and air, lightness and air."

"The World was created in an instant,

a flash of Thought.

Trees, rocks, water, air,

all appeared at once.

Thrown together.

A harmony, sung sweetly,

pervaded what was empty

and desolate,

empty and desolate."

From "The Shurilizuk, Tome of the Old. Verses one through five."

Notice a few elements from these opening lines:

1. The use of GoD, instead of God. The meaning of this convention is unknown; later the name

will change and new conventions will be used.

2. The use of illustrative metaphor; here, windows and doors are used. These are used often

in the Shurilizuk. Others are used later.

3. The theme of balance is of utmost importance.

Keep these in mind when reading the Shurilizuk.

From here, The Shurilizuk gets a bit spotty. The only copy we have of the ancient text has endured a lot of damage. Much of the Tome of the Old has been lost. With great difficulty, priests have attempted to translate what was left and fill in some of the gaps. Here are a few verses that need to be mentioned, in regard to the Unbalancing.

"... (Man) however,

sought dominance over (the balance),

Man was ignorant,

he sought to (empower?) himself over others,

destroy the balance."

"The house was in disarray,

the window looked over a sea of Black,

the door had been fixed (closed?),

the World was fading into a sea of Black,

sea of Black,

darkness would engulf us All."

"Man held a Black power,

dominance over the energy,

the energy that flowed through (...),

(Man wielded the power) for his own gain,

Man wielded the Black to dominate All."

"The Black unleashed,

washed over the World,

awakening our GoD,

who surveyed His World turning Black,

(His) window (was engulfed) in dark(ness?)."

"GoD understood what had occured,

allowing Man to reach (too high?),

to disturb the fragile balance,

to disturb the (shallow) harmony,

the Song of the World,

the harmony had to be (restored)."

"God punished Man,

allowed the Black to (flow over them and destroy them?),

forcing them to flee

into the bowels of (the World),

where they would remain.

Balance would be (restored) by the flow of Black,

(tenuous balance until Man learned)."

From "The Shurilizuk, the last 6 verses of the Tome of the Old."

Here, we see that Man, at some point in the distant past, attempted to disturb the balance ofthe World, the balance created by GoD. We think it had something to do with a "Black Power", which may have had to do with Black Magic (see the Tome on Black Magic written by Neth). Man was driven from the world by the Black, whatever physical manifestation it took, and were driven into hiding, where they must have stayed for many years.

So ends the creation and first Unbalancing of Oberin.