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Encounter with Phoenix - Servant of the Voice by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:03
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Encounter with Phoenix - Servant of the Voice

April 17, 2005

There was something about him that was different. Unusual even. His normally confident stride was more abrupt, with his steps landing heavily on the ground. Hands that were often concealed in the folds of his robe were instead wielding a bright fiery sword as if it were a trophy. "Master rewards us..." I"m grounded.

Phoenix, a servant to another? What madness is this? He stays a short while by the Poisoned Bottle before wandering off as suddenly as he came. My mind spins. Even after a moment of pause, I find great difficulty comprehending the implications of his words.

"Reejair, my friend. When we conversed earlier, you spoke the truth."

"Ah," he nods.

I feel slightly dizzy and suddenly very tired. If the days were not troubled enough... The door closes quietly behind me as I exit the shop. Faint sounds of battle come from a distance and I find myself staring off into the dense forest leading to the graveyard. I can only hope we have the strength to carry on. I try to clear my mind and focus on the task at hand. I have much work to do, and was falling behind in my tasks.

Removing my mining axe from my bag I begin.

* ping * * ping *

The clear ringing sound helps me relax and I momentarily forget my troubles.

Master needs the dagger.

Ah Startled, I drop the axe and quickly turn with my hands raised, reagents ready. His eyes are hard, and unfocused. It would please him very much. He had appeared so suddenly, so quietly. Having earlier requested a Holy Dagger, I had set it aside for him but things had changed since then. I had tremendous respect for my arcane brother, but he was asking something of me I simply could not do: aid his master. If the Voice was behind the recent activity at the graveyard I wanted no part in it.

"How about a yellow robe of protection as trade?"

Sweat runs down my back. His eyes are alive with energy as he takes a step closer. I feel a sudden tugging at my inner ghost and a fog begins to descend over my thoughts.

Master needs the dagger for the sacrifice.

The pain is almost unbearable but I dare not open my mouth for fear of accepting a fate I wish no part of. I can feel my resolve waning, I... I almost want to help him. I give no response. An older voice, filled with anger is the last I hear before he disappears.

Pesky minions. Must I do everything?

I collapse with exhaustion. My last thoughts before drifting into unconsciousness: Phoenix: a servant by choice?

(As told by Hunnugh.)
The Master by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:00
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Master

April 16, 2005

It was an ordinary day, just like any other. A few trips between Mirith and Lerilin here and there. A raid on the lizard fort. It was in the early afternoon when on my way to the Potion shop I came across Nafets, the Royal Cleric, he was talking to Father Vei and a few others.

I thought that the King had demanded his immediate return a few days earlier, so I inquired as to why he was still in Lerilin. It turns out that the Royal Cleric Nafets never received the message that was supposed to be delivered. So he went off to look for Mayor Palmer, before he left he mentioned something about the watch at the cemetery. So a few of us got together and headed down to the cemetery. Bolting skeletons here and there, fighters slashing zombies to death, clerics healing, druids....doing whatever it is druids do in combat.

All of the sudden, a light appeared from one of the graves. Then to another grave...Suddenly this wonderful, fantastic voice came out of no where. It asked me which one I would kill first. So I gladly responded, saying I would kill the cleric Father Vei first...

"Wise Choice" said the voice. "Let us kill the cleric."

"Yes Master," I said.... "Let us Kill the cleric.."

Trees surrounded us...and it was only I and Father Vei.... I started slashing with my poison sickle... but the Father"s healing and magic reflection powers gave him the upper hand. Eventually the master teleported me out of there, and let his minions kill all of the ones who stood against him. After a while, the "Watch" (pathetic bunch) fled their duties at watching over the cemetery...

(As told by Phoenix)
Dark Tidings: Aborek by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 02:55
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Dark Tidings: Aborek

April 14, 2005

Greetings my children, good citizens of Lerilin. I write this to let you know something of what happened yesterday, in the hopes it can help you fit some more pieces to the puzzle, the dreadful mire of events that we have been sinking into. As many of you will know there is a malefic presence that has been watching us, sending the undead to plague us. Some call it the Necromancer, some the Voice, its true identity unknown.

You may also know Willow Hauksen, the poor soul this presence has been tormenting most. Last night Willow was in Lerilin, and desired to go to the ancient ruins; Aborek. Leaving over the sea a group of us, comprising the rangers Asliendor, Escalus and Feyreth, the wizard Reejair, as well as Teron and myself as clerics, journeyed there and met up with her. The journey was hard, but without catastrophe, and soon we saw the forbidding walls.

Aborek is a deep dungeon, comprised of several levels, each home to a variety of murderous creatures, beasts, undead, elementals and giants amongst them. We journeyed downwards, each floor a battle. On the third we saw what appeared to be the Royal Wizard of Mirith, Beleth. He spoke with a presence we could not see, abased and servile. He seemed completely unaware of our presence, and soon departed, simply vanishing. On the final floor, after a gruelling battle with a frost giant we found the secret of Aborek: an ancient and inactive portal.

Willow, whose memory has seemed troubled recently knew of this, and took my inside the portal, bidding me activate it. I do not know the rites and incantations necessary for this, and as this became clear Willow realised we were not those she it turns out she had come to believe we were, I was not her father, Feyreth was not her brother, Fury, who it emerged had died trying to activate the portal some two years ago. As we tried to comfort her and explain who we really were, her friends, another entered the portal room, Zara. She seemed to know what was happening, but, alas, she attacked Willow and drove her from us, chasing her out of the dungeon. We tried to follow, but were slowed by monsters and could not keep up... As we emerged onto the surface we saw no sign of either woman, but we were not alone. Valencia Falvo, General of Marali was waiting for us, and had us trapped, imprisoned. She accused us of attempting to activate the portal, which it seems is a violation of Marali's laws. We tried to tell her what had happened but after heated argument she left us, perhaps hoping we would confess if shown we had no escape.

Shortly after she left Zara returned, smiling and gloating it seemed. Willow, we were relieved to find, had not been killed, but fear remained as Zara made clear her intentions to finish what she had started two years ago. She left us then, we waited, we had no way out. In time the Maralian returned. It transpired she had heard of Willow, but was convinced she had died two years ago, only a short time after the rest of her family. It seemed we had no way out, but fortune smiled on us and Zexe, Royal Guard of Mirith, arrived, and persuaded the General to let us depart.

I pray for Willow's safety, and for answers to these riddles that come to us on all sides. I believe there are matters more important than the politics of nations, and though I do not like Marali to be angered if it emerges this portal is important then its laws must be flouted. I may have missed things, or forgotten, I apologise. I had written this before, but mislaid the parchment. For now may the Gods watch over us all, and especially Willow Hauksen, wherever she may be.

Bless you my children,

Amalphus Vei

(As told by Amalphus Vei)
Something Stirs in Mirith Cemetery by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 02:50
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Something Stirs in Mirith Cemetery

April 12, 2005

Phoenix, Gannon, Kerrek, Feyreth, Father Vei and myself entered the cemetery as night fell. Leaving their post in Leriln only temporarily to survey the situation near Mirith. The air was thick and a fog had settled over the old graveyard. The groans and aching of the undead confirmed that things were not right here either. As the fighter's powerful blows knocked several restless souls back, a voice sounded through the fog.


We moved further into the cemetery, the fog clearing to reveal the Mirth Royal Wizard, Beleth. He was dressed entirely in Black, standing amongst the undead, completely unnerved by their presence. The dead showed no sign of angst towards him, turning to us for their next meal. As the fighters swiftly dealt with our newly acquainted foes, Beleth disappeared. Suspicion rose inside me, something was definatly a stir here. The undead continued to rise, and as we fought them back, pausing only momentarily for Father to mutter forgiveness to their souls, a cold chill blew through the cemetery. With blood on our hand and a mystery to uncover we proceeded into the crypt. Moments after descending into the darkness Feyreth was attacked by a Troll and a Poison Beast sprung from nowhere. Gannon and Kerrek were quick on their heals and the beasts were soon defeated. It is unusual to see such creatures in a Crypt, infact it is almost un heard of. Both would naturally inhabit the wilderness and never adventure into the crypt of a graveyard. More alarming than this was the low pitch moans echoing through the crypt. Sounds that could only be coming from a very large creature.

We proceeded with caution, Amalphus Vei re-assuring us that we had the Gods blessings, and that if anything went wrong he had the ability to resurrect the dead. As we approached the ladder leading to the second layer it became clear that whatever was making that sound was below us. The pitch so deep it vibrated the floor, rattling the plate mail of Gannon and Kerrek, and agitating dirt from the walls. Having come so far, and feeling fairly prepared, with myself and Father able to heal our 3 keen warriors and Phoenix, ready to bolt the life out of anything, we continued down the ladder. Standing in the room adjacent to the holding cells of the crypt it became very clear what was making the sounds.


What was more horrifying was the realisation that it was not just one, but several. The Father and me prepared ourselves to heal the Fighters that stood by the door, Phoenix stood ready to poison any beast that lay within. As Feyreth charged through the door he instantly relieved to see the Dragons safely locked behind the holding cells. Only when he looked up did he see the Giants charging towards him. Gannon and Kerrek followed through behind Feyreth and the battle commenced. As the sharp steel blades hit the giants thick skin me and the Father used every drop of mana to keep the fighters alive. It was now entirely out of our minds why these creatures were here. The dragons remained fairly calm inside their cells whilst the battled raged in front of them. As we were slowly pushed back by the giants might, the father and myself were separated from the fighters, leaving us unable to heal them, and their fate sealed.

We retreated up the ladder to the first layer, myself, Amalphus Vei and Phoenix the only survivors of the onslaught. We needed to continue but with no fighters we stood no chance. Gannon and Kerrek"s ghosts came up the ladder and with little more than a mutter from Amalphus Vei they stood alive and well, without their weapons and armour however. We decided at this point that we had to defeat the giants and recover the fighter's bodies. Just as we concluded a Hill Giant crept up the ladder. He pounced on Amalphus Vei killing him in one hit. We had now lost our most valuable asset. With no margin for error we slowly picked off the giants, myself healing whilst Gannon and Kerrek used Primitive weapons to defeat them. Eventually we reached the second layer in safety. Feyreth returned to Mirith to be resurrected and we investigated the Crypt.

Inside the cells lay three huge creatures. They were easily identified as Dragons, but their calm nature was unusual. There was a Red Dragon and a Forest Dragon. Far at the back however lay a Dragon I have never laid eyes on before. I have read many documents of these creatures at the Brigobaen Library and this particularly rare species was known as an Abyss Dragon. I was shocked that someone had decided to contain these creatures, a very dangerous practice with a creature as intelligent as a Dragon. It was more alarming that they lay so calm, occasionally releasing a groan that would echo through the crypt. I had a quick look around for any sign of who was responsible for this but they had left nothing behind but a little gold and a Black rose. It would be impossible to hold magic strong enough to summon such creatures, yet someone was clearly holding them here for a purpose.

My mind kept flicking back to Beleth, the Royal Wizard. He must have been investigating the same thing as us, and left when we arrived so we could continue.....

(As told by Enix.)
Introduction by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 02:35
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

RTQ Introduction

April 11, 2005 (posting date)

Something stirs in the Lerilin cemetary. A cold wind, a sweet siren"s voice, and a small army of undead. The heroes have started The Watch over the cemetery, but there is something sinister over the horizon...

And to the west, a new force is strengthening, with hands of black and minds on plunder. What plans do Mayor Palmer and the Royal Cleric Nafets have for these brigands? What can be done against a silent but deadly group of bandits?