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Early Preparations for the Blue Moon Festival by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:37
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Early Preparations for the Blue Moon Festival

May 3, 2005

Courtesy of Gordon Lancaster, Senator of the fair city of Andris.

Greetings citizens of Andris, friends of our city, and people of our world! The celestial bodies are aligning themselves once again for our annual event, and all good peoples of Oberin will once again be invited to join our celebrations in the fair White City of Andris for the Blue Moon Festival. This year, we will be having some favorite events and time-honored traditions. Most notably, we will once again feature our very successful Dramatic Scene competition, so thespians and theatergoers prepare for this wonderful event! And, in accordance with a long-standing tradition, the Festival will include the famous Andris race, a foot race from the Western gates, along the road to the tip of the isle and back around the city walls through the Eastern Gate and finally back to the moat in front of the Hall of Government. Prizes will be awarded to our fastest runners and our most talented actors and actresses! Also, we will have some of the finest goods in Oberin for trade and for sale from Andris"s finest merchants as well as traveling merchants, and we will also be hosting a great auction in the Hall of Government.

Mark your calendars and set a course to Andris, for this event only happens once a year in the greatest city in Oberin! Long live Andris and democracy!

Rules for the Dramatic Scene competition:

1. Any man or woman of Oberin may participate in the Dramatic Scene competition. 2. Theater troupes must consist of at least 1 and no more than 5 actors/actresses. 3. Performances may be no longer than 5 minutes in length. Strict timing will apply. Shorter performances are preferable.

4. Registration of performances with Senator Morgans"s office will be required. More information to come soon. More notices will come in the near future with information on the date of the event.

-Senator Lancaster
Rescue and Retribution by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:34
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Rescue and Retribution

May 3, 2005

People of Oberin, I have good tidings to narrate to you. I am sure you are all aware of the recent events concerning Mirith, the Black Hand group of brigands, and the wizard named Yadeth. Well, last night much was laid to rest, and on this parchment I shall attempt to chronicle the events that occurred.

As it started Rhys Delasang, a young ranger, and myself were in the vicinity of Mirith, having journeyed there from Brigobaen, where we had had an interesting conversation with Father Cecil concerning the troubles that beset us. In fact, we were just approaching the portal in order to return to Lerilin when we heard a voice, seeming to come from all directions, "One day... "

The words were full of menace and threat, and the voice was Yadeth 's. Immediately we turned and ran back to Mirith, and there we found foul creatures in such vast numbers no description could do justice to the terror felt by those who beheld them: rust beasts, poison beasts, lava spiders... I saw fighters' shields buckling and breaking in their hands as they themselves were filled with poison, their bodies' fates mirroring those of their armour.

I ran back and forth in the streets and passages of the city, everywhere healing, curing poison, and where I had been too late returning life to those who had fallen. I thank Life that I was not alone in this task, Nafets had come from the castle and between us we held the damage in check. As we roamed the city, here charging a group of the monsters, rescuing a lone warrior, here falling back against a superior force to find ground more advantageous to us. We were joined by others, the Royal Guard Zexe arrived, and with his help and that of other brave souls the beasts were at last repelled, but at great cost. The ground was a bloody mulch of earth and flesh, flies descended on the city, drawn by the odour of death, the reek making us gag even as we spoke.

As the survivors gathered together the discussion was of retaliation, and rescue. We had to find Yadeth. Alas Zexe 's search of Oberin for the Royal Mage had been in vain, and without someone skilled in Black Magic there was no way we could find the rogue wizard in the one day we had before either Tirana lay dead, or Galandir yielded the Curio. We needed a powerful mage, and the name of Seth was raised. Nafets has never responded well to mention of that name, and today was no exception, he stormed out of the meeting berating us for insanity, however finding Seth seemed the only course of action. As the rest of us divided into various search parties Zexe gave us our assurances he would speak with Nafets, try to convince him that somewhere in Oberin that man did exist.

My companions and I travelled to Lerilin, then south, past the Volcano and the portal that Seth is hoping to activate at some point in the future, then west to Brigobaen, and in the hallowed, sacred grounds of the Great Temple we found him, deep in conversation with Father Cecil. Interrupting their conversation we brought the news from Mirith, and we asked Seth for aid. Those who have spoken with him will know he is averse to becoming involved in the affairs of royalty, but with the possession of the Curio in question, and the fate of the world in the balance, Seth acquiesced. However a problem remained, those who know something of Black Magic will know that the artist needs to have met someone in order to locate their gate again later, Seth had met neither Tirana, nor Yadeth. Yet fortune smiled on us, I had felt watched by unseen eyes since stepping into the temple, and now their owner was revealed. Stepping out of the air the dark shape of Beleth offered his services. The two mages, one with the strength to do what was needed, one with the knowledge prepared their spell. Opening himself the the dark energies that pervade the world and its inhabitants Beleth chanted words that would give Seth what he needed to locate Yadeth. As thunder rolled and power coruscated through the air Beleth fell back, drained and weakened. Seth used what he had been given and saw Yadeth 's location. It was a place few of us had been, but Sam and I recognised it, and prompting Seth for more detail I was certain. Beleth staggered of to rest in the care of Father Cecil, we left Seth and returned, by various routes, to Mirith, where, in the Great Hall of Mirith 's Castle King Galandir himself addressed us.

I must admit the large numbers of people, combined with the fact each and everyone one of them shouted out what was best to do rather overwhelmed me, and it came as something of a surprise to find that, with Asliendor and Burtman, I was one of the leaders of the rescue mission. However I resolved to do the best I could and after I had prepared I joined the group just outside Mirith. Despite the many problems associated with moving a large group of independent souls, rather than a body of disciplined soldiers, at last we set off in the correct direction. Our journey was not eventful, even the giant and trolls that wandered into out path were cut down quickly, and managing to maintain a cohesive body we quickly drew near to the outskirts of the village. There, in the woods we found a rudimentary shelter, a few beasts guarded it and shackled to it was the one we were here to rescue, Duchess Tirana. The guards were slain without mercy and without trouble, the shelter and its ties were broken and the Duchess was freed. However, the battle was still to come.

Yadeth appeared, and his mastery of the dark arts had to be seen to be believed. Summoning a score of elementals at a time he prevented us from ever being close enough to him long enough to harm him. I am sure without the druids we should have stood no chance, but each time he summoned the whirling furies were set upon each other, or tamed by the guardians of the wilds. The plan was to push Yadeth towards the sea, where a powerful ally would be able to take him by surprise. As such we fought again and again, each time Yadeth opening gates from which seething elementals, and ravenous beasts poured forth, we had our losses, but we pushed him back. I do not write well of battles, and I am sure others will narrate this in more detail, all I could concentrate on was healing, and whenever Yadeth himself fought casting spells of reflection on those fighting him. I was dimly aware we had come to the very village itself, and Yadeth was in the ocean, standing proudly on a raft, filled with arrogance and malevolence, he opened the gates again and poured sea serpents into the waters, it seemed there was nothing that could be done.

Then we heard a strange language, not the arcane incantations of the dark arts, but that spoken by Nita, the green haired woman of the sea. Yadeth 's summons was nothing to whatever bond exists between the sea serpents and Nita 's people. Yadeth was devoured by the creatures he himself had created. With the Duchess free and the Villain dead we were able to return to Mirith, satisfied the world was freed from peril. Beleth had appeared at some point in the climax, and we found the Duchess again. Soon enough the woods faded before the walls of Mirith, we entered the Great Hall, sister was reunited with brother, and the honours and celebrations began. Revel, and rest well tonight, people of Oberin, another of our enemies is laid low. - Amalphus Vei

(As told by Amalphus Vei.)
A Note from Seth by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:30
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

A Note from Seth

May 1, 2005

Seth has been spotted near the Lerilin cemetery a few time testing Necromancy skills. Some of the citizens were alarmed and Seth asked me to relay a message.

Hello everyone. Some of you know that I have been learning some Necromancy skills in the Lerilin cemetery and might have made people upset. I want to tell you that everything is fine and I apologize. What I am doing is so far at the bottom of what real necromancy is that there is no need to be alarmed. I cannot create the undead, only control them, and not even all of them. Apparently my high wizards skills allow me more success using the Necromancy. That is also the reason I can only control the Bone Mage"s and nothing else. I do go overboard when there is something new to learn, but put all of your minds at rest, I decided to cease my experiments and concentrate on opening the Fire Portal.

I hear that my friend Father Vei has all the reagents I need to start working on the spell. I can"t want to get started on the spell. It will be a great learning experience and I"m excited to see where it leads! See you soon. -Seth

(As told by Giovan)
The Mirith Bank was attacked! by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:26
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Mirith Bank was attacked!

May 1, 2005

I just lost most of my stuff, so when I hear that the Mirith bank is under assualt, I cannot help but think "aww darn, here is my chance to lose the rest of my stuff" We rush there and find Gapers and Harpies swarming. Quickly they are dispatched or tamed. Nafets made an appearence. He didn"t have much to say, just remarking that with Zexe and Beleth absent, Mirith was as weak as it had ever been. We must be wary, there is little doubt this was a reminder from the wizard-in-grey of his power to really mess up our lives. No bank goods were lost. *smiles*

(As told by Alimilw.)
Instructions from Palmer, Mayor of Lerilin by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:23
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Instructions from Palmer, Mayor of Lerilin

May 1, 2005

Mayor Palmer left me with specific instructions to post the following note on his door the morning after his departure and only allow loyal residents of Lerilin to see this letter. Please come find me in the mayoral offices above Tanaka"s tavern if you have any questions regarding trade regulations, the postal service, or property values.

To my dear friends and the townsfolk of Lerilin, and to our brave, would-be heroes (Oioi, Vindicus, Mitius, Amalphus Vei, Alimilw, Asliendor, Hunnugh, and Aaromir): I regret that my quest has proven a failure thus far. The Royal Cleric Nafets sent me news of the attack on Mirith by the Black Hand and the subsequent kidnapping of the King"s sister, the Duchess Tirana. Nafets and I had hoped to prevent this event by bringing together a group of willing volunteers - as spies - to uncover this vile plot and warn the King of the imminent attack. The Black Hand attacked early, it seems, and I fear that they may have learned of my attempts to discover the secret location of their headquarters. Although they have already attacked Mirith, I suspect that they will come for me, and I do not want to put our town in danger. I will continue to seek the location of their operation, but I will do so in places where they cannot find me - I know the waters of Oberin better than most living men, and the Black Hand has no strength at sea. Should I find the location of their base, I will return to Lerilin or send word of this location. However, I fear that it is too late to prevent disaster through a mere spy mission: finding the location of the headquarters of the Black Hands can only lead to one thing - an all-out war against this terror. I am not a strong enough leader to bring victory against the Black Hands, nor are our peace-loving Lerilin residents fit for warfare. If the Black Hand is to be defeated, stronger forces will have to be recruited to this cause. In the meantime, I have left the Mayor"s office in the hands of Bartholomew, my trusted aide, who will run the daily business of Lerilin and keep the town afloat while I am away. Furthermore, I am speaking with some old friends of mine who may visit our town and help protect it during the dark days ahead. Treat them well, for we need all the help we can get.

Sincerely, Palmer

(As told by Bartholomew.)
Strike at Mirith by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:21
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Strike at Mirith

May 1, 2005

An event that needs to be recorded happened yesterday. I must offer an apology for the delayed response to alerting the world, but I thought I was not the best to inform, but in the absense of others, I"ll tell you what I can.

Where to start? I suppose at the Cemetary of Lerlin. I was in Lerlin quickly glancing into my orb, I saw my friends were all at the Cemetary, so I make a quick run down there. There was something of a crowd, and I will endeavor to explain what I saw. The Cemetary, a gloomy place, was alive with Oberin citizens, the dead dispatched.

When I step across the threshold I can feel the exictment of the people, and to my astonishment, I see the huge hulk of a dead dragon. Scan the place, I see a second dead dragon... I was confused, but even was i stood there there was heavy sound behind, quickly I turned and there lay a new dead dragon.

With a flash, the black garbed Beleth stood atop it... my jaw droped. His whisper carried as he stood there "A Seer... and a dragon?"

I knew not the meaning, nor do I make any sense of it now. But at a glance I could feel the black magic coursing through him, I steped aside. Even as I did, Father Vei came up, Beleth, seeming to notice the crowd, vanished without a word. We milled around in confusion. What on Earth had taken place?? We decided we would have to confront him, Beleth, in Mirith. We set off at once. We were no sooner there when we meet Zexe, fruitlessly, we question him, equally fruitlessly, we search for Beleth. After, as my friends talked I went to the castle again, and found the Duchess. Much of our discussion is meaningless, and when I sought to question her of Beleth, she grew angry. She insisted we desist and leave him alone. When I question further, she walked out on me, slaming the door.

I can not remember all of what was said, but nothing was gained from the discussion. It was than that there was a stable break out. Evan's shouts carried across Mirith. Quickly called on my magic I was able to bring some under my control was the others fell to the blades and bolts of my friend, they fell quickly. Confronting Evan, we found that the guard that protects the stables was killed by a man in heavy armor, Evan had hidden. The man had set free the pets and fled. Evan suggested we search for foot prints. We found them and followed them into the nearby rocks. I reached the end first, and there was no one there... I called on my magic to reveal him, yet I could not find him.

As I turned to go, freeing my pets, I sensed that some one stood unseen. Soon, the rest arrieved and the Bandit Spy was uncovered, quickly I drew my katana and attacked him. He was more than a match for my blade, unskilled as I am, but with more joining every minute, he did not stand for long. As his ghost rose from his corperal self, much rended by now, he shouted.

Amazingly, I could understand, and he told us that our city fell even now. Even as I heard these words, I turned and sprinted for the city, fearing the worst. Using Teleport I covered the distance fast, faster than my allies to my misfortune. The guards were no where in sight, and bandits swarmed through the city, throwing caution to the winds, I again reached for my sword. We fought, their blade delt savage blows against me, only armored by a cloth robe, but the poison and speed of my katana claimed one life, even as my friends arrived, healing me and slaying others. The city was filled with them, each step was a fight, still, I know we must reach the castle quickly. Many times I was wounded and had to stop to mend myself or was minded by my friends, but eventually we reched the castle, dead bandits forming our wake. Nearly everyone of that wave died, as did I. A huge man in full plate, with black plate arms, attacked me, I stood no chance. All who entered the castle died.

Zexe came, blade flashing, but in the end, even the brave royal guard was cut down by the massive thug and his minions. Nafets came, and Father and others, the drove the bandits back a restored me and the others to life. The forces raged across the hall, no quarter was given. At last, all the bandits were dead besides the massive thug, we surronded him, our blades seeking his life. At last as blades slashed him, lightning crackled across the hall from the wizards, and he fell, his ghost raising. Again I could understand him. He said that the Black Hands would succeed anyway.

The King appeared, thankfully, unhurt. Nafets, the King and Zexe as well as the heroes of the day gathered around the throne. We had not talked long when thunder smashed through the hall followed by *Mora Olsa*.

And there stood a wizard, dressed in a dead black.

He had the Duchess he said. And he wanted the Curio in exchange. Those of us who understood shivered. Later, Nafets would explain the massive power of the Moon Curio to us all, the one who got all three pieces would become a god... One piece was had by Mirith, one by Andris, and one by Marali. The King turned pale. The grey wizard said he had three days, one of which is now gone, and with *Mora Olsa* and the crash of Thunder he was gone...

What will happen now? Many fear that the King will hand it over... something must be done. Those of us who harbor suspicions of the Duchess fear she is there on her own will as a step to gain the Curio and seize the throne. Beleth could not be found either. What now we all ask? Zexe leaves to seek Beleth, hoping the Beleth, with his... abilties... of Black Magic would be able to find the grey one. I do not trust Beleth to do this... or trust him at all. I urge any who see Seth to bring the issue to him perhaps. But the goal is the same, we must find the Duchess one way or anouther. May any gods who be aid us in the times as dark as these.

(As told by Alimilw.)
The Quest for the Ancient Tome by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:18
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Quest for the Ancient Tome

April 25, 2005

I was standing on the Mirith bridge when I heard the call, that Father Cecil, Master Cleric and Head Priest of the Great Temple of Brigobaen was in need of adventurers. As soon as the sea serpent MantaRay was busy battling had been bested I made haste to the temple, and as always it felt as though I was going back to my true home. I arrived quite early, one of the first there. Father Cecil was clearly very excited, talking about how he had been reading old poems and had found the location of the final pages of the Black Magic tome he had been seeking.

As he walked up and down, eyes gleaming with the prospect of new knowledge I surveyed those who entered the temple, answering his summons. It was a great multitude, coming in ones, twos and threes mostly, each new body adding to the crowd, fighters and rangers, resplendent in shining armour and wearing great swords, sheathed here, but able to be drawn in an instant, there too were rogues, keeping themselves to the darker corners mostly. Druids came, some in leather armour holding great weapons, some followed by fearsome beasts, obeying the commands of their masters, docile as sheep, wizards too, their fingers pockmarked by the acids of their alchemy, and the power of their spells. Finally my fellow clerics, as ever ready to aid and heal the flock. At last Father Cecil deemed the assembly satisfactory and told us of what he had learnt. Giving the co-ordinates of the pages location to us he bid us farewell , and we set off, following a ranger by the name of Chaos.

The journey was long, and our group was scattered several times, but at last we arrived, the location was the cave east of the tree maze. A dank and gloomy place, a cave hollowed out of the mountains and bearing the signs of ancient construction it its stone walls and doors. Inside we encountered giant spiders, forest trolls, giants of all kinds, exploring the passages we found taunting notes, written in the manner of the lizard men, mocking us, telling us we had gone the wrong way. We fought and fought, after what seemed hours of battle finding a sole lizard man. We were too late, the lizards had stolen the pages we sought, and taken them to their island fort. As we turned to leave we realised we had been ambushed, a group of cunning lizard men had taken up positions at the cave's entrance, and it was a hard fought battle to return to the sunlight.

Once outside we made haste to return to Mirith, where armour was mended, reagents purchased and other preparations made in a great bustle of activity. With my pouches full of ginseng and my other reagents I was ready, a little later than some others though, and I was hurried to the tunnel, the underground passage that leads to the island of the lizard men. It is said the lizards themselves built it long ages ago, if that is so then there must have been times they have regretted doing so, and we were going to make this one of them. We battled hard through the tunnel, the forces beasts and trolls which usually make it their home were augmented by a party of lizard men, either a rearguard of the lizards who took the pages, or a guard set to hinder our progress, either way they failed in their task and our group of brave adventurers, somewhat smaller now; some had chosen to stay in Mirith, made it safely to the other side.

Outside the confines of the tunnel the lizard men were more spread out, patrols are spread over the entire island, but by following a thin path and not getting too far apart from each other we reached the entrance of their fortress without having to deal with anything more than small skirmishes. The entrance of the lizard's fortress is an imposing sight, a huge palisade of wooden stakes rises into the air, in front of them cauldrons of fire burn brightly, even in the light of the sun, and the whole place is filled with the stench of decay, flies buzz around the corpses of those the lizards have slain and impaled as a grim warning to any others who might dare to enter their home.

Filled with trepidation we ventured inside, steel clanged against steel, scythes tore flesh and the leathery hides of the lizards were cut by sword and burnt by lightning, we fought a running battle into the treasure chamber of the lizards where we saw what we had come for... It seemed to be the body of a black dragon, hunched over in death, in its claws an ancient tome, Yuxu ran towards it making a grab for the tome, but some trap had been placed and the wizard's life left him. It is fortunate I have come to master the cleric's arts and I immediately intoned the words of resurrection, the spirit coalesced into new flesh, and as he recovered his possessions Yuxu finally retrieved the pages we had been sent to get.

We made it to the fort 's exit quickly only to find a new surprise. Through the acrid black smoke created by the wall of flame blocking our exit we saw the brigands and their leader, a huge man wielding a deadly looking blade, its edges tinged black with poison. The Black Hand, it seemed, desired the precious tome 's pages. Of course, knowing what power might be contained within the words written there we could not let him have it, he unleashed his followers on us, the brutes wielded their blades with deadly force, the battle with the is hazy in my mind, but they were overcome, though some of our side had fallen too. And then only their leader, the brigand thug himself was left to deal with. He was more than a match for any of us, and despite my best efforts combined with the attacks of his now repulsed followers several of our number fell, but the power of life is strong with me and I was fast enough to avoid the worst of the blows he tried to inflict. I brought back the fallen one by one until he had no chance, while battling in fierce hand to hand combat he was felled by the power of wizards ' lightning, his attempt to flee a failure. Now our route was clear, we made haste to the tunnel, a great mob of lizards behind us, cursing us as thieves and hurling insults, but in vain.

We retreated through the tunnel and made use of Mirith 's portal, at last returning to Brigobaen, tired, exhausted even after what must have been a whole day of battle, but triumphant. Father Cecil now has the last pages of the tome, and I am sure will soon have deciphered its contents. It has been a great day for the forces of Light and Life and the thanks of all must surely go to those who fought for this. - Father Amalphus Vei

(As told by Amalphus Vei)

Break Out by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:13
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Break Out

April 24, 2005

Recently, Me, Asliendor, and Reejair were discussing the complex net of politics of Oberin, when we heard a distant shout from Evan, the stable hand.

He shouted that the pets were free. We quickly ran over there and were joined by many more and found a mess, air elementals, sludge and rust beats, scorpions, harpies... they were meandering around. Quickly they were dispatched or tamed, they stables put in order. Upon questioning, Evan knew nothing, he had been gone to get feed when it happened. All entrances to the city were checked and the sewers combed. Nothing. While this break out was minor, it leaves the questions of, who did it? Why? How? I suspect that all of Oberin most stay on its toes if they want to live through these troubled times...

(As told by Alimilw.)
Death Undone by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:10
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Death Undone

April 21, 2005

I have good news for you, bold citizens of Lerilin, the Necromancer is no more! Commander Asliendor, Hunnugh, Reejair, Crygath, Mitius, Sam and I were in the cemetery, testing a new battle formation to use against the undead menace. The tactic was proving effective and many were falling to the blades, bows and magical arts.

We were in quite good spirits, for such a place. It was then we noticed roaring fires erupting from the ground at the entrance to the cemetery, an impassable blockaded trapping us within the grounds. Fearing the worst we stuck with our formation, a few people on the outside helping with the occasional healing spell, the few undead who rose quickly fell and we hoped to weather the blockade, wear the enemy's forces down until he could no longer maintain the fires.

It was then that disaster struck.

The ground cracked and broke in front of us, earth caved in and rising we saw the forms of grotesque zombies. These unholy creatures made for the line and Sam, crying something about his master, ran from his place as the zombies crept closer. The hole in the formation weakened us, and though we resisted them, swords penetrating their foul bodies, lightning bolts incinerating their grasping, clawlike hands and my own holy power striking the dark magiks that held them, though we resisted there were too many...

Even as I was casting a healing spell on him Mitius fell, and the zombies crawled back under the ground. Within moments a figure appeared. Black robed and ghoulish in visage, and with a macabre red jester hat on its head was Nadirah, the Necromancer. Laughing as around him a new wave of undead arose the assault came. Bone mages let loose their lightning and flame, zombies gouged at the flesh of the defenders as skeletons wielded their deadly weapons...

Sam was somehow outside, in safety, laughing and mocking us. Nadirah and his bone mages hurled their magic, at we mages, the zombies and skeletons clawed through those on the front, undead fell, but there were too many... One by one we fell into death... A zombie broke through to me, my throat torn out...


I dimly recall Reejair, the last of us being blasted into submission, the figure of Zara leaping the flames at the gate, a silver sword gleaming, even to by dulled sight, Nadirah 's lightning was as nothing to her.... two swifts swings of the sword and the Necromancer fell... I dimly recall her taking something from the corpse, but I was drifting into darkness... My memory fails. The next thing I remember I was alive again, the Necromancer dead... Rejoice now, my children, for at least one curse is lifted.

(As told by Amalphus Vei.)
Vex, the Trader - Friend or Foe? by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:08
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Vex, the Trader - Friend or Foe?

April 18, 2005

Perhaps two weeks ago, I was approached by a man in a black robe of protection and wizard hat. He had a black wolf with him, looked to be purebred, very expensive. Along with a room at the inn and a Greater Protection Ring, you can tell that this man is of wealth.

After some chitchat, he invited Father Vei and I into his room at the inn. He asked us to find some information for him. As many of you know, Vex is a dealer of rare items. He needed information about a powerful artifact. I will go into no more detail, because this artifact is incredibly dangerous. We were put on a retainer to seek out the possible location of said artifact, or any information concerning it. We decided the best way to learn, was to start with history. This led us to Cecil, Oberin"s main historian, and head priest of Brigobaen. Upon arrival and inquisition, Cecil was very tight lipped. I visited him again recently, and he was more open. I merely mentioned the name of the artifact, and was chastised for even knowing of it. He advised me to forget anything about the whole incedent, and not trust those involved. However, Vex appears to be quite honest. It is hard to know what forces are at work here, everyone is so secretive that the mind of a ranger has trouble taking it all in. I advise you all though, to think before you simply give things to those who ask....weigh the consequences.

(As told by Escalus.)