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A Report for Nafets by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 01:27

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

A Report for Nafets

June 9, 2005

It was a simple day of adventuring, but it quickly turned into a very long and troubling journey. After a journey into the volcano, we found Beleth at the bottom, it goes as following. I warn you, this was quite a long journey. This was not the first time Beleth, Royal Mage of Mirith has appeared in an odd place. Our small party ran into problems with a giant and a few lava spiders, so we fell back and met Elefin, the young woman from Andris. There we spoke of the centaurs, and she did a bit of convincing. She changed my mind about the centaur"s I now had a feeling they were real.

(Elefin): Maybe you could try going back to these mountains.. And talk to the Centaurs.

(Elefin): If you do this for me, I can help you defeat the Dragon in Aborek.

Sometimes, I wish that dragon had never been defeated. Our small group met up in Lerelin, gathering the help we could for our long journey. We repaired our equipment, and filled our packs to their fullest with supplies. Sieglinde, Konkrax, Sam, Phoenix and myself set off for the mountains, mountains I will not reveal until we speak in private. Uasa and burtman were coming, but they had decided to make their way towards Aborek, I believe. We had neared the other side of the mountains when Sieglinde was wounded by a falling tree. She was forced to stay behind and set up camp as the rest of us on. Merely moments after we had lost Sieglinde, we encountered Evers, apprentice of Seth. Just a bit further along our path, and we heard a strange voice. I must press you, show this to very few!

(Asliendor): Kashia a Mirath! Kashia... Attare!

(Asliendor): Kashia A Mirath, Kamirius! Niruis? Kamirius?

(Phoenix): matthew don"t move

(Asliendor): Narius!

(Asliendor): Friends!

(Evers): *looks confused* Petrar! Elhide!

(Asliendor): Kamiria narius!

(Phoenix): We mean no harm. Nirius, uya, Niria, gya.

(Asliendor): Perhaps you all should go north a bit

(Phoenix): We need your help.

(Phoenix): Everyone North.

(Asliendor): Crowds might frighten it

(Phoenix): hide

(Asliendor): They are gone now

(Asliendor): Narius gone

(Asliendor): Only one narius go...ne?

(Asliendor): Friend! (Asliendor): not here... north

(Asliendor): away north

(Asliendor): Asliendor Ivanshield, Narius, friend

(Asliendor): *bows head*

(Centaur): Kashia a Mirath, Nirius.

(Asliendor): Kashia a Mirath, kamirius

(Asliendor): Narius talk?

(Asliendor): We need help

(Asliendor): Zexe

(Centaur): Naria a tregari.

(Asliendor): Hurt

(Centaur): Zexe!

(Asliendor): Narius Zexe!

(Centaur): Narius! Zexe!

(Asliendor): *nods excitedly*

(Asliendor): Narius Zexe, danger

(Centaur): Kochia! Elhide!

(Asliendor): Narius asliendor *points to himself*

(Asliendor): Friend

(Asliendor): Ally

(Centaur): Narius Asliendor, Kamirius Theria

(Centaur): Theria! Attare!

(Asliendor): Kashia A Mirath, Theria

(Centaur): *nods*

(Centaur): Narius... Fri...end.

(Asliendor): *nods*

(Asliendor): Friend

(Asliendor): Kamirius, friend

(Asliendor): Theria, friend

(Centaur): Kamiria Petrar... sca..red

(Asliendor): Asliendor, friend.

(Asliendor): Your clan is scared?

(Centaur): Alliance, Elhide.

(Asliendor): Petrar scared?

(Asliendor): the trolls and giants?

(Centaur): Attare!

(Asliendor): Alliance, I have killed many

(Asliendor): I will protect you

(Centaur): Kalirius... *bows*

(Centaur): Theria! Elhide! AKTA!

(Asliendor): Call on your Kamiria petrar

(Centaur): Theria... Elhide (Asliendor): *shakes his head*

(Centaur): Hishia a Mirath, Asliendor.

(Asliendor): I am friend.

(Asliendor): *nods*

(Asliendor): Hishia a Mirath... Theria

I returned to the others along with Phoenix, and we discussed the situation. However, we felt we were being watched. Phoenix revealed a hidden Brigand thug, my bow was ready. Many arrows poured on it from my Long bow of Power. Lightning struck it many times, and swords struck the brigand thug.

(Brigand Thug): I will warn the Alliance!

Then he fell to the ground moaning in pain.

(Evers): You will die before you warn a soul!

We journeyed to Aborek, along the road we found dead black dogs and wolves for miles. A grim scene, particularly for me because of my belief that animals are the wisest of the forest. We continued on to Aborek where we found Elefin sleeping. Then, we prepared ourselves for a great fight. The Red Dragon could be heard growling from even above the surface. Being brave, we raced downwards into the abyss of Aborek. I was one of the few that stood and fought, a few fell as they ran. After striking it many times, I caught its attention. Everyone fought it with all their might, but some were not strong enough.

(Red Dragon): Standing your ground... That is good. Foolish, but good.

(Red Dragon): You cannot escape, but yet you insist on trying.

(Red Dragon): You will die not a hero"s death, ranger. Only an unmarked grave is in your future.

(Elefin): No running!

(Sam): oooOOOoooOOOooo

(Red Dragon): That really looked painful, human. I almost felt sorry for you. Almost.

I fell a few times because of how powerful it had become by slaying my comrades. I could no longer take hits, and I was unfortunately the last warrior standing. However, I was revived and revived until the I cast it"s ruins onto the ground along with the great lightning of Elefin of Evers. This is when things turned ill, and something happened I am not proud of. We discovered a strange weapon, called a Blood Dagger Arguing who would get it, some were insulted. I offended Elefin, a poor worded thought that should not have been said out loud. I took the dagger, and I stared at it. I heard nothing else, my gaze settled entirely on the blade.

This is all I heard:

That Amalphus is so annoying... Why not kill him? Oh, and that pretentious ugly Evers too... Use me... Use me and kill them... Do you really think you can control me? I am it with which you will kill them all...

(Asliendor): I wont kill them

Yes you will.

(Asliendor): I"m not powerful enough to do so, fool. And I will show you now. (Asliendor): *drops dagger*

(Asliendor): *tucks it away in his pack*

That is not enough to stop me.

(Asliendor): *blacks out*

As I awoke, Phoenix"s lightning hit me. I told them to stop, only a few listened. (Evers): You are strong, don"t listen to anyone but me.

(Asliendor): I am... (Asliendor): I am listening...

(Evers): *chants* Kill that prank!

(Amalphus Vei): * clar bur rel *

(Asliendor): *listens to only Eve*

Ack... Kill her now!

(Evers): I see...

(Asliendor): *ignores the voice*

She"s hurting me!

(Evers): *chants* Aaaargh!

(Asliendor): *ignores the voice*

(Asliendor): You wont control me!

(Amalphus Vei): * pur clar bur *

(Evers): You can't keep that dagger Asliendor.

Kill her before I order you to do so! I am ageless.. I cannot be destroyed.

Pathetic. You choose... The cleric, or the girl? No! Don"t give me to that prank! I refuse!

After that, everyone, I gave it to Eve.

Suddenly, everyone in the room began screaming, arguing, fighting for the dagger. I shouted for her to run, it was now I realized the true weakness of Humans.

Suddenly, Sam shouted: Trolls!

Massive Alliance forces, fighting alongside the brigands stormed us, too many fell. Their forces were massive, too massive for us. However, with Eve's great magic we destroyed them. The battle came with a price, the dagger was lost.

- Asliendor
The Centaur Hoax by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 01:19

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Centaur Hoax

June 6, 2005

It was a normal hunt in Mirith"s crypts, until we heard the mighty war cry of brigand foes. Looking around, we saw nothing, and then in the lower levels, we found a force of brigands. Wielding my long bow of power, I let loose as many arrows as I could upon them. A brigand snuck up behind me, but Phoenix bolted it and I finished it off with a few quick flashes from my katana. It was odd that brigands made camp in the crypts, perhaps they were preparing a raid on Mirith? When we reached the surface, Pirina called out "Centaur!". I myself saw nothing. We talked about it, and then Eve, apprentice of Seth, arrived. She asked us if we had seen a wizard. We told her no, but that we had seen a centaur. She told us it was no centaur, but a shape shifting wizard she had been tracking. It seems on mystery has been solved... though this wizard is interesting. I also must apologize for not reporting this sooner, but an ancient dragon of olden times, Cruassus (SP, I have no idea how is name was spelled), has appeared guarding his temple on an island west of Andris. It appears he is the dragon that has taken Willow Hauksen"s body. The only thing he is willing to trade for it are the 8 silver leaves that have not fallen from the sky in a century. We have discovered 4, but Anon, formerly known as Willow, is very ill and needs them to live. It seems we must decide between a good friend or a haunting ghost.

A New Threat Rising South East of Lerilin? by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 01:07

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

A new threat rising to the South East of Lerilin?

June 6, 2005

I am not skilled in turns of the tongue or quill, and so am not given to writing. If anything drives me to it tonight, it is the urgency with which I feel this message must be spread throughout the realm. I shall be brief, and invite those more given to the task of recounting events to fill in the holes I leave open. This evening, myself and a small group were near the Lerilin cemetery, observing the restless dead as we often do. A mundane battle with zombies on the shore was interrupted by an ominous feeling, of "a powerful force nearby." A moment later, as we turned back towards the cemetery, we beheld there a score of poison beast. Such creatures we had never seen in the region before. In their midst stood a great forest troll. We destroyed the beasts, but mysteries remain. Shortly after the poison beasts made their appearance, letter appeared on the ground near the cemetery gate. A brief, ominous note: Poison shall rain down upon all of you...

None of us could understand this dire warning. A short while later the note was gone, as though dissolved away into the earth from whence it had seemingly risen but moments before. Tomorrow"s visitors to the cemetery will not find it quite as it was yesterday, however. A foul new monument stands at the gate. It is too horrible for my pen to describe, but allow me to say simply that it is a form which will be familiar to any who have been to Lizard Island. I make no claims to be one such as understands such events as this. I therefore submit that this general warning be sent out, advising caution of any who travels the lands South and East of Lerilin.

Marauders Near Andris by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 04:13

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Marauders Near Andris

June 4, 2005

Brains reports - The brigands have shown that they will attack any settlement, no matter how peaceful. After several sound defeats around Mirith in the last few weeks, the brigands were preparing to attack our brothers in Andris, hoping to plunder the cities works of art and no doubt destroying the works of some of our most treasured philsophers; for certainly the brigands would not read the scrolls that lie within that hallowed city. There was even a rumor that the brigands hoped to eat Andris" prized turtle. But the peaceful Senate of Andris voted to send out their town crier to call heroes to eliminate the menace. Many answered the call, and the halls of the senate were filled with willing warriors, many new along with some of our most honored heroes. Senator Lancaster--later joined by Morgans--awaited the arrival of the warriors and sent us along. The first wave of heroes crossed the strait, led by Grove, and, after battling sea serpents and elementals, found many brigands and their odd scorpion allies. Another wave of warriors washed ashore, led by Bob Binette, and saw the carnage that both sides had already wrecked. The brigands had a dirty little camp, as is their fashion, ringed by fires. And every one of them drew his last foul breaths on that island. Many of our number fell, and the blood of the brigands soaked the white sand of the island. Vinny and other clerics raised our fallen warriors (I myself collected 2 grey robes today) and we rallied to annhilate the marauders. The cleric Matthew was there, as were other notable and new figures of integrity and bravery such as Sam, Linger, Arjun, Samurai, Klulu, eeyan, roticafe, bussan, niki, Edward, hiyoko, Revan Delasang, nobuyoshinskii, and others, I am sure, but my head aches from the brigand sword I took. When we returned, the Senators rewarded us with gold and praise. The city of Andris is surely strained for gold after rewarding so many warriors. This incident calls into question the safety and security of Andris. The city is in need of heroes to devote some time to protect it as it is a city of learning and philosophy it has no standing army or even militia. I, Brains, now dedicate some of my time to protecting the city of Andris and ask some of you to do likewise. It was also reported that a mysterious item was discovered, but I don't know anything of substance to that.

The Return of the Centaurs by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 04:10

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Return of the Centaurs

June 3, 2005

This is a letter sent to the wide public concerning the previously thought extinct Centaur Race. All content herein is based on actual experiences of the journalist.

Account of Sieglinde: When I woke up this morning I decided to walk around the town of Mirith for a bit after the adventure I had gone on earlier that week. I was stopped in my tracks by the good man Sam. "Grab a weapon and follow me." was all he said, and so I did. I followed him from near the bank to the castle, and we were stopped about half-way from there because of Zexe. He had been out jogging and Father Vei, Bob Binette, Inferno and the clerics Altaira Mei and Nafets were trying to coax him back to the castle to rest. He would simply not comply, saying that he was fine, "just ten more laps." He started getting riled, seeing the men and myself in armour and said he was well enough to fight even. "Toss me a sword!" he challenged, and, against Father Vei"s warnings, I obliged. I could see that he would not be able to wield anything, if even lift it. As I expected he crumpled and I took back my sword. I fear I may have hurt him even more, but in my opinion a fighter should be treated the respect of one, even if it is against his own health. The clerics finally led him to the castle and I was unsure as to leaving him alone. I ended up going with Sam and his group out to try and find a centaur. We were returning to the same place Asliendor had us tracking a dragon the other day, so I knew the trip fairly well. The group started with Sam, Amalphus Vei, Bob Binette, Inferno, Rewop, and Konkrax. Along the river trip the good soul Malby saw Amalphus Vei and decided to aid him. About mid-day Konkrax fell ill and had to turn back. We watched him drift away, holding his stomach as he lay there. We were in search of something, anything, but mostly a centaur. Zexe had rambled on and on about them, and the occurance of Asliendor and his dragon peaked the curiosity of Father Vei. When we reached those same shores that had caused me so much trouble before I could feel a chill running through my body. We traveled north-east towards the mountains and went to an underground catacomb that Father Vei had only visited twice before. It was usually empty, he said, but he had a feeling- and he was right. After nearly an hour of searching the empty halls we heard Sam"s echo, "Come here! Quick!" Returning to the enterance as fast as we could, we all met back up from the various ends of the gloomy vault- for that"s what it felt like: dry, sealed, motionless. There we met a man named Brock. He used the cauldron there at the enterance to cook his stew. We asked if he had heard anything unusual in the wilderness. Father Vei had to bribe the man to get anything out of him, but once paid he said all we needed to know. He pointed us to the north-eastern side of the mountains, and so we knew our trip would be even longer. We traveled for hours around the craggy mountains, and hours more to travel to just north-east of the catacomb. Around the area we found tracks- Sam said that Asliendor had taught him before, that these were Centaur tracks! As soon as this was said, we were set upon by a group of skeletons as well as one of the bone mages that accompany the larger groups. They were easily defeated by our company"s strong cleric and fighters, and then we heard a voice... The first sets of words none of us understood, but Father Vei said that Asliendor had taught him some of the Centaur language, and these words seemed very close to those he knew. To our misfortune, the Father did not remember the Centaur greeting, and we were unable to communicate with the voice. We started walking in the forest around the tracks when all of a sudden a centaur appeared behind us! I only caught a glimpse of the creature, but it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It quickly disappeared once again and the battle cries of Alliance trolls could be heard. We were set upon by an army of trolls and giants. There were forest trolls and even a hill giant that attacked us. What ensued was chaotic combat, everyone tried to protect and be healed by Father Vei, but we became separated. Two trolls targeted the cleric and he was forced to flee from us. Only I kept up with him and tried to fend off the trolls, to no avail until the Father used a potion of invisibility and the trolls were confused. Their attention turned on me, Father Vei quickly resumed his duties and healed me. Sam was fighting his own way towards us, fighting two trolls and a forest troll, and him and I went back to back and protected Father Vei with our lives. We were lucky to have him, for any less experienced a cleric would have failed us and we would have never gotten out. Our trio fought to the center of battle to find our allies and try to reunite the group. I saw Malby running from a group of trolls. He was bleeding badly. "Malby!" I heard myself scream out, but as Sam and I raced to him three more trolls crossed our path and intercepted us... I heard a final scream as Malby was smothered by the gnarled blades of the troll beasts... Father Vei was still behind us and helped us dispatch the trolls in front of us. We noticed Inferno running from another group of trolls, this one accompanied by a giant, and we called out to him. After circling us a bit, he finally got into our center of protection and once again Father Vei allowed us to fight of the onslaught. Binette soon came and found us as well, and we started a counter-attack. The trolls screamed the order- find and kill the centaur. We rushed to wear we had seen the creature but were stopped many times along the way. Binette flew past a couple trolls and went ahead. That was the last I saw him alive. Rewop was still nowhere to be seen. Sam and I pushed as hard as we could, but we then heard another scream from the trolls, an uproar that felt like a wave of excitement coming from the most evil of sources- "The centaur is dead! We win! Humans lose!" It was all a game to them! We all thought for sure it was a mind trick meant to dishearten us, to crush our spirit, and so we fought onward still. Rewop joined us soon after, asking us if the centaur had really perished. "We"re not sure, but I doubt it," said a confident Sam, and so we searched. One last assault of trolls came, but they were too many for me. ALong with them came the hill giant, and I was struck by him and sent wheeling to the ground. As soon as I got up one of the trolls was on me and even Father Vei could not save me. I was slain. Being in the realm of the dead is not something I wish to repeat. It is such a realm that the nether-demons that run over the earth are everywhere, but none see eachother. We are all entities, but with no substance, a constant limbo of souls walking the earth. There is nothing, nothing but a dull grey, misshapen form of what we once knew so lovingly. Father Vei impressed me here, above all other deeds I have witnessed. I was standing above my former body, the one thing I could still see with certainty- my head clubbed in by the giant, my body a shreaded corpse- when I felt light-hearted. The world became bright, and I saw myself beginning to take form. My corpse still lay there, I saw, but now I saw it differently. I was alive, but how? Father Vei and the others were fighting, so I stripped my body and joined them once again. The trolls seemed to dissapate quickly, and we found the bodies of our fallen comrades. I then saw what Father Vei had done to me. Raising the bodies of Binette, Malby, and Rewop, our force was whole once more. Sam decided we should return to Mirith. Along the way we found a trail of blood and chose to follow it instead. Fighting a few bands of straggling trolls was our reward. After the third group we followed the river back to Mirith. Sam wanted to see the royal family and, perhaps, the clerics Altaira Mei and Nafets. The castle was empty, not even Zexe was to be found. We congregated in front of the Mirith bank and decided to wait for another time to go seek the elusive Centaur. Perhaps Asliendor will be called to speak to the magical creature. Perhaps the mystery behind Zexe"s rambling of the Centaur will be uncovered by him, perhaps by another- but one thing is certain, Centaurs are still alive, at least one, as Zexe, as I, and as the group I traveled with will tell you.

A Letter to King Galandir from Cleric Nafets by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:58
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

A Letter to King Galandir from Cleric Nafets

June 1, 2005

A letter made public courtesy of King Galandir:

My Lord, I am taking the time to write you this letter since I know you would probably be too busy to listen to the thoughts of an old rambling cleric. However, my mind has become very troubled with all the recent events and why, I wish to tell you, for I think decisions have to be taken, and not by me, my Lord. First, I really want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to call upon Mother Mei of Marali to help me cure Zexe. I know it means publicly asking a rival city for help, and the fact that you didn"t even hesitate a second before accepting is enough to show how much Zexe is important to you. I really have bad news about Zexe. I am not sure what the twins did to him, but some wounds even the combined power of Mother Mei and I couldn"t heal. Zexe"s body is really broken apart, and I doubt he will be able to run before a long while. I am not even thinking about fighting. You know Zexe, as soon as I told him that, he got up from his bed and told me all he had to do was to train his body back in good shape, and went to the castle"s training grounds. I should have told him not to go, but the despair I could read in his eyes was enough to persuade me not to allow myself to say anything. Beleth, Mother Mei, and I, followed him to the grounds. It is still hard for me to tell the events that happened back there... We saw Zexe trying to put on a plate armor, I saw the pain on his face when he tried to lift the breast, and I do not dare thinking what would have happened should Mother Mei not have told him to stop torturing himself. He looked at her, I could saw tears in his eyes, then he told her "You are right, maybe it"s still a bit too early... Give me a wooden sword!". Five minuts later, he was panting and a bad hit from a beginner soldier had him to stop for the day... What in hell did those twins do to him? I would give anything to know what happened back there. Also, I am wondering, why has no one written a report on Zexe"s retrieval? Are the heroes of Mirith purposefully hiding something from us? Do they not understand we need to exactly know what happened? Do they not foresee their tales in the future"s history books? Maybe it is a way to punish us for never going on such dangerous ventures with them... Maybe they are not aware of all the Marali, Andris, Black Hands, and the Goddess only knows what else"s spies wandering in Mirith, observing every single movement, hearing every single word ; maybe they do not understand how leaving Mirith, even a few minutes, is only opening it to any potential attack. Maybe, too, I am just too paranoid... I know it would just kill Zexe if you decided to name someone else to replace him, but I also know Mirith cannot stay without an army leader. Maybe hire a royal scout? We can still consult Zexe for military decisions, but we need a new man of arms. Unless... My Lord, before I get into the real purpose of this letter, I wish to tell you Zexe is receiving many visitors. He is really happy about that, and so am I. Some peoples are coming daily, such as the Druid Hoshi Mori, the Ranger Thomas (well, he did miss a day or two, but Hoshi Mori always dropped a word from him), or the Wizard Elefin. I am actually somewhat concerned about her. She is from Andris, and I will not be teaching you anything by telling you Andris" spellcasters are greedy for knownledge, but it really seems like Elefin is more interested in what Zexe has to tell than in his current state... I haven"t seen a single day without her asking him about the Centaur he claims to have seen. My Lord... It is time now I tell you the real purpose of this letter. I know this is nonsense, but I am really starting to believe Zexe. At first I thought it was only a delirium due to his wounds, but with each passing day he seems more and more convinced he actually saw a Centaur. I know it is nonsense, I know what the legends say. I also know that power the Centaurs are rumored to wield probably had hundreds of mad wizards roaming the whole world looking for them... However, I want to believe... If we could find a Centaur... Maybe Zexe... You will probably answer there are too many things going on in Mirith right now to even think about sending a part of the army looking for Centaurs, but I am also sure peoples are willing to help. I am thinking of Elefin, maybe even Thomas and Hoshi Mori, probably Asliendor too, as our librarian reported he borrowed a book on Centaurs quite a few days ago... You will probably be very busy until the Blue Moon festival but please, please think about it. This is probably Zexe"s only chance to ever do the job he was so proud of again.

Your Royal Cleric, -Nafets
The Destruction of the Poison Forges by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:54
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Destruction of the Poison Forges

May 20, 2005

We were lucky to be the 1st ones there. I will try my best to report on the last night's events from our point of view. It all stated, for us, with our suicidal guild master uaja"s unfortunate death in solitude.

We, Abashiri, were quickly formed a rescue team to help him out of the tree maze. After the successful mission of saving uaja, we"ve decided to take a peek at center of the tree maze. We battled our way through Giants, Trolls, Poison elementals & flocks of Harpies and reached the last narrow passage to the center. As we were taking a short break before at the entrance of the passage, we felt like we were being watched.

Here is the excerpt from the log.

"You feel observed."

"Someone is watching you."

(Mephius): we come in peace

Brigand Thug emerged from the forest.

(Brigand Thug): In peace eh?

(Mephius): hello

(burtman): ooooo

(burtman): hi:) There is an awful stench nearby.

(usasa): hi

(Brigand Thug): I thought you were told to stay away from the forges.

(Brigand Thug): What are you doing here?

(uaja): revenge

(Brigand Thug): Revenge?

(Brigand Thug): You seek revenge?

(usasa): we killed yesterday, here

(Brigand Thug): Haha.

(Brigand Thug): In the middle of this maze...

(Brigand Thug): Are the remaining of the poison forges.

(Brigand Thug): If you are here to destroy the forges, then I will have to stop you. (usasa): i see

(Mephius): then you left us no choice=)

(Brigand Thug): I am stronger than you might think.

(Mephius): * shel rel bol *

"Battle has begun."

(Brigand Thug): You will not defeat me easily.

(Mephius): we ll see

(Brigand Thug): I will warn the twins! (

Brigand Thug): Brigands to the help!

*Brigand Thug summoned a few Brigands on us.*

*The battle continues.*

(Brigand Thug): Argh!

Brigand Thug defeated.

(Brigand Thug): The twins will be warned of my death!

(uaja): no-

(Brigand Thug): They will avenge me! The twins are warned!

We then rushed into the center of the tree maze. There we found shelters. I felt a strong urge to set a fire on them. then,

"You hear a loud rumbling. A forge was just destroyed."

There was a forge inside the shelter! We started to lit a fire on each shelters, but there were too many Giants blocking us. Just when the battle was getting out of our hands, the Ghost of Amalpus Vei wandered into the clearance.

(Amalphus Vei): oooOOOoooOOOooo

Although I cannot hear the voice of ghost, the apparition of the well-known cleric was good enough to assure us of the arrival of the cavalry.

After a short while, Aluna, Anon, Asliendor, Bigwig, Brains, Fiver, Inferno, Matthew, nanasisan, Paguun, REDMAN, Sam, (apologies if I missed name.) and Kolarysan arrived to join the battle. Allow me to briefly describe the battle for the ones who weren't there. Main battlefield was at the center of the clearance, where people gatherd tightly in a lump. A lot of Giants, Hill Giants, Poison Elementals, RustBeasts were there to guard the shelter There were also many Brackens blasting lightningbolt from the edge of the clearance which made it difficult to find the forge. However, albeit no strategy or formation to speak of, we managed to win the battle somehow. The battle was tough. Everybody fought well.

"One forge left. PROTECT THE LAST FORGE!!!"

The attacks of the monsters were becoming harder than ever. Potions were running out, the weapons and armors of fighters were wearing down at an alarming rate, spellcaster"s reagents were almost used up. When I also was running out of some reagents, Anon, REDMAN, Mathew kindly spared me some mandrake roots.(Thanks again=))

(Amalphus Vei): Only the forges matter!

(Amalphus Vei): Get the forges!!!!!

While most of the participants were taking monsters"s attack, Some of us were succeeded in reaching the last forge. The shelter was already damaged to half. I took the honor to lit the last firefield on it.

The last forge was destroyed. Yay! For the first time, we left the tree maze in victory. well...almost. On the way out, we were confronted with the Twins, who were blocking the entrance to the Tree maze. My first reaction was *bol flas*, apparently it was a silly move. Here is the excerpt from the log.

(Rasha): Now just SHUT UP and listen to us.

(Fiver): * pur shel des *

(Varsha): What"s that there?

(Mephius): * bol flas *

(Inferno): Soo, varsha do you have a boyfriend?

(Varsha): * Uses Magic Item *

"You can"t cast any spell. You have been muted."

(Rasha): Now, now.

(Varsha): Hmm, who"s next...

(Rasha): Isn"t it much better when they can"t talk...

(Rasha): Listen, peasents, and listen carefully.

(Rasha): The only reason you were able to destroy the forges...

(Rasha): ... Is because someone tried to stop us.

(Rasha): The Royal Guard of Mirith, and we killed him.

(Anon): *stares blankly*

(Anon): Why are you doing that?

(Rasha): We serve the Black Hand. You will hear from us again.

(Varsha): Spoil all the fun, why don"t you!

(Rasha): Celebrate your little victory while it is time.

(Asliendor): *looks at his ring*

(Rasha): Let them run, sister. They are not worth killing.

(Amalphus Vei): They won.....

(Amalphus Vei): Somehow...

(Varsha): Yeah, I suppose you"re right.

(Asliendor): Zexe...

(Amalphus Vei): I am sure this goes to their advantage.

(Varsha): The fun part was killing the guard.

(Asliendor): it cant be

(Rasha): Indeed.

(Asliendor): YOU BASTARDS

(Sam): No.. we have Asliendor

Then Rasha and Varsha disappeard.

We received a reward from the king Galandir afterward at the Mirith castle. Unfortunately, the king Galandir was leaving for bed when I got there. (He still rewarded me 2000gp on his leave *bows*) All I could manage to take notes was that Nafets felt Zexe would be still alive somewhere. Some follow up will be appreciated. Oh, there was a little thing that made me go "hm?".

"You hear loud metal sounds. Something heavy is moving underneath the maze. It sounds like an army is marching under the ground."

But the ladder was surrounded by fire so no one could"ve scramble down. I hope Giants are not making home out of it .

(http://abashiri.org/uaja/obe.cgi) See also uaja's version of a storys in Japanese.

After the Retrieval of the Ring of Thievery by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:50
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

After the Retrieval of the Ring of Thievery

May 16, 2005

The following is a letter from Palmer to Bartholomew, to be shown to citizens of Lerilin and Mirith.

Dear friends, I am writing to you this morning, many leagues away from our victorious campaign last night. I would like to thank those who heeded the King"s call on the Great Horn of Mirith and helped defeat the agents of the Black Hand at their base near Mirith. I do not know if this was their true headquarters, but I do suspect that it was a primary location from which to launch attacks on Mirith and the surrounding lands of Galandir"s kingdom. I congratulate you on your victory, but I also warn you not to resort to complacency in this most dangerous hour. A great alliance between two sister races is at risk. As a young man and a merchant sailor, I once had the unfortunate accident of being knocked unconscious and thrown overboard during a heavy storm at sea. Needless to say, I was surprised to wake up and not only find myself alive, but also find myself in the company of a member of a very unusual race. That individual became my dear friend, Nita, and her people are the Mhara, perhaps related to the old legends of what my father called, in his stories, "merfolk." Nita introduced me to some of her people, and with some reluctance, they came to accept her association with me as I was stranded on an island, allowing the bones in my left leg to fuse together again. As the years passed on, my friendship with Nita and some of her people became stronger, but for the most part, I have been their only liaison with the world of Man. It had been many years since I had seen her, but when I had to flee Lerilin lest the Black Hands come to our town in search of me, Nita found me and her friends aided me in my escape. When I expressed my worries over the safety of Lerilin and the threat posed by the Black Hands on our lands, Nita readily volunteered to help protect Lerilin and aid the effort against the Black Hands and Yadeth, the renegade mage. I did not know, at that time, the full extent of her thoughts. It turns out that, even before Yadeth and the Black Hands attacked Mirith, the poisoning of the waters was already beginning. Mhara scouts on the fringes of their territory first started noticing small pockets of dead sea creatures, and then they themselves return from the borders, weak and ill. Later, even the great beasts, the sea serpents, were beaching themselves in desparate attempts to escape the poison in the waters. When she found me, she decided to seize the opportunity to help "the surfacefolk" by aiding in the defeat of Yadeth with hopes that we would repay the favor. Nita is not only the foremost healer of the Mhara, but she is also one of their princesses and a member of their royal family. Kolarysan, her brother, is the leader of their military and diplomatic forces. I have never met their father who rarely comes to the surface of the sea for the lack of affairs worth noting, but I have come to see him as being a shrewd and wise leader. As far as I can tell, Nita must have fought a hard battle with her father and his council to gain permission to contact humans other than me. I believe they fear that the instability and lack of adherence to honor of the surfacefolk and their constant warfaring will lead to the downfall of the Mhara. Nevertheless, Nita pushed forward with hopes of forging an alliance between our two races. Now, I am writing this letter by her side, and I"m trying my best to keep the ink dry from tears. Many of her people have fallen to this mysterious illness, and she traveled far on her own to retrieve rare herbs and medicines to help her people. I hear that she even traveled up the river to Mirith to contact members of the Mirith Vanguard, a trip which likely exposed her to great amounts of the poison. We now know that this illness is caused by the poison from the Poison Forges in the Troll-Giant fortress in the forest maze; it is likely that the monsters are dumping the poison into the rivers. The illness caused by the poison, furthermore, has not been treatable using conventional cleric magery, which leads me to believe that this poison is unnatural. I write to you to urge you to stay vigilant and be brave in this final attempt to destroy the remaining poison forges. I am counting on you, as is Nita. I will do my best to keep her comfortable and keep her hopes up, for if she dies, so does our chance to find a great friendship between our peoples. I do not fear for my own life since it is worthless in comparison to that of my friend. I only regret that we could not act sooner, and that it took so long for word of the plight of the Mhara to spread amongst the peoples of Oberin. If Nita and I die, I fear the consequences for those whom Kolarysan has identified as being responsible.

Be brave, Palmer
Chronicle of Various Recent Events by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:46
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Chronicle of Various Recent Events

May 16, 2005

A brief chronicle of a few events of late: The Mirith Castle was beset upon by undead. The undead were dispached and none of the Nobility was reported injured. No representative was available for comment. Altaira Mei, the Cleric of Marali, enlisted a group of adventurers to help retrieve an item from a rogue band of rust and poison beasts. Later, when the mission was accomplished, an arguement broke out about military discipline and tactics. Some basic formations were discussed and tried, with varied results. A plea for help from Seth resulted in his aide and apprentice, Eve, agreeing to help us. She appears to be a competant wizard, if a little unworldy. A group of adventurers led by Asliendor was ambushed by a small group of brigands and a few giants. Casualties were embarrasingly high. Zara showed up and appeared to have been tracking the brigands. Some words were exchanged but little was learned. Mayor Palmer of Lerilin and King Galandir of Mirith enlisted a large force of brave souls to assault a Black Hands headquarters. The idea being to retrieve a valuable ring that is usually posessed by the leader of the Black Hands. I was not present at the battle, but it appears to have been successful.

Poison Forges by Liaraen on 11 Jul 2012 : 03:39
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Poison Forges

May 8, 2005

Ah, a busy day again and I find myself worn, but seeing as no one else seems inclined to writes this out, I shall be the chronicler of these events. To save time, I will take and exert out of my daily Journal to cover this event.

[nonsensical date]: Today passed much uneventfully, I thought it would be one little worth remembering. I went to seek some Braken, figuring I would seek to destroy some of the abominations... its not fun, but its duty. To aim to be a Warden is to have duty... [removed section] Ah! How many times have a rambled on that of late! Neither the less as I returned, passing the wall of trees that made the tree maze. Something of a mystery, I knew what lay inside from Sight of course, but I had never ventured in. Understandable I has surprised to hear a familiar voice calling my name "Alimilw!" it said before the clash of blades rose again... I hurried into the maze, encounter a giants that I sent on its way with a quickly chanted spell and whirling twister of poison that I brought under my will. As I reached them, Shogun, Asliendor, Bob, Will, Father Vei, Teron, and Malby, I found them badly beleaguered and running low on reagents, their armor in scrap. I joined the fight, but it was but one of many. We saw restocking was in order. We withdraw to Duldrus to recoup. There Shogun left us, but I reached into my more dubious powers to contact a few wizard friends, and soon Reejair showed up, between him and Malby, our armor was repaired and katanas were forged anew. We met Hunnugh on the way, who by misunderstanding, had been heading directly to the tree maze. He poisoned the weaponry, and we were ready to seek our foes. At that point, I was still in the dark as to what we were risking lives for, but my trust was in the others. We fought. I donned armor, a drew my sword, I remember little, my blades flashed, trolls blades flashed, they fell, our hard working cleric healed my wounds before I could succumb to them... I remember the thunderous impacts of giant clubs... and screeching of harpies... the thunder of the wizards bolts as the flashed through the air, crisping my foes. We found several strange structures, I thought not of them, we smashed them. Now later, I wish I had study them. But to what can you expect after being hit by a giant dozens of times? I picked up the tricks of blade awhile back, and somethings you never forget, but I"ll never be a good living shield... Still, what can I do now? Its too late... ah I get ahead of myself. Well as we entered the final clearing we meet two people who named themselves Rasha and Varsha... I knew them from the Black Hand, even here I don"t write how come to know these things. Quickly judging from the contemptuous banter that they were guarding the Poison Forges, the structures we had been smashing, and knowing that time was now limited, I stepped around them and attacked another, bringing and elemental under my will as I did so, and bidding it to assault as well. I ignored the twins, they would attack sooner or later, but a giants come in swing and started smashing me, which made further think hard. I destroyed the Forge and turned on the giant. It was than Rasha turned on me, slashing his poisoned sword in combinations with the Giants blow, my armor could not hold up, the healing I counted on stopped... the world spun and I died. It was shock. Though I remember little, I drifted back to the temple at Mirith, there my fellows also stood. None had stood against the twin such is the power. There is a key to their defeat, and the are not that good I don"t think... They had a special power in them that day. I will try to find what it is." [the passage ends] There, be satisfied. Although I should add that while than, weary, I napped, the others went to the King. I glanced in on them with me powers, but saw little of interest to my weary self, something about cursed weapons. I saw the king, flanked by his magical advisor"s, conversing with my fellows and decided it was all in hand, and went to sleep, now, going to rest again, I place this in the hands of those who will make it public to all till I withdraw to the woods were I rest.

- Alimilw