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A Riddle in the Graveyard by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 02:05

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

A Riddle in a Graveyard

July 4, 2005

I was on the way from Lerilin to Mirith when I heard the familiar disembodied voice... "Discordia..." - the word now becoming more and more familiar to the good people of Oberin, the news came almost immediately afterwards: unusual monster activity in Lerilin 's cemetery. Turning round and gathering up my robes I hurried back whence I had come to find what was happening. As I arrived I found battle already in progress, healing one of the combatants I noticed a poor soul who had already fallen to the brackens now leering malevolently from the gate, hurling lightning at Lerilin 's protectors. As they were beaten I familiarised myself with the current situation in the graveyard: two long lines of flame created a narrow pathway through which any attacks would have to travel to get inside, guarded at one end by another group of brackens. On the far side of the flames swarmed undead, fire elementals, poison beasts and even a few of the hulking bluish frost giants, their axes sparkling with ice. The flames forced us to proceed in single file, which did not end well for the young, but eager warrior at the front. As the bracken tore through his flesh and he fell others pressed on, wizards with their own flames set the brackens ablaze, the stench of burning filled the battleground. One by one as flames took hold the warriors stepped out of the lines of flame and moved towards the giants and other beasts. Spells flew through the air and mages hurried to catch up with the fighters.

The beasts were quickly overwhelmed, all that was found behind them was a short note: Kill her... Before she kills you - B

As we were departing the smoking cemetery, pondering what this cryptic message might mean the voice called out again, "Discordia... " - Father Vei
Birek McCalla, new Royal Guard of Mirith by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 02:02

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Birek McCalla, new Royal Guard of Mirith

July 3, 2005

It gives me great pleasure to inform everyone that I, formely the Major of the army of Marali, will become the new temporary Royal Guard of Mirith. I hope to bring new hope and stability to Mirith and help in any way that I can. I will be travelling to Mirith soon in order to formally accept this honor. Thanks to the Royals of Mirith for giving me this opportunity and extending an olive branch of peace; to Father Amalphus Vei for nominating me and negotiating the terms of my appointment; and to my former superiors in Marali - Commander Maximus Adams, Commander Adelphius Kang, and General Valencia Falvo - who have allowed me to take a leave of absence in order to serve Oberin. I sincerely hope that this will be a new dawn of better relations between the powers of Oberin. I only wish to serve the common Good as best as I can. Thank you.

- Birek McCalla Former Marali Major Current Mirith Royal Guard

PS - I hope to be meeting with citizens of the fair city of Mirith and anyone else interested in helping out the cause of a better Oberin in the coming days.'
Missing Senator by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 02:00

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Missing Senator

July 1, 2005

A letter from Senator Lancaster to the people of Oberin:Dear Oberin citizens,

It is alarming news that Senator Morgans has disappeared, and it is uncertain whether she has been kidnapped or killed. Commander Robertson reported that he had traveled with Senator Morgans through the first three checkpoints along the road between Mirith and Andris after her diplomatic mission to Mirith during which she formally requested a trial for the Royal Guard Zexe (who is implicated in murder of Senator Waltham). Senator Morgans informed Commander Robertson of the reluctance of the Royal Family of Mirith to have a trial outside of Mirith, although Senator Morgans herself confirmed that the Royal Guard is actually in suitable condition to be transported to Andris for a fair trial. After that point, Andris guards escorted her through one more checkpoint, and then she disappeared unaccounted for. Her escort was found dead beside the road with a broken neck, and tattered pieces of cloth from her Senator"s robe were found nearby. Whoever did this must be punished! I am deeply disturbed by this event, particularly since the only people who were informed about this diplomatic mission were the Senators of Andris, the Andris guards, and the Royal Family of Mirith. It is imperative that the trial of Zexe, the Royal Guard of Mirith, for involvement in the murder of Senator Waltham be expedited before anything else happens. If the Royal Family refuses to allow Zexe to be transported to Andris for a fair trial in front of impartial citizens, then by that action they are confirming his guilt and will be harboring an enemy of the state. The state of Andris will have no choice but to react defensively.

Sincerely, Senator Lancaster
Encounter with Craussar by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 01:58

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Encounter with Craussar

June 28, 2005

It started, as so many of these things do, at the Mirith Bank. A quite sizeable group of adventurers was standing around, with little to do when a man dressed in black staggered up to us and collapsed at our feet. It was Major Birek McCalla of Marali, exhausted and injured. As I healed his wounds he told us what had brought him to us.

Strange things going on at Aborek, an ancient dragon, ?egreen as the grass, ' immediately we deduced it must be Crassaur, the mighty forest dragon who had taken the body of Willow Hauksen. Birek told us he had seen it arguing with something, but could not tell us what, however something had forced it into Aborek. After a short time for armour repairs we made ready to investigate, Birek, having warned us to take care, returned to Marali. Our force assembled; Arjun, Asliendor, Grove, Immolated, Legsalot, Scythe and Sieglinde, the wizards Karad and Konkrax, and Chronica and myself the clerics. We decided to raft up the river towards Aborek, a quicker and safer way than the roads.

The journey passed without anything worthy of note, the few trolls that decided to mug us were quickly repelled by volleys of arrows, even the fighters in our group seemed practised with archery. As we approached the crumbling ruins, vines now twisting over ancient masonry, we felt the recent passage of a very powerful being. Stepping through the holes in the rusted iron bars we felt a sudden rush of wind and were set on by air elementals, lashing at us with the fury of a hurricane. The warriors fought valiantly and the winds were quelled, however this onslaught made us proceed cautiously thereafter. Journeying down to the first level of the dungeon we were met by a large mixed force; gapers, elementals and undead skeletons. A few had chased our scouts back up, so it was not a hard task to deal with them, not as hard as what was to come.

Down in the darkness the moans and screams never cease, they work to set the teeth on edge and the shadows seem to have a life of their own. In fact the shadows turned out to have the opposite of life: the clattering of old bones assaulted our ears as a horde of skeletal warriors marched forward. Waiting until I could see nothing else but the unholy terrors I unleashed a wave of divine magic, then another, the foul powers holding them in animation faltered and failed. Alas there were yet more of them, and now our fighters and rangers were engaging them, sword to sword. Without enough energy to damage these I returned to healing, and with the bravery of the warriors the undead were beaten. The journey downwards continued, on different levels we faced different foes and all the while the mocking voice of Crassaur roared defiance from the depths. Lava spiders fell, giants were subdued, yet more undead fell before, the dreaded rust beasts took their toll on the fighters, but they too were slain.

On the penultimate level we faced Craussar 's final summonings. So mighty was he that an ice dragon had been called forth to do his bidding. It charged at us, snarling and roaring, biting and clawing, many swords bit into its frosty scales, and it breathed its last. The way to Crassaur was clear. Asliendor went first and spoke with the ancient beast. The dragon revealed little, he had been attacked and forced into Aborek, but more he would not reveal, save that a great Seer had betrayed him. He was prepared to die in battle against us, but as he attacked the toll his minions had taken on the fighters was revealed. We could not heal well enough as his jaws closed on the fighters, one by one falling into the grey world of death. As the last of them fell Crassaur departed the dungeon, his last words to us ?ewe will meet again. ' I brought back those who had fallen, and with a heavy hard looked around the area the dragon had been. A cold chest was left behind, and in it was the body of Willow Hauksen. We had not journeyed all the way down for nothing. We left the dark place, taking solace in our one achievement, and returned to civilisation.

- Father Vei
Announcement to the Free Citizens of Andris by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 01:52

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Announcement to the Free Citizens of Andris

June 23, 2005

This letter has been posted on all public forums in the city of Andris: My fellow citizens of Andris, I regret to warn you of the grave nature of my announcement today. Some of our brave citizens were present when our late Senator Waltham, may his soul rest in peace, was discovered near the West Gate after this year"s Blue Moon Festival. Furthermore, some of you may have realized that the Royal Cleric Nafets and I found part of a badge of a Guard of Mirith in the bushes just next to the body of our fallen Senator. Friends, it has just been discovered that the badge came from none other than the uniform of the Captain of the Royal Guard of Mirith, a man named Zexe. Senator Reynold Waltham has been an intelligent and wise leader in Andris for almost twenty years. He has presided over the peace that we have kept with our neighbors and guided our city with a hand of justice and compassion. It is with a heavy heart that I take the position of Speaker for the Senate of Andris in his absence, though his excellence and the glory he has brought to Andris will not be forgotten. However, despite his wisdom and fair diplomacy, it is clear that a Threat has grown in the dark recesses that escape our logic and reasoning. Though we have always conducted our affairs with reason and good will, it appears that there are those who seek to take from us and hurt us, we, the people of Andris. Although we have been kind and good, we have also been careless and failed to protect ourselves when the signs showed us danger. It has been two years since the death of our comrade and friend, Senator Winston. Senator Winston, like Senator Waltham, was also murdered, though our investigations were never able to conclusively determine the source of the crime. However, even then, the evidence that did exist suggested that Mirith may have played a role in the event. Now, the possibility arises that these two events may be linked. Friends, citizens of Andris, we have tried our best to be reasonable, but the world will not reason as we do. Where diplomacy has failed, the strength of our hearts and our loyalty must prevail. Our loyalty and devotion to Andris, the city that has given us everything we hold dear to our hearts. Andris, the city with a name that means Freedom and Liberty, Justice and Equality. If you, as I do, believe in these things and in Andris, I ask you to prepare yourselves for the dark days ahead. Fathers and mothers, you are asked to protect yourselves and your loved ones, and to donate to this new cause. Young men and women, only you can be the strength that Andris needs now, because only you have the energy and the spirit to fight for your loved ones and posterity. Ask not what Andris can do for you, but what you can do for Andris.

**Our recruiters will be waiting inside the Great Hall as we organize and prepare to defend our city from this Threat. Report for duty to General Robertson.**

Men and women of Andris, this is a time for us to be strong and show the world who we really are, how powerful we can be when we are on the side of Right. Be prepared, and long live Andris and Freedom!

-Senator Gordon Lancaster
Senator Waltham - RIP by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 01:50

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Senator Waltham - RIP

June 20, 2005

It is with a heavy heart that I send this message to the citizens of Oberin. Today, in the waning hours of the Blue Moon festival in Andris, an atrocity was committed. Senator Waltham was assassinated. To complicate matters, a royal seal from Mirith was found at the scene. With tension between the cities of Oberin already high, I urge all citizens to avoid making any rash decisions that may compromise relations any further. In such troubled times, it has become more important than ever that we remain united as a nation. I can assure you that a full investigation is underway, and I respectfully request that each adventurer inform the appropriate authorities immediately if any new information comes to light. May the good senator rest in peace. -Hunnugh
The Voice, the Dragons and the Leaf by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 01:40

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Voice, the Dragons and the Leaf

June 16, 2005

It was some time in the early evening yesterday when a few of us were standing at the Mirith bank, just passing the time, when we heard the mysterious tones of the one known to us simply as "B" - the one who haunts and taunts in the dark.

We were treated to the usual mocking and half clues he, or she, likes to throw our way from what seems like empty air, this time however he, I shall use he henceforth, he seemed to be playing a different game from his usual. By various means he led us out of the city, speaking in riddles of a gathering army. A few giants, it seems called into existence by him, delayed us, but we dealt with them, and with the constant teasing and enigmatic commentary on our progress, in time we arrived at Lerilin. At this point I was unexpectedly detained, so I cannot be quite as concise as I would like. I will continue from when I was able to return my attentions to B. I am not quite sure how much later it was when I looked in my orb to see where the group I had been with was. To my horror I realised their location was the Black Isle. Never a pleasant place with the recent collapse of the portal system it can only be reached by a long sea journey, and as a lone cleric I fear what lurks beneath the waves. Heart racing I crossed the ocean, my only hope that by avoiding concentrations of turtles I might also evade the serpents that tend to inhabit the same areas. I survived the journey with only one or two serpent sightings, arriving at the temple in the south-east corner of the black isle, its only entrance save the portal. Hurrying further into the island the sounds of battle reached my ears, lava and frost spiders swarmed across grass covered with bloody and burnt patches. Against them I saw several I knew, the Mhara Princess Nita, Birek McCalla, the soldier of Marali, Commander Asliendor, Aluna, the druid, the wizard Phoenix and more whose names I was not so familiar with. Immediately I fell into the familiar habits of a cleric in battle, looking all over the battle field for those with injuries and calling upon the holy magic to knit broken bone, bind sinew and muscle back together, undo burns and restore flesh to its natural health. Once the battle had died down I was able to have a good look at the situation, within the islands eastern fort, behind a wall of deadly brackens was a red dragon, mightiest of the natural beasts of Oberin. Around this time the voice spoke again, speaking of evening the odds. With this said Birek and Nita were suddenly surrounded by a forest of dead trees, blocking their movement and preventing them from assisting in the battle. We were still being battered by the spiders, bolstered by frost giants when someone, I do not know who, destroyed one of the bracken, and the dragon was released, scattering us all to various parts of the island. I found later that the dragon, after killing several of us, established itself at the temple, the island 's exit, waiting there confident that nothing could leave without passing it. With our group now in scattered tatters and the temple beyond our reach death claimed many, someone had rushed inside the fort with the dragon absent and set off a trap, dozens of snakes now slithered into the fray. I do not know about the battles on other parts, but I busied myself keeping the few living I could see from joining the ranks of the dead. As one of those blessed with the ability to return life to the recently deceased I had a small group of ghosts following me around. Those with me fought off many spiders, snakes and giants, until, at last, we had a relatively safe area to recuperate. Nita was suffering from too long spent without her native water and the voice of B informed us he would release one of those he had trapped. We had no choice, Nita would have died if we had left her trapped. After a brief meditation to recover my energies we set off to find the bodies of the departed and bring them back from the grey world. Most corpses were watched over by the killers, but with our small group growing with everyone returned we were able to deal with the divided foes without much trouble. It was then we turned our attentions to the western fort, now home to an ice dragon, accompanied by a contingent of frost giants. Only one bracken blocked the freezing death that would soon spill out. Unfortunately once again a mistake was made, the bracken was destroyed and the monsters flooded out into our unprepared group, someone lured the dragon away to a far corner of the island while the rest of us dealt with the giants. Inside I found the final of the silver leaves I had been searching for for so long. The giants did not put up as much resistance as I had feared, it was just the two dragons left. Asliendor had spoken with Birek earlier, and borrowed his greater protection ring, better to battle the red, and now we planned to use its power to slay its icy cousin. Assembling a small group of mages we set off to the reported location, the north-east corner. Asliendor brandishing a flaming sword, better to combat the creature, and there it was. It charged, but with the ring 's magic we healers were able to keep up with bites and clawings. At one point the foolish druid Alidar brought a frost giant into the battle, almost ruining our chances of success. Phoenix acted quickly, killed the druid and, drawing the giant 's attention with a burst of flames took it away from Asliendor and the now weakening dragon. At last with one swift move the dragon was pierced by the fiery blade and lay dead at our feet. Gathering all of our forces we went back to the dark copse where Birek was trapped. While the others spoke with him I went to assess the situation with the red dragon, who had us rather at his mercy. With no ability to fight, negotiation was our only hope. I spoke to the dragon, hoping to work out some bargain or service we could provide him in order to leave in safety. The great beast spoke, smoke curling from its nostrils, he claimed the leaf as his, demanding to be given it, or something of equal value for us to leave. The details of the conversation are not clear in my mind, but in the end Birek, still trapped, threw me his ring of protection to exchange for safe passage. After a tense moment of doubt the dragon accepted the powerful trinket, and we returned in safety to Lerilin. I know my account is not entirely clear, or as complete as I would like, but I hope it serves to tell what happened to those who were not there. To those who were, and have not yet received rewards for their efforts, please find me and I will make amends.

Bless you all, my children. - Father Vei
The Portals by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 01:36

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Portals

June 15, 2005

I have some rather bad news to narrate. Some of you may already have experienced this, but may not know the cause, some of you may not have heard the news yet. The Portals of Oberin are deactivated. Last night Seth announced that he was ready to activate the Fire Portal, something he had been researching and planning since just about the first time I met him, if not before. A group of us went with him and watched as he performed the complex black magic incantation necessary to reactivate the dormant device. Alas when he was done the bold pioneer who had offered to journey through first had no success. The crystal dropped to the floor like a stone. After several attempts Seth looked through his research notes, and found an error had been made. Instead of activating this portal he had disabled the entire system throughout Oberin. I am sure he is working his hardest to find the way to undo this damage, and he has said he will contact us as soon as his research is done. Until then we cannot rely on the portals as we used to, communications will, no doubt, suffer and many of our habits may be forced to change. Until this situation is rectified, may you all fare well.

-Father Vei

The Blue Moon Festival in Andris on Sunday, 2pm EST! by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 01:33

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Blue Moon Festival in Andris on Sunday, 2pm EST!

June 14, 2005

'The following letter has been delivered by messengers of Andris to all of the major cities and towns of Oberin:

Greetings, peoples of Oberin! I am proud to announce the arrival of the long-awaited event: the Blue Moon Festival of Andris! Merchants, traders, thespians, and adventurers from all of Oberin will congregate in our city as the Blue Moon reaches its zenith. Please bring your friends and family to the greatest annual festival in all of Oberin! Myself and my fellow Senators (Clarissa Morgans, Elsa Anderson, and Reynold Waltham) will be conducting the events. Please enter our fair city through the Western Gate.

There are a few basic regulations to follow at the festival:

- Clothing is required at all times.

- All purchases are final.

- No weapons may be drawn within the walls during the Festival. All blades must remain sheathed, and pole arms and mace weaponry must be left at the bank.

- No fighting is allowed.

- Pets must be left in the stable outside the Western Gate. Our stablekeepers will keep them happy!

[The Blue Moon Festival will begin on Sunday, June 19, 2005, promptly at 20 pm Eastern Standard Time and end no later than 50 pm EST.]

Sincerely, Senator Gordon Lancaster of Andris

P.S. This is your last chance to sign-up for the Dramatic Scene contest! Please reply to Senator Morgans's letter.

-Senator Lancaster

The Ranger and the Assassin by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 01:32

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Ranger and the Assassin

June 12, 2005

Scythe, Arjun and me were walking toward Mirith, i had some business with a collector near this town, when we saw a Hell Hound feeding itself on a corpse. We quiclky killed the beast and started to think about burriying the corpse of the poor man, when a man with the same physical traits showed up. Luckily, he was resurected and his new body showed no marks of his encounter with the beast. His name was Onslaught and he seemed happy that his equipment was still there and not buried. After thanking us many times, we said goodbyes and we left. When closing in to the portal, we noticed a figure that was running away in the forest. We tried to follow it but it was very fast. Since we were near the collector I wanted to see, I went to see him. Then Arjun came running and was saying something about tracks. We went to look and saw some tracks, they were very hard to see but we managed to see in wich way they were going. The tracks were moving toward the river, so we crossed it and saw a man, the second he noticed us he started to run again. Unfortunately for us, we found a family of Harpies, we had to dispose of them before conyinuing with our investigation. After taking care of the Harpies, we started to look for the tracks again, but with all the blood it was hard. We finally found some tracks that were pointing to the river again, so it meant that our mysterious man went to the other side. So once again we crossed the river and met there a trader that I hadnt seen in weeks. We quickly questionned him but he unfortunately saw nothing. So we dicided to search the area for any tracks. I noticed some taht some twigs on a tree were broken and pointing north. We went this way and found a small island. Our elusive man was there and he was running around the island while being chased by Arjun and Scythe. I decided to block his path. He then disapeared. We looked for him and he attacked us by surprise, but attacking 3 Rangers alone was a big mistake. He then ran to hide in the trees circle in the middle of the island. With Arjun we blocked the only exit and Scythe decided to look around, to make sure he didnt deceived us. When we were certain he was still trapped I said to him that he was trapped and that he couldnt escape us. He then showed himself claiming that he didnt wanted to kill us but that he would if we didnt let him leave. Of course we didnt let him leave, so he drew his blade. I took my blade also and Arjun and Scythe took their bows out. The battle was short but very violent. I hit him so hard that i broke his sword and shield. He then admitted defeat. We tried to make him talk but he wouldntsay anything. Then he made us an offer : he talk and he can leave. We accepted and started to question him. We were able to get very few informations from him, we only were able to find that he was looking for someone in Mirith that had something his employer wanted. Unfortunately he never wanted to tell us what and who. The only usefull information we were able toget from him was that his emplyers is a trader. After treatening his life several times, we found out nothing more, so we let him go at one condition. Never show himself near Mirith again or we would kill him without hesitation. He then ran away promising to never show himself again. We will try to investigate to find who was targeted and who is the employer, but with so less informations it will be a hard task, we hope to be able to discover the truth.

-Bob Binette