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Massacre at Port Gast by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 23:15

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Massacre at Port Gast

July 23, 2005To all it may concern,

As of the time of this writing, Birek McCalla, the druid Starfire, Arjun, Two warriors Tuck and Immolated, and I have just returned from Port Gast. What we saw there was a complete massacre. We went to the small town to help evacuate the people living there; King Galandir felt it was vulnerable, and as such sent the Royal Guard to deliver the citizens back to Mirith, a much safer place for them. My companions and I went to aid him incase of disaster, which is lucky for that is exactly what we found. When we arrived there, it was occupied by a small force of Lizard men and Mercenaries. We dispatched them easily, with no casualties. Unfortunately, a quick search of the buildings revealed that we had come too late, and the attackers had already slain all those who lived there. After another short search, we headed towards the the bridge to Andris, and sealed the gate there. I mention this to any merchants or traders who would be going that way. It was a neccessary precaution that had to be taken to ensure the safety of Miriths people from Lancasters minions. Soon afterwards, we returned to Mirith. In short, Lancaster"s men have attacked Port Gast. No survivors were found, it was an absolute massacre. To all those who remain neutral, I implore you, help stand against Lancaster. He is bent upon the conquest of Oberin, and will stop at nothing to fulfill his goals.

-Timlaer the Sorcerer
What I Have Seen in Andris by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 23:13

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

What I Have Seen in Andris

July 22, 2005

To the people of Oberin:

I am making this an official account of what I have seen in my short time scouting Andris. This is a first hand view of what has been going on in the city and outside of it. The town is sealed, closed to all but a few citizens. The gates are patrolled by guards. The town is clearly now under martial law.

I have seen Vanderbilt, the army"s new General - he spends most of his time patrolling the grounds around Andris with a company of mercenaries. However, it is what he does with his remaining time on duty I must tell you. I have seen, with my own eyes, this Vanderbilt take corpses and feed them to the stabled animals outside the city. I saw him do this a handfull of times. On two occasions, I had the horror to discover that I recognized one of the bodies - the man in charge of the bank was one, and the troll Uly that Bob Binette had fought so hard to protect, who had been kept by the stablehand at Mother Mei"s request, was the other. I watched in horror as both bodies, as well as perhaps a half dozen others, were devoured by the various beasts kept in the stables. The mercenary army is sizeable, at least 100 soldiers by my last count.

I have seen Vanderbilt run his men through exercises, then run through some sort of "War Game" simulation, where they simulate taking a village by force. New recruits arrived this evening, and they keep coming. Lancaster now has far more soldiers than would be required to defend Andris - it is clear he plans on using these soldiers to attack the rest of Oberin. Friends, some of you may have problems with me.

Some may not trust me. Some undoubtedly hate me. In any case, I felt that it was best if everyone knows and understands what I have discovered. To stand idly by while such a man continues to amass an army and kills his citizens... such condonation of atrocities is unfathomable. Thank you for your time. I will be in Mirith soon to discuss strategies in defending our fair city and the lands ruled by good King Galandir.

-Birek McCalla Royal Guard of Mirith
The Diary of Nafets by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 23:11

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Diary of Nafets

July 21, 2005

Much had happened this day. Roticafe and nanasisan, the two he considered as heroes of the day, had just walked out of his room and Nafets did the only thing he still had enough strenght to : he fell on his bed and closed his eyes.

His whole body was aching, not a single of his muscles were not begging for sleep, but even here, laid on this bed prepared by Araine herslelf, with the sweet scent of her perfume warped around the sheets, there was too much in his head to be able to find rest.

*The Death of Zexe, Elefin, Lancaster, B... Everything was somehow linked... Zexe... Elefin...*

His eyes were wide opened now. He was trying to remember how it all began... It felt like an eternity had passed since Zexe was setting up plans for the Vanguard to destroy the poison forges... Of course, he never told anyone about the fight he had planned... Years ago, Varsha stabbed him in the back, and he always wanted him dead for the huge scar that was running on his back like a torrent in the mountains. What that a reason for him to go and litterally suicide himself? Zexe was not dumb... There must have been something else.

Too far... Way too far... This morning"s events already seemed like they happened a week ago... Wearing only a black robe, the events of Zexe"s death running again and again in his head like a curse cast on his whole soul, he was standing in the library when... Wait a minute... In the library...

As fast as it took for his body to fall on the bed, Nafets rose. A minute later, he was already rushing down the stairs. In the throne room, hidden behind a pillar, he saw Asliendor. The man was in a bad shape. Apparently, he didn"t notice him, or maybe he didn"t want to. Nafets had others things to do anyway. Quickly walking towards the library, he could hear a sweet but troubled feminine voice talking about Lancaster and Andris. Another femining voice was agreeing on every thing the first would say. He did not pay much attention. All that was left of his strenght was focused on the library.

All that was left of his mind was praying the Goddess it was still here. It better be, ooh yes, it better.

His first relief when he pushed the door was to see that, apparently, no one entered the library after he left. He looked in the corner where it was supposed to be, but could not see anything. His heart started beating faster. He was tired, adrenaline was flowing in his body like Black Magic would in someone whose Gate just opened. He looked around, scruting every dark corner of the room, but didn"t find anything. He tried to calm down, to think of where could he have put it.

The only thing he could remember is throwing it away, both out of anger for what he was feeling and of shame for realizing someone was entering the library while he was doing such a thing. He opened his eyes again. The answer became clear to him. He looked under the bookshelf, and finally found it.

The parchment was torn here and there, but nothing unreadable. He went back to his room, lit a candle, and began reading what he had done so far.

The first few pages of the Diary of Nafets.

How many weeks did he stay in this state? How many days had the Silver Dragon Claw been preventing him from moving any muscle? Am I to blame for being so protective? Now I know I will never be able to answer all those questions.

When King Galandir finally allowed me to gather an escort to bring Zexe to the Centaurs, I could think of nothing else. I ignored all my duties for the few days that followed. I told Brother Vei to gather an escort of trustworthy people and to get ready to go as soon as possible.

King Galandir had warned me of one thing : We were to bring Zexe to the Centaurs, but under no circumstance should any Guard or civilian that was not part of the escort see or know about it. My plan was simple : disguise Zexe, and bring him in the pub, in his state, he could easily be mistaken for a drunk commoner. The escort would them arrive and "kick him out of town", of course actually bringing him to the Centaurs. I spoke of this to Beleth, to quote his words, "Brilliant."

Retrieving the Silver Dragon Claw, with all the dust it lifted, allowed Zexe to stay in a sedated state for all these days. Beleth warned me removing the necklace in which the claw was attached could be dangerous for Zexe"s body, but this time I had to. Sedated, he would have been too heavy to handle with care, and the Goddess knew how fragile he became at that point. I would never have guessed, however, that what happened a few hours after I removed it could be possible...

As I was removing the artifact from his chest, I told Zexe of my plans. It took him no longer than a few seconds to open his eyes again, and nod in agreement. He was calm, strangely calm for someone whose weakness was about to end. Maybe he was in a much worse state than I had imagined...

Bringing him to the pub was much easier than I expected. With these days of sedation, his wounds and bones had gotten better. Everything was ready, and I already knew the few minutes that separated me from Brother Vei"s and the escort"s arrival would feel like an eterny...

"- How unusual for you to be here, Father Nafets. Is there anything I can do for you or... Your strange fella over here?" The bartender asked. He had not recognized Zexe, which was a very good sign.

"Thank you Child, but I need no help, I am just waiting for a few friends to help me casting this drunkard out of town."

"I can help you, Father, it would not be the first drunkard I..."

"How about you bring me some water? I interrupted."

No offense Father, but she will be pissed if he is still her when she arrives."

"She?" I was worried the tone in my voice would reveal my real fear, but it seemed the Bartender was already focused on something else and probably didn't even hear my question, for *She* was already there.

I recognized her as she pulled the door open. Her young and sweet face, granted with that unique and yet so beautiful smile, her wonderful black hair wildly falling on her yellow robe, with which the wind sometimes allowed me to get a grasp at how beautiful her body was... Elefin entered the pub.

I remember once asking Asliendor if his girlfriend was worthy of trust enough to be part of the escort, which he agreed without hesitating. As much as my senses were troubled by her beauty, Zexe"s life was at stake, and that was enough to make me paranoid about everyone. Especially about a wizard from Andris. I was hoping to get to spend some time with her, learn more about her, but it only took a few minutes for her boyfriend to enter the pub. I was still waiting for Vei. Watching Asliendor and Elefin hugging each other made it feel like a whole hour was wasted with every second.

Asliendor"s attention got on the man that was sit next by me. He told me he was sure he already saw him somewhere. I pretended Zexe was "Ralph, that guy from the sewers. He's pretty drunk, I'm considering helping him leaving Mirith to get some fresh air".

That was a pretty pathetic lie, mostly because I was almost positive Asliendor was part of the escort, but I wanted to wait for Brother Vei before making any move. It didn't take long for Asliendor to see through my lies and tell me, "Alright, Zexe is not looking too good".

At this moment, I thanked the Goddess the bartender was too busy to hear that. Now I realize it would not have changed much...

A few minutes later, the pub was getting crowded. I remember seeing Sieglinde, Satsujin, and too many people for me to list. Everyone"s attention was focused on "Ralph" and a "Cure we could find for his drunkness". Some people were keeping the bartender busy so that we could discuss about it freely. But I didn"t say a word. Brother Vei was still missing, and I already had spent a couple of eternities waiting here.

That is when it all began. Zexe started coughing blood. I was here thiking his body had finally began to cure, and once again I was all wrong. Waiting for Brother Vei became a luxury I could not offer myself anymore. I did not care who was part of the escort and who was only here out of curiousity. We had to leave. Once out of town, Sieglinde decided to carry Zexe"s body to the Centaurs cave. We were around ten, maybe a bit more. I could not cound, my attention was focused on one person. Zexe. As we put Zexe on a raft to follow the river, his body started shaking uncontrollably. His eyes were rolling in their orifices as more blood was spitting out of as many places as I could decline on an human body. Soon a trail of blood was following Zexe"s raft. I feared it was too late. Now, I wish it had been too late already...

shook my orb. Vei was heading to us, which was a good thing. I was moving forward with Asliendor, Elefin was behind, taking care of Sieglinde and Zexe. I was praying the Goddess for everything to go faster. Never in the short lifetime that is left to me do I wish to take such a journey again. I am ready to fight the Alliance, the Twins, the Black Hand, anyone, but not to bring my best friend to his own death once again...

Redman, holder of the key to the Centaurs cave, was walking between Elefin and me. When we finally made it to the cave, my orb told me Brother Vei and the real escort were still quite far. I asked Elefin to stay outside and wait for them, she smiled at me and I lost all my senses again. The sounds of Asliendor crying in Centaurian and of Redman hitting the rocks with his key were fading like they were miles away from me. Only when the cave opened everything became real again. A last look at my orb before entering, Vei was but a hundred steps away. I looked at Elefin and she smiled at me again. But this time, Zexe was more important.

My mind was way too focused on Zexe, lying in his own blood, moaning for anyone to save him from this nightmare he was living, for me to realize how grandiose and majestuous the Elder Centaur who greeted us was. I think he realized how much of a hurry we were in, and, as Brother Vei was finally reaching my side, the Centaur knelt and began chanting what I never thought I would hear someday in my miserable life. Divine Magic. Just like the Life Goddess would have user her power to cure Zexe, the Elder Centaur was closing his eyes and a very feeble ray of green light made its path from his hands to Zexe"s forehead. The haemorrhagia stopped as quickly has it had begun. I was already foreseeing Zexe back to his duties of Royal Guard, and us talking about this whole "incident" with a smile on our faces.

"He is in a real bad shape. It will not be easy curing him. It will require a sacrifice..."

The legends were true. The Centaurs' power would only unleash on one"s death, and, depending on the death, it could reach either Divine Magic"s powers... Or Ultimate ones. Ultimate magic, stronger than an army of Black Magicians, all in one of those beasts GoD chose to be wielder of what has to be the greatest source of fear and loneliness.

"... One we are ready to make, for our new friends." The Centaurs were ready to help us. After all these years, they were finally ready to go back to the surface and fight with us. With such a power, the Alliance"s day suddently got shortened in my mind... Finally, after weeks of sadness and despair, things were going our way. The war sounded like something of no importance now that Zexe and the Centaurs were about to come back by our side. We were finally about to see the light when... Events that are still way too painful for me to remind happened.

"Elder... I would like to say something". Elefin's voice echoed in the Darkness of the cave, which only the green ray of Divine Magic could pierce. Only this time it did not sound sweet, or cute, it sounded worried, and the greatest of all fears invaded my soul.

"There is something I wish to tell you... My husband... He was murdered a few months ago. Murdered by a bunch of fools who kill everyone who gets in their way to power. Their greediness is stronger than any dragon"s. They believe they are acting for the good of all, but they are really only serving their own purpose. They are dangerous."

It all sounded unreal. Why would Elefin choose such a moment to tell us about those murderers? Why now, as Zexe was still on the verge of death, only kept alive by Divine Magic? My mind became confused. "What is this all about?", I asked Elefin, trying to seek an answer in Asliendor"s eyes.

"You never asked me... Who my husband was...", she answered. She looked right into my eyes. I did not see the beautiful young lady. I saw a murdering psycopath ready to kill us all. But it was already too late, the Blood Dagger was already in her hand...

"His name was Yadeth! And now you die!"

The Blood Dagger pierced the Centaur"s skin just like a sword would kill a sheep. In a few seconds. Yet it was way too long. I had time to think of Andris, of Elefin, of all this time we hosted her, trusted her, loved her... Of all those weeks Andris left us on hold of an answer... Of all this time wasted, and now the result...

The green light flowing from the Centaur"s hands turned into some sort of red, as Dark as Elefin"s heart itself, which flowed into the Dagger as it was feeding on Ultimate Magic. No sooner could we witness the results: without a word, without an effort, Elefin summoned a hord of Elementals on us. The Dagger was still feeding and she did not have all her power yet, and I think that is the only reason I could survive. She was stabbing and killing the Centaurs as our poor souls were struggling to survive the fire, the poison, the dirt, the moral pain... Someone casted calm, and Satsujin took advantage of this brief moment to jump on the Blood Servant Elefin. As the Dagger had yet to give Elefin more power, Satsujin managed to hurt her, a bit. But the Dagger protected its mistress. As soon as it felt Elefin was endangered, it sent two poison elementals to kill Satsujin. That was it for our hope to stop her. But the pain was only beginning...

Vei and I were doing our best, and did not do so well, to keep everyone alive. Above all the raging battle"s sounds and the crying Centaurs, there were two things I could hear more than anything. The first, my own heart, pulsing faster than my body could stand, only covered by what seemed louder to me than the sound of Death itself : Zexe"s moaning.

As soon as the Elder Centaur died, Zexe started bleeding again. He was awake, and aware of all that was happening, and amongst us all, he was probably the one who suffered the most. I was keeping an eye on him as much as trying to heal everyone allowed me to, as a great barrier of elementals were blocking my path to go and rescue him. That is when the world entered slow motion...

An air elemental managed to create enough wind to lift a rock from the ground, and hit me on the back of the head with it. As I was falling into Darkness, I could hear the sound of Elefin"s boots slowly walking towards me. When my body hit the ground I saw Zexe. Gathering the very last of my forces, I lifted my head and saw Elefin standing next to him, looking at him. I saw in her eyes that she wanted his agony to stop as much as I did, only in a different way. She lifted her dagger. Contemplating my weakness, I could only raise my hand and beg her to leave him alive. No one heard me, my voice was already gone into nothing. As my eyes were slowly closing, I saw Sieglinde trying to stop Elefin, but nothing is stronger than the Blood Dagger.

Zexe died at the very moment I lost consciousness.

And she was so beautiful...

When I woke up everything had ended. Everyone was still alive, probably thank to Vei, but Zexe. I remember hearing Elefin saying she still loved Asliendor, but I cannot say if it was a dream or not. As we explored what was left of the cave, we stumbled accross the horrible reality. The Blood Dagger had feasted, dozens of Centaurs were dead, and Elefin and the Dagger probably gained more power than one could imagine. One of the few survivants of the Centaurs race came to me, and, to quote his words : "Narius... It is best if we stay hidden in our caves forever. And it is best if you forget about our existence.". When the sunlight hit our faces, blinding us all, and the cave"s entrance was closing behind us, I knew this day was the last time ever a Human and a Centaur talked to each other...

I went back to Mirith, alone, and as always when sadness is so high it could kill you, I slept for hours...

And she was so beautiful...

It was still too painful for Nafets. He even wondered how himself could manage to write such a thing. However, his task was not over, for there was a new page of history to be written today... He took his feather and wrote on the same parchment :

I was in the library when Asliendor came to me. "Tell Birek it didn"t go too well", he said, and from the blood trail that was following him, I could confirm whatever happened didn"t exactly happened as planned.

I was not in the mood for talking. Zexe, Elefin, everything was running on my mind again and again. And this question... Why? Why did Andris took so much time to do anything? Why did we blindly accept, hoping to prevent a war that eventually happened... Why have we been so foolish? Why?... It all faded away when I saw who the lady following Asliendor was : Senator Morgans of Andris.

My body is too weak and my mind too exhausted to write everything that have been said, but what have been learned is important enough for me to take the time to explain. Senator Morgans was ambushed on her way back from examining Zexe. It was pitch black and she was not able to see who her assassin was, and her life would probably have ended there if Zara Falvo herself didn"t save her life. I was and am still too tired to try and understand, but the fact is that Zara saved Morgans from a certain death.

Zara had been spying on Andris for a moment, and she revealed Morgans than it was Lancaster who actually hired an assassin to kill Morgans. It all became clear to Morgans. And to me. The trial, the war, the hiring of mercenaries... All moves from a single man"s attempt to gain power. And in the process, he killed two Senators, almost a third, and the Royal Guard of Mirith...

Morgans could not learn more from Zara, for as they were speaking their shelter got attacked by a raid of Mercenaries sent by Lancaster himself. Zara contained them easily, ordering Morgans to run someplace safe. Then she met Asliendor, and they both ran to Mirith. She also told me there was a high chance that a group of Mercenaries would be waiting near Mirith"s gates for her to go out to execute Lancaster"s orders. That was enough for my blood to boil. I traded my Black Robe for a Robe of Protection. War had begun.

After making sure Morgans was someplace safe, Asliendor and I marched to the gates, determinated to get rid of the Mercenaries that were staying too close to our city, way too close. Near the Bank we met Birek, who was talking to a few citizens. Arjun was one of them. We marched on to the gates, and, Goddess forgive me, slaughtered the Mercenaries there without a moment of pity. The battle was fast, and easily won.

As soon as I told the whole story to Birek, he asked to see Senator Morgans. In the meanwhile, I had some griefs with someone stupid enough to believe neutrality was possible in a war involving two of the three main cities. I think I was rude to this guy, Goddess forgive me, again.

When Birek came back he told us what he had learnt from Morgans : Senator Anderson, and Timlaer of the Roman Empire were being held in Andris" jail, Lancaster"s sentence pending. We had to save them, and fast, Lancaster already had killed too many.

While my whole body urges to write on this paper how our rescue mission went, I have to take a break and write down my feelings about what happened then. The self-called "master" Roman, of the Roman Empire, insisted that the whole guild had to stay neutral in this matter. One of their members was in jail with what probably was a few hours left to live, but still they refused to help. Yet they call themselves a guild?

This matter settled, we left without the roman empire. A whole army led by Asliendor was marching to Andris, way too many men for me to be able to list. Carefully avoiding the bridge, we made our way to the East Gate, where the prison was. I do not know how many Mercenaries Lancaster hired, but today I stopped counting after the first hundred was slain.

As we were approaching the jail, we heard the rambling sound of an alarm. Not very surprising, considering the large number we were. Lancaster"s voice echoed within the city walls, so strong that even us could hear it from the outside. "ALARM! ALARM! Mirithians are marching in the city! Secure the prison area!".

The capacity to recognize things by the way they sound is a great asset to any human being. Some of us develop it to be able to shut all the others sense and focus on this one. This time, however, it didn"t take a skilled Ranger to figure out a whole army of armored people was runing towards us.

The organization of the Mirithian army during this battle surprised me. Everything went along well, no fighter was forgotten, no cleric was left unprotected, as the Mercenaries didn"t even stand a chance to prevent the wizard"s fury bolts of lightning from taking their life out of their body.

We quickly made it to the jail, where we saw Senator Anderson and Timlaer still alive, thank the Goddess. It was a great victory for Mirith, and all we had left to do is getting them out of jail and walk back to Mirith. At this very moment, I was sure Mirith was not going to lose this war. And it is as I was dreaming of victory while our fellow rogues where trying to get our friends out of jail that Lancaster spoke again : "Hurry! Reinforce the prison area!", his voice louder than the one of thunder ordered. And then it all became black.

Twice what we already fought came out of nowhere, in the very inside of our ranks, to kill our weakest targets. Way too much for us to handle. As my friends were falling around me I tried to retreat to the beach. The blade that hit my back felt colder than the bite of an Ice Dragon.

The Goddess decided today was not the day I would die, for, somehow, I came back to my senses with enough strenght to heal myself. From a distance, I contemplated the massacre Mirith"s army just went through. Everyone was dead, Mercenaries laughing and pillaging what was left of the bodies. It took only a few seconds for a few of them to notice I was still alive, and to decide it should not be so.

Seeing me healing my comrades in the fight we just lost, the Mercenaries figured a weak cleric such as myself would be an easy target. Two of them were laying dead on the ground before they noticed the Lightning Bolt Ring Beleth gave me a few days ago. Taking advantage of the surprise, I made a run to the beach, hoping the sea would be a safe place for me to rest and recover. My ring only had 8 charges left, and they were more than fifty of them.

But it was not the time for me to think about such things. I ran as fast as I can, followed by four, maybe five of them, laughing at how fast such an old man can run when his life is at stake. I was focusing on the shoreline, not even knowing if these monsters had a raft or not... Only hoping...

The sound of another band laughing at someone got my attention. As I looked towards them, out of breath, I noticed the ghost of the Wizard nanasisan desperatly trying to prevent the Mercenaries from looting his body. Another charge of my Lightning Ring gave me enough time to distract them and resurrect the wizard. We both reached the ocean alive, thank Goddess. What we found out to be more than a dozen of Mercs settled on the beach, waiting for us to make the first move. They knew we couldn"t let our friends alone. Some of them started crafting bows, we had to do something... But what? What can a wizard and a cleric do versus dozens of Mercenaries armed with Glaives and filled with the desire to kill? As always, it is when everything seemed lost that came the miracle that changed it all...

I did not recognize him at first. All I saw was a blind warrior, whose armor could barely stand all the hits it had already taken, rushing through the Mercenaries rank crying the name of the wizard I had just saved. Now was our time to act. The Ranger roticafe, the Wizard nanasisan, and the Cleric Nafets, against the world...

When I think of what happened then, only one word comes to my mind : "Heroes". Not even once did nanasisan or myself have to take the hits from one of these fools. Roticafe was keeping them all busy, and anyone coming too close from us would be welcomed by one of nanasisan"s powerful Lightning Bolts. Slowly, painfully, we made it to the jail area once again. There I saw all the death, all the ghosts... My friends, fallen... But still here and willing to fight. Within a few minutes the battleground turned from a Mirithian cemetarry pillaged by bloody Mercenaries to a batlleground in which the Army of Mirith killed everything that stood in its way.

I believe Lancaster realized we were too powerful for his puny army, and, shall he not have sealed the city gates, I am sure he would already be dead by now. But that was not the point here. We had to rescue Anderson and Timlaer, and once again our rogues started trying to pick the jail"s locks. The skilled stealthy warriors of Mirith set Senator Anderson and Timlaer free, and it is with a taste of Victory that our Army marched back to its home city, Mirith.

The whole Royal family was here to welcome us. The King rewarded his citizens with what looked like lots of gold, but I was way too tired to focus on anything... Or maybe I wasn"t. Zexe was still omnipresent in my head, as it had been during the whole fight. Only a light smile showed on my face when our King decided to be Morgans and Anderson"s host as long as they want to, and named Birek McCalla the new permanent Royal Guard of Mirith.

Nafets looks at its candle and realizes it is all worn out. Light however is filling the room. He goes down the stairs only to realize the night is long gone, and a new day of duties await him. The voice of Mattias sounds very distant compared to the moanings of Zexe still rumbling in his head.

"Greetings, Father... Oh, I see you are holding a parchment... Is it a public annoucement for Mirith and its citizens?"

Nafets realizes he is still holding his improvised Diary. Mattias tends his hand to pick it up.

"Heh. Sure..."


The Start of War by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 23:09

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Start of War

July 21, 2005


Last night that which we have all been praying not to have come to pass became reality; the first battle in the war between Mirith and Andris. I had been meditating in the Mirith temple when I heard some commotion coming from the bridge. Hurrying there I found a large crowd in a state of some agitation, Father Nafets, Birek McCalla and Asliendor were speaking of the war.

From what I gathered Andris had hired a mercenary force, some of whom had been near the very walls of Mirith, and was holding prisoners. As Birek went to speak with Mirith's guard the rest of us made haste towards Andris. Avoiding the bridge, where we had heard there was a band of mercenaries, we quickly arrived at the eastern wall of Andris, where they have their prison and guillotines. The whole area was guarded by mercenaries, wearing chain armour and wielding wicked glaives. Mirith and Andris clashed there, a bloody battle, so much death... I cannot recount, it was harrowing enough to be there without recounting in detail, save had it not been for Roticafe, Nanasisan and Father Nafets it would have had another victor. As the last of the mercenaries fled we turned to the jail, where Senator Anderson and the wizard Timlaer languished. Fortunate smiled on us then and the Senator remembered a secret way out. With our mission accomplished we hurried back to Mirith, to a reception in the castle and an emotional reunion; Senators Morgans and Anderson, both having feared the other dead.

King Galandir spoke to those gathered and, following the tragic death of Zexe offered Birek the permanent position of Royal Guard, which he accepted to thunderous applause. The war has begun. Senator Lancaster has been seizing power in Andris, having Senators killed and blaming Mirith, pushing towards a war and turning the democracy of Andris into his own dictatorship. To all those who claim neutrality, I implore you, this is not simply a conflict of power between Andris and Mirith, Lancaster 's corruption is against the traditions of Andris, the other members of the Senate have been removed from power and Andris is now in the fiefdom of one man.

- Father Vei
The Betrayer of Andris by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 23:07

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Betrayer of Andris

July 21, 2005

At the end of a long day, I am on the bank of the Mirith castle moat. Sieglinde sits next to me gazing at the water. I idly whittle away at an arrow shaft. She waits for me to start speaking. Konkrax and Sabre pass us as they are leaving the castle.

(Sieglinde): Waiting for Arjun.

(Konkrax): sieglinde

(Konkrax): ah

(Sieglinde): She"s gonna tell me what all happened today with you all.

(Konkrax): ah

(Arjun): sit with us, kon, sabre?

(Sabre): Farewell all! I must leave.


(Arjun): farewell then

(Konkrax): Cu (Arjun):

(Sabre): long day

(Sieglinde): So long.

(Arjun): take care

(Konkrax): hehe

(Sabre): Bye!

(Konkrax): Bye

Konkrax joins us, he stands on his raft a few yards away, gently bobbing up and down. The celebration at the castle was refreshing, but we are tired. We finally can relax a little. I begin the story...

(Arjun): today, around midmorning

(Arjun): i was sitting at the bank as usual

(Arjun): though more dejected than usual

(Arjun): the details of my mood are tiresome and uninteresting, i shall spare you them [hustle and bustle as greetings were exchanged with other friends leaving the castle, and a short conversation with now-permanent Mirith Royal Guard Birek McCall later...]

(Sieglinde): Alright, I need to hear the story now.

(Arjun): now then, where was i?

(Arjun): ah yes, midmorning

(Sieglinde): Sitting at the bank...

(Arjun): asliendor was around

(Arjun): but we weren"t really talking much

(Arjun): each deep in our own guilt. *sigh*

(Arjun): birek passed by

(Arjun): and started speaking with asliendor.

(Arjun): i turned away... i couldn't face him...

(Arjun): chaos and aluna were also around; they told me afterwards that

(Arjun): birek asked asliendor

(Arjun): to go find elefin at her "secret place"

(Arjun): and asliendor left alone.

(Arjun): some hours later, i see asliendor coming towards me

(Arjun): wearing a tell-tale grey robe, his new body still bleeding heavily (Sieglinde): He shouldn't've gone alone...

(Arjun): he found her, she killed him

(Konkrax): *gasps*

(Arjun): he has not said anything else of the meeting.

(Arjun): to be honest

(Arjun): it was not surprising to me that he should return in that state.

(Arjun): what was more surprising

(Arjun): very, very surprising

(Arjun): was that following behind him

(Arjun): was senator morgans of andris.

(Konkrax): oo

(Sieglinde): I saw her there, in the castle.

(Sieglinde): I wondered why she came...

(Arjun): they went into the castle and met with nafets in the library.

(Arjun): on another day i might have relished the opportunity to practice the eavesdropping technique i learned from zara

(Arjun): but i was far too glum, i returned to the bank

(Arjun): and resumed dully carving arrows.

(Arjun): a short while later

(Arjun): asliendor emerged from the castle

(Arjun): with nafets and birek.

(Arjun): it turns out morgan was being pursued by mercenaries

(Arjun): and just barely made it here alive.

(Arjun): the mercenaries were just outside the city.

(Arjun): along with isen who had been with me at the bank, we quickly charged out and dispatched them.

(Arjun): we gathered then at the end of the bridge, i learned from nafets and birek what was going on

(Arjun): of lancaster"s betrayal of andris

(Sieglinde): Hm..?

(Arjun): that it was he who killed waltham

(Arjun): he who had tried to kill morgan

(Arjun): he who was holding anderson in jail

(Arjun): he who was waging war.

(Arjun): it was then that i fell to my knees before birek

(Arjun): begging his forgiveness for my having failed zexe

(Arjun): and asking him to let me fight with him for mirith

(Arjun): it was disgraceful *spits*

(Arjun): i must have cast a pretty pathetic figure *grins*

(Arjun): unlike me, getting so emotional. i don't like it

(Arjun): been happening a lot recently, i need to shape up. *grin* anyway

(Arjun): my feelings changed for i now see this struggle

(Arjun): not as mirith versus andris

(Arjun): but as a quest to liberate andris from an evil which has taken it over. (Arjun): a senator killing senators? that is no great glory of human civilization. (Sieglinde): No it isn't.

(Arjun): we gathered a party at the bridge

(Arjun): kon and bolivar were among those who joined at this time

(Arjun): and we set off for andris

(Arjun): a rescue operation

(Konkrax): *smiles*

(Arjun): to save anderson from the andris jail

(Arjun): and tim too, for he had been found out and was being held as well. (Sieglinde): Oh no...

(Sieglinde): Well, I saw him tonight.

(Sieglinde): He got out without too much damage then?

(Arjun): i could beat myself up for that, but at least he was still alive

(Arjun): i shall make a proper apology to him later...

(Arjun): anyway

(Arjun): we set off

(Arjun): made it to andris without trouble

(Arjun): found the jail heavily guarded by hordes of mercenaries

(Arjun): and once the alarms had been set off more and more kept spilling forth from the city and camps in the woods surrounding

(Arjun): it was a brutal battle

(Arjun): a long, brutal battle

(Arjun): with more than enough deaths to go around

(Arjun): the weather was terrible. we were blinded by fog and storm, disoriented by thunder

(Arjun): left and right wizards" bolts were dissipating into nothingness,

(Arjun): clerics couldn"t tell who was hurt, who was well, who was already dead

(Arjun): our swords swung through empty space at shadows even as we were cut down from behind.

(Arjun): somehow, eventually anderson and tim were freed

(Arjun): i was not one with my body at the time, so i don"t know how the jail was finally breached...

(Arjun): our goal achieved, with all possible haste we made our way back here. (Arjun): the reunion of the two betrayed senators, here in the mirith throne room, was very moving.

(Arjun): there was much rejoicing

(Sieglinde): So, I came in after all this?

(Arjun): and then the king asked birek to take the position of royal guard permanently.

(Arjun): you were there in time to hear his answer.

(Sieglinde): Well, it seems we have some planning to do.

(Sieglinde): Do you know who will take the first offensive?

(Konkrax): no

(Arjun): i now have, as you know, pledged to birek to fight with him to liberate andris, with a promise to share a mug of ale together in the gardens of that beautiful city once it is free again

(Sieglinde): All the Nethers took that pledge with you Arjun.

(Sieglinde): You should know we cant stand idly by while evil runs amok.

(Arjun): *beams at sieg and kon*

(Sieglinde): I should talk to McCalla about battle plans.

(Arjun): well then, my story is finished -Arjun
Assassination Attempt and DarkStar by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 23:05

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Assassination Attempt and DarkStar

July 17, 2005

A post has been sent around by messengers and traders, all saying the same thing. None of them will say exactly who paid them for their privacy, but all regard them to be the truth of the events described.

A single day ago, from the time of my sending this letter, a woman came to me while I was alone, off in the corner of some room in Mirith. She wore black robes and hat as to mask her features, and all aside from this shadow I could make out of the corner of my eye was a glistening blade and bright purple hair. She bade me be silent, and began to speak: "The Black Hand will kill Zexe tonight. They will send two assassins. The first one will be purposefully awkward, and will try to lure everyone out of Mirith. Just let them walk away, or the second assassin will never show up."

Just then, a loud hum came from the door, and she faded from my view. I investigated then to see who had come, only to find the new Royal Guard, Birek McCalla, at the bank, talking with some others. I had never spoken to this man, or to anyone else about him, and my mind started turning... I quickly went back to the room.

"That Birek scared me." She said, and I asked if I could ask some questions, seeming that now we were, indeed, alone. I asked whether or not she trusted McCalla in his position, and furthered my suspicions even further with a negative... "I want Zexe to survive... but I can"t get involved," she then spoke to me, specifying what I was to do. "You will have to hide somewhere near his room, and intercept the second Assassin. He will be an easy target. If you fail, he will die."

"...I hope I"m strong enough..." I whispered weakly in the dark,

"So do I," she said, and faded away once more.

I did as I was told, and I feared my capabilities to the point that I grabbed a magic ring, something I would never had done in any normal circumstance. Even though now I see it wasn't required, the assassin expected to find a wounded man, a man incapable of defending himself. What ensued was a mess of politics that I didn"t care for in the least... It seems, however, I must say, that my thought on McCalla"s inclusion of this was simple conjecture- he was lured away as the others were by the second assassin, and later I found that he is a most noble man and, as this is a cry out against the evils that would permit an assassination against such a weak man, it is a cry for forgiveness by McCalla. He did tell me one bit of information not known to others, this lady goes by the name of Dark Star, whoever she is... In any case, may mercy not be spent on those that would try to commit such an attrocity...

A likeness is drawn, reproduced, at the end of the letter with the inscription below it, "Let this man"s people be found and cursed."

War is Coming by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 23:02

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

War is Coming

July 16, 2005

Dear People of Oberin,

There are horrible realities which I must relate. It pains me to think these things, to write these things, but the fact that they are true is the most terrible of all. Despite our efforts, the possibility of war between Mirith and Andris seems to be rapidly growing into an inevitability.

As you all must know, Zexe, Mirith Royal Guard, stands accused of murder in the case of the death of Senator Waltham. As you must also know, Zexe is very unwell. Very, very unwell. Mirith agreed to putting Zexe on trial, but progress on organizing the trial had stalled for weeks. Meanwhile, Zexe"s condition had been worsening, and it had been impossible to get him the help he needed because of Mirith"s compliance with the Andrisian demand that Zexe not leave the city before the trial. Anxiety in Mirith growing over the insufferable delays, the Mirith Negotiator Father Vei was dispatched to Andris yesterday to work out the details of the trial. Myself, my dear friend Sieglinde, and the ranger Feyreth were sent along as escort.

In Andris we were welcomed at the gate and led directly into an audience with Senator Lancaster and General Robertson. The meeting was unproductive. Mirith insisted the trial must take place in Mirith; Andris insisted it must take place in Andris; neither side would allow any compromise on this point. The discussion got nowhere. Insults were exchanged, the Mirith envoy was summarily dismissed, the Senator walked out, the Negotiator warned the General to prepare to war, we left. We escorted the negotiator back to Mirith, where he made his report. Friends, people of Oberin, I wish it had not been so, I wish.... what can I say? I wish things had been different. I am sorry... so, so sorry... So many people will suffer now... innocent people... I....

Brigand Dangerously Close to Mirith by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 23:00

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Brigands Dangerously Close to Mirith

July 11, 2005As Scythe and myself (Zabrak) patrolled the Mirithian Crypts, we suddenly heared weird noises coming from the second floor of the Crypt. We rushed down to check what was going on. We found the usual gaper, trolls and hell-hounds attacking us. At first, we were not suprised and thought this was just another "standard" ?\ if you wish ?\ fight. After having finished off the evil that appeared at the bottom of the stairs we walked further down the crypt making sure everything was safe. But then we saw what would eventually make our average day.. a little less average. Six bracken started casting lightning spells on us. Our first reaction was to run as fast as our legs could possibly run. We ran back up the ladder to seek re-inforcements. We found a few fellow adventurers and went back down. We launched several charges on the wall of bracken and eventually killed them all by casting walls of fire on them. The bracken made horrifying noises while they burned to death. Sounds I will never forget. Relieved and excited about having killed the bracken, we tried running past them but stumbled upon a hill giant. We lured it away from the bracken and surrounded it. It did not take long until we killed it, but unfortunatly one of our comrades, of which the name I forgot, lost his life in this process. As we waited for him to be revived, another few waves of gapers, hell-hounds and trolls appeared. In our ignorance, Scythe got cornered by a troll and gaper and lost his life aswell. When both ghosts were revived at the nearby temple in Mirith we continued past the bracken. To our suprise, we found a note giving us co-ordinates (558-555). We noticed this was not far from the crypts and we rushed over there after having obtained supplies in the nearby city of Mirith. And when we thought we were close to reaching our target, we were ambushed by hordes of evil creatures just about twenty steps away from the co-ordinates. I am talking aproximately three gapers, five giants, eight giant spiders and a dozen of harpies. When we thought we were not going to make it, we heared foreign voices in the distance. A group of foreign travelers had found us and quickly helped us slaugter all the evil! We proceeded on to our target. When we arrived, we found two bracken guarding a chest. Eager to find out what was inside, we quickly burned the bracken to death with our flaming swords. Just when we were about to open the chest, we heared a terrifying scream in the distance: "Aaaaaghhhh" The faces of our foreign friends turned from good to bad, and we knew they knew something we didn"t. We looked around ourselves in all directions , eager to find out what it was that we heared. Just when we thought these sounds we only just our imagination, we saw a horde of Brigands storm at us in the distance. They were obviously after whatever was in that chest, just like us. We tried making a formation to withstand the attack of the brigands and commenced the battle. A chaotic battle followed where many brigand heads were cut off. We sticked together and faught in the name of Galandir. Just when we thought we were winning this one, a brigand broke through our defenses and scattered us all over the field. All of us fought a heroic battle. Even though I admit we were all caught off guard, we killed the last brigand and proceeded on to opening the chest. Whoever had placed this chest here was a good lockmaker. No one of us was able to unlock the chest, but Niki. We all anxiously waited while Niki opened the chest and peaked over his shoulder when we heared the lock open. Inside was a Ring of Remove Curse. We decided to take the ring to the castle and to report of these events. When we arrived at the Mirith castle we found Beleth studying in the castle"s library. I decided to disturb the Royal Wizard, even though he was in the middle of an important study. I informed him about that day"s events and told him my concerns about all these events so close to our beloved city of Mirith. He told me he would tell the new Royal Guard after he"d return from his journey in search of the missing Mirithian guards. The city has been warned.. I personally think the brigands had been sent by "The Twins" and the Alliance in search for rare items. The fact that all of this happened so close to Mirith worries me though. Let us all just hope that these dark and troubled times will be over soon. However, do not allow yourself to be led by my judgement and draw your own conclusions. Hail Mirith! -Zabrak
Undead "Treachery" in Lerilin Cemetery by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 22:58

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Undead "Treachery" in Lerilin Cemetery

July 11, 2005

It was a calm day at the Lerilin cemetary... But this was about to change. Immolated, Nasrith, Eve Johen, Malby and myself (Zabrak) were at the Lerilin cemetary, just making sure the undead did not form a threat to the beautiful fishing village of Lerilin when all once of a sudden four skeletons appeared blocking off the entrance and exit of the cemetary. And to our suprise, the skeleton started speaking.

Skeleton: "You will suffer for your treachery."

Immolated: "I do not like the looks of this.."

Zabrak: "What is going on?"

Skeleton: "You will pay for everything you have done here."

Immolated: "It was YOU who started all this!"

Zabrak: "Undead, let us talk!" *holsters sword*

Immolated: "Why can"t you all just stay dead.."

Skeleton: "Get them, my brothers!"

In a swift motion, everyone had unholstered their weapons again. A great battle commenced where many were injured, but where fortunately no one was killed. We managed to violently hack and slash our way through the hordes of skeletons. We then ran into the cemetary. We tried finding any clues or messages, but found nothing. The honourable and respected wizard Timlaer joined us at this point to aid us in our cause. Unfortunately for him, the battle had already been fought, but luckily no one was badly injured. A few more waves of undead then appeared, but they were no match for the power of a small group of determined adventurers. The screaming of screaming skeletons, zombies, bone mages and humans slowly turned into an onkward silence. The battle had been won, but we all know this is not the end. This battle proves the rumours about the rise of the undead that had been circling. And sure, this battle was won, but what did the skeletons mean with "treachery", and what is the cause of all these recent battles and sightings of skeletons talking to us? Only time will tell. Until we find out more, be alert and be sure to not walk the cemetaries throughout Oberin alone, for you never know what might happen. -Zabrak

An Encounter with B by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 02:07

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

An Encounter with B

July 5, 2005[partly in response to Father Vei"s post about "A Riddle in a Graveyard"]

Je croix que B parlait de Elefin. Et je veux la tuer. Mais je ne l'ai pas encore fait. Ma seule hesitation est que cet acte ne prcipite la guerre avec Andris.

Early this afternoon, I was relaxing at the Mirith bank tiredly carving some arrows as I often do, having just returned from a very long journey. There were some others around, I don"t recall who exactly. I wasn"t paying much attention to their conversations. I do recall Birek McCalla was there, maybe we were discussing the first steps he would take in his new position in Mirith? I was tired... Suddenly we heard screams coming from the inn. We raced there and found a large "B" painted in blood on the locked door of one of the rooms. [It was only later that I had the time to examine it closely, but when I did, I found the blood to be not that of any known creature, yet it was blood. But one of the many bizarre aspects characteristic of the communications we have seen from B.] I broke down the door, and in the room we found Elefin cowering in the corner screaming, surrounded by poison beasts attacking her. We quickly killed the foul creatures. As soon as we had freed her, Elefin fled the inn, still screaming, still controlled by her fear. We cornered her, and tried to get information. She kept saying "they" were after her, but little more of use. "They" killed her husband, "they" were after her now, "they" would kill us, and so on. Much of what she said was confused and confusing. She seemed to indicate, for example, that her husband had spoken to her recently, after his death, but we could not get her to clarify this. She would tell us nothing of her husband, or his activities that might have made him a target. We were not even able to learn whether "they" were human, but she kept repeating that they believe that they were doing good. She also made a comment to the effect that someone was driving her insane. Suddenly she noticed Birek, and totally changed. The terror was gone. She became like her usual self, but there was an aspect that felt forced, which made me uncomfortable. And she was infused with hostility. I do not recall all of the details, but she was quite displeased that he was becoming temporary replacement Royal Guard. The next turn of events was baffling. In a short moment, Elefin swung from desperately trying to flee Mirith as quickly as possible to insisting on returning to the exact same room at the inn where she was almost killed short moments before. Birek posted a town guard in the inn, and I stationed myself in her room. She was asleep instantly. She has stayed thus for many hours now, and I next to her. Whatever entered the room did so by magical means; there are no traces of entry or exit. There has been no further hostile ingress. Just moments after Elefin fell back to sleep, we had another strange visitor in the inn. It was the second time I have met her; she has never given her name; I call her "Beautiful Hair;" she has not objected to this. If you wonder why, let me just say that she has style - black robe, grey wizard hat, gorgeous gorgeous purple hair like none you have ever seen, and she carries a dagger of speed which she twirls as though it were an extension of herself. Warning: the dagger likes visiting throats, though I have yet to see it draw blood. Today only Birek had the pleasure of being targeted in its dance. [He and I had an inane squabble, after Beautiful Hair"s departure, over whether the dagger"s dance was "threatening" or not. It was almost funny.] She is quite the enigma. Today, like the last time I met her, she urged action, without indicating what action should be taken. She did today reveal far more about herself than at our previous meeting. Briefly, she said she had the same goal as us, that she wanted to avoid war, that war would be bad for her "business." Like the last time we met, I felt her urging me towards defiance of the law, but without any clear details. Among the more interesting things Beautiful Hair said today were that Zexe"s trial "would not" happen, that Zexe "would not stand a chance" if he went to "that trial," that Elefin was a useless low-level mage not worth wasting our time on, because she would not be able to help prevent war, and that Beautiful Hair was "not yet" involved in the Andris assassinations. She departed again urging action, but without saying what action she would like to see us take. I stayed guarding Elefin, playing the waiting game. Nothing has yet happened. My thoughts are all muddled, but I will try to throw out some of my concerns. I do not know yet how to interpret everything Beautiful Hair says, but I had several theories. My first was unpleasant enough that I tried to follow the second (which involved removing Zexe from Mirith) but was unable to because Zexe was not to be found. The other theory is that she was telling us to assassinate someone. In particular, someone from Andris, possibly someone in power there, possibly the woman I have been quietly watching for the past several hours. I have hashed through my reasons for thinking this with several friends, at too great length. I can not recount it all here. I am too exhausted. One final thought I would like to share, though. Beautiful Hair speaks prophetically. I cannot help but wonder whether these are self-fulfilling prophecies. Is she describing what I shall see if I sit and wait, or through her words changing my behavior such that the future she describes is effected? There are reasons a certain murder might avert war, might make predictions come true, might be beneficial. But there are reasons it might precipitate war. It is easy to sit and wait, and much harder to act. It is easy to say that action is better, but much harder to decide what action actually is better. I fear I may have left many important things out. Please forgive me, I am tired. Far, far too tired to write. I rest my pen, I fold away this note. And so I stay, here in this eerily undisturbed room at the Sleepy Dwarf, watching over this woman...