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The Golden Box, Keeper of Souls by Liaraen on 13 Jul 2012 : 23:55

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Golden Box, the Keeper of Souls

September 14, 2005

A public announcement of Sieglinde- First off I must apologize for my lack of public notification and even some, private, confusion. There are some things I will publish here that even I am a little unsure as to wether or not I should have- time will tell if I was wrong to do so.

After Beleth became posessed by the runestone and thought himself to be Aborek, I went to Brigobaen to do research on the said "Golden Box". After days of searching, Cecil came upon a picture- the only slight mention of the box within the entire book- of a girl holding the box, light coming out of it to the clouded sky, piercing it with the light"s ferocity. It warmed the dead body of a male warrior. His spiritual image was coming towards the box. He and the girl smiled at eachother. As if this was not startling enough, the picture was captioned with a single word, "Ayara". Fear stilled my heart as I thought of my faithful Nether-friend. When I told my friend, she insisted we go to Brigobaen so I could show her this picture. She had to see it- and I knew she did. Two of the Tovenaar accompanied us, and off we went. After the journey and finding the book again, we sat down in a circle and I flipped through the pages to find what we came for. As the four of us sat musing at the page, an aged man came walking towards us- it was Seth, we came to find out, coming for a simple night at Brigobaen. He became interested in what we were all gathered around, so I turned the giant book to face him, and what he thought was amazing! This "Golden Box", as we had been calling it, reminded him of a story of a similar trinket, if not the same- the tale of the Keeper of Souls.

A very long time ago there was a King and Queen. They were very much in love. One day there was an assassination attempt on the King"s life. But they missed the target and killed the Queen. It is said the King that died that day as well. In spirit. He called to all the mages in all the lands to find a way to bring his beloved Queen back to him. A large group of very special mages came to the kingdom to answer the call. It was a broad group of mages including clerics, wizards, druids and necromancers. Once they arrived, one of the High Priests noticed the Queens spirit still in the castle. He enchanted her spirit so she would not leave the mortal plane. And the other mages were able to create the Golden Box. Once the Box was complete, it was able to store the souls of people until a body was found for them. The King posted a notice looking for someone to give up thier life to bring the Queen back. But instead it brought trouble. The King was only worried about his wife. He didn"t think that others might want the Box after hearing about it. People are silly. There was a great and powerful Lord that lived far away from the King"s land. Once he heard about this Box he took his entire army to the kingdom. They killed every last peasnt until it was only the King that was left. The King knew he was going to die and begged the Lord for one last request. To be placed in the Box with his Queen. The Lord, ruthless as he was, agreed to honor the King's request. He plunged a dagger into the King"s heart and opened the box for his soul. The Lord then reurned to his land, only to find an army had destroyed his land while he was gone. His army was so exhousted from the trip that they were no match for the invaders. He decided the only way for him to escape was to flee within the Box. And hope he would return someday. He left his army behind never to be seen again. As well as the Golden Box.

I bring this to light now, after such a time, because of what has happened since... Seth believed that I, in some strange way, could be trusted to be told the location of where he believed this box may have rested then, so we went looking for it like he said to. What we found was chaos and death, the confines of the cave we searched proving hazardous to the fighters in front, the clerics and wizards incapacitated with the winding crevices. It grew cold, so very cold. We pressed deeper and deeper until we finally came to a labrinth that had been hidden by stone for some undeterminable years. All along our path, we heard voices, male and female... it was cold. The labrynth was slaughter- there were many ravenous creatures waiting for a meal, and we crushed through them- our mages strong with the lack of extensive casting in the levels above. After many deaths, we came to a dead end with a wooden chest, but not quite... As we moved to try and open this chest, our hands passed through it. Our lockpicker-to-be stood straight abruptly with a wild stare. There was a man standing in front of him. I cannot remember his name, perhaps others heard it, but he isn 't who concerned me, it was the girl to whom he spoke- Ayara Rita. It was the girl from the picture of the page, it was the smiling girl holding the box. The man opened the chest, we backed off slowly, he produced a golden box from the chest. The two were thieves, looters, and lovers. Ayara Rita came to the man and they gazed upon its magnificance. Rita took it into her own hands and walked around, holding it up high and praising her love for finding it with her. She turned her back, he slit her throat, and said, "Sorry, Ayara. This one"s for me."

They both disappeared in the darkness, and the cold dissipated. The labyrinth began to crumble, and we fled for our lives. -Let this be put to good use, and I pray I have not said too much, but I felt it had to be. Sieglinde
A letter from Lord Lancaster, Ruler of Oberin (Temp Server) by Liaraen on 13 Jul 2012 : 23:53

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

A Letter from Lord Lancaster, Ruler of Oberin


A letter from Lord Lancaster, Ruler of Oberin'


'Greetings servants! I hope you like the changes I made to the place. First of all, as the supreme ruler of Oberin, I am very concerned by the recent lack of activity in my territories. The grand city of Andris, in its dire need for expansion, requires more gold and raw materials! Hence, I, Lord Lancaster, request for ten thousand boards and ingots, as well as a hundred thousand gold pieces, due in no more that two days. If the delay is not respected, I will send my army to gather the requested amount by pillaging the lower towns and their inhabitants. I am expecting messengers to bring me the desired materials at the gates of Andris. Secondly, as the red moon festival is soon coming, I will ask all my servants to pick the name of two others whom they want to be sent in the sacrificial pit on this day. Report the names to King Vanderbilt of Mirith or Queen Clara of Marali. Servants whose names will have been picked the most will be thrown in the sacrificial pit for the distraction of all. Lastly, because of a few events totally out of your Great Lord"s control, some of you may have been granted a Royal Robe or some other great magical item by accident. I, Lord Lancaster of Oberin, order my servants to bring these items back by tomorrow along with the materials. Again, failure to obey will push me into using force. All hail Lord Lancaster and the Great city of Andris! - Lord Lancaster, supreme ruler of Oberin

Beleth and the Rune by Liaraen on 13 Jul 2012 : 23:51

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Beleth and the Rune

August 20, 2005Hello! It 's me again! Some stuff happened yesterday that I think needs writing about, and since I was right in the middle of it I might as well give it a go.

We were at the bank, not sure quite who, I was there, obviously, and Sieglinde was there (she 's the head of the Nethers, she 's a mace expert) and some other people, but I can 't remember who. Anyway, I saw out of the edge of my eye Beleth (who is the Royal Wizard) and he was laughing madly so I went to see what was going on. He seemed to know my name, but I 'm not sure he knew it was me, kept calling me Ayara and talking about how it was ready and he had to lumberjacking. I figured out something was wrong, but with people like that you have to play along with their madness to find out quite what 's going on, so I gave him some boards and started talking to him. Seems he 'd been studying the rune, which he had on a necklace round his neck, and he thought he was an old dead wizard or something, called Aborek! Like the dungeon. I made him say that with cunning. He wanted to make a new city, was annoyed at being snubbed, and we suggested he call it Aborek, and then he said that was his name. So that 's why it 's called that. He thought I was some kind of head soldier or captain or something, which was quite fun, but scary. He kept talking about his new city, and how he 'd be able to make it with the power he 'd get from the Blood Dagger, which is what he was planning to make. What he needed was this rune, which was getting hot and hurting him by now, a golden box (which I forgot about for a while, silly me), dead centaurs (centaurs have the body of a horse but instead of a head they have a man 's body and head, I 've seen pictures), a holy dagger, and part of the moon curio (that 's a very powerful thing, but I don 't know exactly how it works). Beleth, or Aborek, was planning with me to steal the moon curio that is in the city called Marali, but by now the rune was getting very hot and Beleth was acting very madly, so I grabbed it and soon after I took it it cooled down. Beleth recovered his mind and who he really was, and we went to the inn to talk about what had happened. There he asked me for the rune back, but I really wasn 't happy with it, I thought he might go mad again and start killing people or founding a city or something, so I didn 't give it to him. He wasn 't very happy with me and I got scared because angry wizards can do very nasty things, so I ran away. Suddenly though the world lurched weirdly and I was back in the inn with Beleth, he 'd blocked the door and it was just me and him in the room. He demanded the rune again and I didn 't want to give it to him, so I drew my sword, shouted ?eYarr! ' and charged at Beleth. Problem was he 's quite a good wizard and I only got in a couple of slashes before he threw his lightning bolts and me. So after this brief and painful battle I ended up dead and Beleth threw my poor ghost in prison. Prison wasn 't very interesting, and I couldn 't walk through the walls, even though I was a ghost. So I just floated around a bit, haunting the other person there. Beleth brought me back though and resurrected me, because he hadn 't gone mad again when he picked up the rune, which was good. Then I told him what he 'd said when he was mad and that 's about it. It was an exciting night.

The Dream, a story by Rusher by Liaraen on 13 Jul 2012 : 23:50

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Dream, a story by Rusher

August 17, 2005

It was dusk. The grass was already being saturated by the morning dew. It was still dark but not too dark for adventuring or the slaying of monsters which the land would see soon. A group of adventurers was preparing for a cemetary run, they met at the bank and discussed strategies before they left. A few mages were practicing their crafts, discarding failed potions and checking their reagents. A ranger was crafting logs, shafts and then arrows while a Druid was feeding his tamed wolf...all had no clue as to that would happen. "Discordia!! Discordia is upon us!" screamed an adventurer running from the west entrance. Some passerbys looked at him, ignored and continued on. He continued throughout the city running and yelling those words over and over. A thunderous rumble was heard in the distance. The town crier shouted at the top of his lungs, "The king wants everyone to the castle immediately!". A stampede of scared Mirith citizens ran towards the castle, pushing and shoving their way there...any who had fallen behind were either trampeled to death among the stampede or were severly injured. Another rumble, this time closer, came from the west draining the screams of the injured and the frightened, but one adventurer stayed behind. He knew what would happen, he knew none would survive...he was sure of it. He saw black clouds begin to form from the west, he then thought to himself about fighting whatever threatened Mirith, then laughed at the idea knowing it could not be stopped. The castle was the only sanctuary Mirith had, its sewers would hold some citizens but it would not be enough. The final days of Oberin were upon them.

Just then the castle door opened and a figure of a Mirith guard stepped out and walked toward the Adventurer.

"Commander Asliendor sir!." The guard saluted, Asliendor looked at the guard and saluted back.


"What orders shall be given?"

He thought about the situation and knew they needed more if they were to try and defend this city even though they would fail. He then remember seeing a group heading towards the cemetary,

"Take your men and bring those adventurers from the cem...", just then they heard screaming.

"Oh GoD!! Noo!!!".

They both turned around facing Mirith"s west entrance and they could not believe their eyes. An adventurer, that was with the cemetary group, screamed as a monster, black as darkness, swiped at him. Asliendor and the guard watched in horror as the body and arm of this adventurer was completely severed.

The body fell to the ground with a thud and was completely incinerated by this monsters fire.

"It...it can"t be.."

Asliendor thought to himself. Standing in front of them was a rare Black Bragon, the most feared Dragon in Oberin. It stared at Asliendor, it started to breathe. Asliendor knew what was going to happen but he was so horrorfied he couldn't move. The Black Dragon roared and flames shot from its mouth. Asliendor saw the flames coming towards him, he could feel the heat and started to sweat. He then was engulfed in flames. His screams were heard throughout Mirith. All that remained was a charred corpse. Asliendor screamed as he awoke, he broke into a cold sweat and was shaking. Sam, who had heard his screams, entered the room. "Asliendor? Is everything alright? I heard you screaming."

Asliendor sat up, still shaking and placed his sweaty palm on his forehead.

"It"s nothing...just a bad dream, that"s all."

"Well, there"s a big group heading over to Marali. something might be going on so I thought you"d like to join."

Asliendor stood up, took a deep breath and exhaled. He then put on his armor and headed out the door.

"I wonder what that was all about?" Sam said as he walked out the door following Asliendor.

Mhara Mission by Liaraen on 13 Jul 2012 : 23:48

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Mhara Mission

August 17, 2005

I left the restaurant in Mirith, licking the last bits of meat-sauce off my fingers. Delicious. I wandered towards the bank, when I heard the town crier. "Senator Morgans requests an audience in twenty minutes." It seems interesting things happen after I eat. Excitedly, I sat around and accomplished very little in the next little while, until I heard the cry again. "Senator Morgans is at the moat." Picking up the remains of my late-evening snack, and depositing them somewhere out of the way, I strode to the Castle where I, along with a good number of other adventurers gathered. The senator invited us inside, to the dining room. We all pulled out a chair and sat. She explained to us that the Mhara, an underwater-dwelling people, had a prophet, many years ago. This prophet said something of a powerful artifact- The Moon Curio. We had to find out what was said, as that damned Lancaster probably already knew, and we couldn"t allow him an advantage. She also told us we should try to get them to assist us in the war effort. We were told we would need a main speaker, a position which both Imarathael and myself wished for. I was chosen, somehow, and we set off towards the Mhara island. We arrived there, only having got lost once and without casualties. We spoke to Kolarysan, and Nita, who I took to be important figures in the Mharan society. I attempted to convince them to stand with us. Nita seemed to want to help, although Kolarysan seemed a bit skeptical. Eventually, it seemed I (And Imarathael, who whispered things to me. I think he may have been the better candidate, though whats done is done.) had gotten through to them. They never gave me a straight answer though, saying they"ll come back to that. They did, however, allow us to go to see the prophet at her island. I will not disclose the location, for the sake of the Mhara"s privacy. We got there easily enough, though there were some rather bad storms. Some of us were actually slain, but the GoDs were smiling upon us that day as we were revived from the dead. We arrived at the island, where we met Gellansha the sage. She appeared, giggling, as I spoke out a Mharan greeting I had been taught. She appeared soon afterwards.

(Some of this has been cut out, as it is uninteresting and has nothing to do with the story.)

(Timlaer): Relsinya Gellansha! Hehehehe.... who goes there?

(Timlaer): I am Timlaer, of Mirith. These are my companions.

(Timlaer): *looks around* *giggles madly* MMMmmm... how interesting... how interesting...

(Timlaer): Erm...we have come to you, seeking information.

And what do you seek?

(Drizzt): Spring, please stop staring.

(Saire): Oh my

(Gellansha): *giggles*

(Timlaer): *mutters* Flashy.

(Drizzt): *pulls hood over eyes*

(Timlaer): Greetings. *bows*

(Gellansha): Hmmmmm.....

(Rosemary): nice to see you

(nanasisan): Greetings

(Drizzt): *crosses arms over chest*

(Timlaer): *smiles*

(Lugtolyn): Greetings

(Gellansha): Such bright faces.... bright eyes...

(Imarathael): *bows*

(Imarathael): Good day.

(Gellansha): Timlaer, you say? I sense.... that you come seeking a prophecy.... (Timlaer): *nods* Indeed.

(Gellansha): Hmmmm.....

(Timlaer): We wish to know, what it was you said of a certain artifact.

(Timlaer): The Moon Curio.

(Gellansha): Hmm.... I seeee.......

(Gellansha): I am but a spirit.... an ancestral spirit of my people....

(Lugtolyn): (np)

(Timlaer): *nods*

(Saire): Pardon my asking, but how did you die?

(nanasisan): ( Iam mot Druid i can not make Brad, sorry

(Timlaer): *glances at Saire*

(Gellansha): There are times for other stories... perhaps another time to tell (Gellansha): ....

(Gellansha): Anyways...

(Gellansha): I don"t give information for nothing and to those who have not proven themselves.

(Rosemary): * pur ber rel *

(Gellansha): So I will set you to a series of three tests.

(Timlaer): *nods* Very well.

(Gellansha): The first will test your knowledge, the second your wisdom, and the third...

(Gellansha): your courage.

(Timlaer): Are these to be undertaken by the whole party, or just myself? (Gellansha): All of you! *smiles*

(Gellansha): But you will speak for them.

(Gellansha): And give the final word.

(Timlaer): *nods*

(Gellansha): First, for the test of knowledge, I will ask you three questions... hehehe...

(Gellansha): Only you shall answer....

(Gellansha): 1. What was the name of the first human to emerge from the darkness?

I had a bit of difficulty with this first question. I have never been good at history. Eventually, I answered correctly, with "Elara."

(Timlaer): Elara?

(Gellansha): Yes! (Gellansha): Next question...

(Gellansha): 2. What was the name of the founder of Andris?

(Timlaer): Ah. Nystral.

That wasn"t too hard. I knew that one.

(Gellansha): And lastly, 3. What was the name of the first human, civilian guild in these lands?

(Timlaer): *thinks to himself* Don"t screw up. If you screw up, they"ll skin you like a beast. Great. I had no idea what this one was. One of my friends told me of the building inside the tree maze, and so I answered.

(Timlaer): The Marirangers?

(Gellansha): *smiles*

(Timlaer): *winces*

(Gellansha): You are correct!

Woot! That was one test done. Now, the next one.

(Gellansha): Now we may proceed to the next test.

(Gellansha): The test of wisdom.

(Timlaer): Oh no.

(Gellansha): I will ask you three riddles for you to solve. (Gellansha): Listen carefully...

(Gellansha): 1. Who makes it, has not need of it...

(Gellansha): Who buys it, has no use for it.

(Gellansha): Who uses it can neither see nor feel it. What is it?

Luckily, Sieglinde was there. She got the answer in seconds.

(Timlaer): A coffin. (Timlaer): Final answer.

(Gellansha): Correct! hehehee....

(Gellansha): Second riddle:

(Sieglinde): I love riddles.

(Gellansha): What goes through the door without pinching itself?...

(Gellansha): What sits on a stove without burning itself?...

(Gellansha): What sits on a table and is not shamed? What is this?

(Timlaer): Hmm.

We debated for a short while. The answer of "the Sun" came up, and although I was skeptical, it was correct.

The third riddle was the easiest, by far.

(Gellansha): My thunder comes before lightning...

(Gellansha): My lightning comes before clouds...

(Gellansha): My rain dries all the land it touches...

(Gellansha): What am I?

(Timlaer): *thinks*

(Sieglinde): Sounds like death...

(Timlaer): Alrighty. It could be death. I was thinking a volcano.

(Saire): Or pollution...

(Timlaer): Hmm.

(Saire): Oh!

(Saire): Yes

(Saire): Volcano!

(Imarathael): Volcano sounds good.

(Sieglinde): Volcano- that may be a good answer.

(Drizzt): Volcano (Saire): That sounds right.

(Timlaer): Or a wizard. I taunt people, then theres lightning...then theres smoke and dead people.

(Sieglinde): Well, I guess that"s the vote Tim.

(Timlaer): Volcano it is, then.

(Gellansha): *smiles* (Gellansha): You have passed the second test!

(Timlaer): *crosses fingers*

Finally, we got to the third test. Gellansha told us to step into her pool, which we did. It was the test of courage - we all knew what would happen next. From the depths, a great sea serpent rose, and devoured many of us. But the bravery of the Mirithians was to be commended, as nobody left the pool, though our bodies were torn to shreds, and we were clothed in grey robes. The prophet ressurected us, and told us of the propechy.

(Gellansha): Flame and fire, scorched and mired...

(Gellansha): A single tear, blue, silent and clear...

(Gellansha): To the peak it falls, through the dark She crawls...

(Gellansha): In her hand glows, fear in Black grows...

(Gellansha): One child survives, another child dies...

(Gellansha): Small hands revive, the Power comes alive.

(Gellansha): Keep these words, brave ones!

She then disappeared, leaving us next to a pool of blood and corpse filled water. Most set off for land, though I was far too tired. I curled up under a palm tree, and fell asleep, knowing we had succeeded in our mission.

Until next time,

-Timlaer the Sorcerer
Deep in Aborek by Liaraen on 13 Jul 2012 : 23:46

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Deep in Aborek

August 16, 2005

I wandered out of the restaurant, having just finished my dinner. Shogun said he was going to tank a Sea Serpent, and so I ate quickly, wanting to see what happened. Unfortunately, I had taken too long eating, and had missed the epic battle. Disappointed, I wandered to the bank where I found Nafets with a large crowd around him. I walked quickly over to him, and blended in with the crowd. It seemed they were discussing the Blood Dagger. Nafets told us of how we did not have much information on the accursed blade. Someone suggested we go to Aborek, the dungeon in which it was found. Our rather sizable party was formed at the gates of Mirith. Fighters and Rangers sharpening their blades and stringing their bows, clerics uttering a few quick prayers, wizards and druids looking over their reagents, and rogues...I am not certain what they were doing, but I am certain it was unimportant. We set off, following the river towards Marali. We dispatched each monster we passed with ease, nothing could pose a threat to us. Our party reached the ruins of Aborek in good time, fighting through the few trolls and spiders roaming the surface. As we explored the ruins, a barely disernable chanting filled our ears. The words were too quiet to understand, as the whispers surrounded us. I instinctively pulled out the Lightning Bolt reagents I had carefully tucked into one of my pockets, and prepared a spell. Suddenly, what appeared to be a centaur faded into view- It was strangely translucent, almost as if it were a ghost or spirit. It was struggling against something, and let out several cries of protest. Unfortunately, the poor ethereal creature was dragged down the ladder by unseen forces, before we could explain what had occured. The ranger Sam led us towards the ladder down, volunteering to go down first and see how many monsters we would have to deal with. He hopped down the ladder, but scrambled up within seconds, poisoned and wounded. A few purs and shels later, he was ready to try it again. I will not bore you with the details, but eventually we got everyone down the ladder and into Aborek. Hordes upon hordes of creatures attacked us, but we valiently slaughtered them, fighting towards the next ladder down. We began to smell something burning, and it was getting smoky. Visions of ethereal magi assailed us, but we pressed on. Several floors down, we discovered two black dragons- I am not sure if they were fighting, as I was near the back, unable to tell. Some poor fool shot an arrow at one, and was torn to pieces. Luckily, we had a powerful healer with us who brought him back from the dead. Again, we fought on. The smoke was getting thicker, and the whispers louder. The smoke should have been fatal, but by some divine power we were able to breathe. Many of us began to speculate on what was happening- Was a new Blood Dagger being made? Were we watching the events of the past? Finally, we reached the last ladder. Again, Sam volenteered to lure monsters up- A handful of frost giants clamored up from the depths and attacked. We felled them with ease, and descended the ladder. A few more rooms were all that were between us and the answers. We entered the last room, the whispers and chanting growing so loud we could barely hear eachother. Four centaurs surrounded a wizard, who stood upon a slain black dragon. I was among the first in the room, and was also among the first slain- Two powerful bolts hit me square in the chest, and flung me backwards into the wall. I don"t know what happened next, as the grey world is a bit blurry, and difficult to see in. I was soon ressurected, and the mage was killed. We took the time to split up the loot. A great horde of magical reagents was found on his battered and beaten body, which was split up between the spellcasters. For myself, I took a magical robe, which had been strangely unharmed in the battle. Finally, with a sense of having accomplished much, we turned around, planning on leaving that accursed place. Near the ladder, we discovered a small box. Within it, we found a rune- A magical rune, covered in blood. With this eerie artifact, we climbed up, and fought our way back to the surface. The return trip was largely uneventful. The group entered the gates of Mirith, heading towards the castle to report to Nafets. He took the rune, and I believe either he or Beleth is studying it now. I am still not sure what it is exactly that we saw, though I have several theories. I believe some greater force was at work, something that wanted us to see what had happened to cause the creation of the Blood Dagger, though why and by whom remains a mystery. But do not let these final questions bother you, for we have succeeded, and accomplished much. We have obtained the rune, and slain the ethereal image of the mage who created the Dagger. This is a great victory for us, and we should be proud of what we have done.

Until next time,

-Timlaer the Sorcerer
Captive of the Lizard Men by Liaraen on 13 Jul 2012 : 23:45

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Captive of the Lizard Men

August 15, 2005

It was another attack on the Lizard Man Island, so it started. After climbing the ladder up onto the island, we were greeted by a surprise.

(Roman): hello

(Timlaer): Hiya.

(Shogun): how odd..

(Lizard Man): Greetingsssssss, Romanssssssss

(Shakin): hi (Roman): greetings lizards

(Lizard Man): Our King wantssssss to ssssspeak to you.

(Roman): have you decided to leave lancaster yet

(Roman): i will speak with him

(Lizard Man): Follow usssssssssss.

(Timlaer): *smiles* Well, this is promising.

(Matthew): they are here in peace for once

(Timlaer): *puts his scythe away*

(Timlaer): *sickle, even.* We walk to the fort.

(Timlaer): *glances at the corpse suspiciously*

(Shogun): they are already dead tim

(Lizard Man): Masssster Roman, you come.

(Lizard Man): The othersssss wait here.

(Roman): you all wait for me, ill be back shortly

(Matthew): ok

(Timlaer): Very well. I arrive at the throne, greeted by two lizards (Roman): greetings

(Lizard Man): It"ssssss Romansssssss....

(Lizard Man): Welcome, Romanssssssssss

(Roman): hello

(Lizard Man): We are happy you are heressssssssssssss

(Roman): which one of you speak for the king

(Lizard Man): We sssssssssspeak for the King, we are the Ssssssssspeakersssssssss

(Roman): i am here again to ask that you leave this war

(Lizard Man): He hasssssssss a few ssssssssspeakerssssssssssss

(Roman): Please stop assisting Lancaster

(Lizard Man): Why ssssssshould we lisssssten to you

(Roman): If you are willing to stay out of this war

(Roman): I will do everything i can to stop the attacks on this island

(Lizard Man): We want our landssssssssss back, Romanssssssss

(Roman): i understand that, and am sorry for what our ancestors have done

(Lizard Man): It is ourssssssssss by right and birth

(Roman): but many lands have been taken throughout the times

(Lizard Man): We are not content, we fight for rightssssssssss

(Roman): fighting will not get you your land back

(Lizard Man): Thissssss one doessssss not understandsssssss

(Roman): Fighting will only lead to a stronger hatred by humans

(Roman): the more that you fight, the more land they will take

(Lizard Man): You will underssssssstand the pain we have endured, Romanssssssss

(Roman): now, you have an island

(Roman): if you keep fighting, this may be taken also

(Lizard Man): You are nothing, you do not deserve my respect.

(Roman): if i die, you will become extinct

(Lizard Man): Foolissssssssh Roman.

(Roman): i am your only hope at living

(Roman): you make your own choice, but...

At this point, I was attacked by 6 lizards, blocking me in the room. I was then dragged into a room, and locked in. When I woke up, I spoke with, who I am sure is, the Lizard King.

(Roman): you fools have condemned yourselves to death

(Lizard): : You talk a lot for being so weak, Roman.

(Roman): 6 of you were very strong fighting one man

(Lizard): Your threats make me laugh. You are puny.

(Roman): we have killed thousands of you

(Roman): we will make your race extinct

(Lizard): So you believe.

(Lizard): What makes you think your race is the only one imbued with magic?

(Roman): i know it is not, but we will win

(Roman): you have made a huge mistake

(Lizard): We know your tricks now, Roman.

(Roman): you know one or two


(Roman): we have only just begun

(Lizard): You will never leave this place, Roman. Get comfy.

(Roman): if you are not happy with an island, be prepared for hell

(Lizard): Who are you to tell us anything? You can barely lift a sword.

(Roman): my capture will only anger more people

(Lizard): The hell you will experiece will be bathed in your blood.

(Roman): it will only increase our power

(Lizard Man): You can not escape ... sssss

(Lizard): Feel our torture.

(Roman): brave lizard

(Lizard Man): Sssssssssssssssssss

(Roman): fight an unarmed man

(Lizard): You are not brave, you are weak and pathetic.

(Roman): this force today was nothing, your race will be extinct if you dont stop assisting lancaster

(Lizard): When Lancaster takes over Mirith, you will feel anguish.

(Roman): He will NOT take over Mirith

(Lizard): 1000 Lizardmen will return to their ancestral lands.

(Roman): 1000 lizardmen will die (Lizard): In a holy storm of human death. (Roman): i recommend that you release me

(Lizard Man): You can not escape ... sssss

(Lizard Man): We will win.

(Lizard): I recommend you shut it.

You feel a tremendous force close your vocal cords. You can"t talk. You have been muted.

(Lizard): You must see the desparation of your plight, Roman.

(Lizard): It is YOU who should leave these lands forever and never return.

(Lizard): It is YOU who should have listened to us, your betters.

(Lizard): And until you see that Mirith WILL fall, you stay here. Puny.

I decided that the best thing for now is to rest, so I slept a bit. I was woken up by a noise that many in Oberin know, the sound of a dragon. But, after a closer look, I saw that there were two of them guarding me. A red dragon, and an Ice Dragon were patrolling the room I was in. Along with them were dozens, upon dozens of Lizardmen. After a few days, I got my chance. Some sort of disturbance led the dragons, and most of my guards away, leaving me with only a couple of lizards. Thank god for Jameson Jinx, who taught me how to pick some locks. These ancient locks were opened in no time. Being that I was only wearing a gray robe, my movements were silent. I snuck past my guards and out the gate. I then made it to Mirith. I am spending most of my time resting, hoping that my vocal chords will heal. Until then, I can only write my messages. I have heard that many of you from guilds, and that many of you on your own offered to assist in a rescue. I appreciate your help. Thank you all very much.

- Master Roman The Roman Empire
The Attack on Andris by Liaraen on 13 Jul 2012 : 23:44

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Attack on Andris

August 2, 2005It all started at the bank. I was standing there, along with Timlaer, Jonathan II, and Equal, each of us sharing our exaggerated tales of hoards slaughter and gold looted when the Great Horn of Mirith drowned out of conversation. Without hesitation we gathered our gear and rushed to the castle. We were greeted by Nafets and complimented on our speed in answering the call. We waited for others while Birek joined Nafets and discused battle plans. Over the course of the next two horn blows, we were joined by linger, Klulu, Matthew, Ayara Mereth, Drizzt, and Teron. Hellos were exchanged with the newcomers and Birek told us the plan.

(Birek McCalla): All scouting points to a lack of support in and around Andris.

(Birek McCalla): I believe we can strike right now.

(Birek McCalla): We can end this war today.

(Nafets): *nods*

(Birek McCalla): We need a large force to storm the fort from the West.

(Birek McCalla): City from the West.

(Birek McCalla): A couple of you will come with me, and teleport in from the East.

Ayara Mereth, Timlaer, Jonathan II, and I volunteered, but Birek could only use two.

I backed out when I learned that Vanderbilt was most likely to be found at the West gate. Vanderbilt was my single reason for fighting this battle. I wanted to kill him. And If we were storming Andris, I would have my chance. Ayara Mereth and Timlaer were chosen for this duty. Birek and they set off for Andris immediately. The second force, consisting of linger, Klulu, Matthew, Drizzt, Teron, Jonathan II, Equal, and I, met up at the bank to grab any last gear we might need. We did this and were off. Our trip to the bridge was uneventful. When we got there we met Birek and a friendly force that matched our own in size.

Bake, aurtuswolf, Taku, Legsalot, and Aluna had been hunting near there and Birek had convinced them to join us. With that, Birek and his force left us, and I do not know what happened to them untill we met them later. The road to Andris was full of Lizard Men. I do not know if they came at us in waves or if it was a steady stream of them. I slashed any lizard that came close enought to taste my blade, as did all the rest. Our clerics kept us well healed, even in the thickest combat and we won these early confrontations without loses. As we neared the gates of the city mercenaries joined forces with the lizard men, but we fought on until we reached what used to be the front gates of Andris. In place of what used to be a gate stood a giant stone wall with windows in it as if to taunt us. Next to the wall stood Birek McCalla and his forces. Birek informed the army that the eastern entrence was blocked as well. The army was stuck outside the gates. Birek warned us to leave quickly, but we were too slow.

The brigands Clara and Jefferson, along with a small army attacked from the North West. We formed up as best we could and tried to hold off the Mercenaries and the Lizard men, but they were too many and quickly surrounded us. We fought as hard as we could and I used the only opening in the fighting I could to position myself next to Clara, who seemed to be leading the army. I quickly turned my blade on her. She laughed as my attacks failed to seriously wound her. Everytime my blade approched her, a ring on her finger flashed and it felt as though i was trying to cut through dragon scale. Teron joined me at my side as several of the lizard men attacked me. I turned my attention to them and with Teron"s help, started turning the battle back in our favor. The mercenaries were not going to let us go so easily. Jefferson waved his blade in the air and a scream filled the air. I had the time to mutter "that"s just dirty.." before a force of lizard men and mercenaries easily twice our own appeared around us. The forces of Mirith, already weakened by the battle, collapsed. Teron lost his life saving my own so that I could get in a few more hits with Clara. All around people fought hard but were overpowered by the Andrisian Army.

With a laugh and a wave Clara and Jefferson were gone, they had retreated, leaving Birek with a few survivors and a force of lizards to deal with. Birek was still fighting along side Timlaer, when Morgans, one of the senators who fled Andris arrived to help. Between the three of them, they defeated the last of the Lizards and Matthew was able to resurrect the dead. We gathered what was left of our army and returned to Mirith.

As we walked down the trail to Mirith, these words filled our heads:

The Evil senator Lancaster has sealed the city of Andris... He now lies here alone, alone with the Moon Curio...

What would happen if Lancaster manages to awake the Curio's power? Elefin is still on the loose, the Hauksens are yet to be found... The portals are still broken, Vex and Kincade are still at large... Willow Hauksen remains unburied... Crausaar the forest dragon lives... Anon"s body is still missing, Zexe haunts the living... With all these threats, the fate of a whole world relies on a few choosen ones... The Heroes of Oberin.

Welcome to Oberin 018, Act II. -Sam
Attack on Andris! by Liaraen on 13 Jul 2012 : 23:42

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Attack on Andris!

August 1, 2005

Hello there!

Ooh, where do I begin? Ah, I heard this horn, the great Mirith horn, and it was summoning us all to the castle, so I ran there as fast as I could, to see what was happening, and there were Father Nafets the cleric, and Birek McCalla the brave fighter and guard of Mirith now, nice beard too. Anyway, they were there and talking about this attack on Andris, which, if you haven 't heard is attacking Mirith because that Lancaster man is actually a pretty evil man and he wants to take over the world. He sent mercenaries to attack Senator Morgans, who is really nice, and a cleric, but she knows lightning spells as well. That 's later though, because I 'm talking about the bit at the castle now. Birek 's plan was attacking Andris from the West, which is a good plan, because it involves attacking, and directions, and those go well together, but also, and this is really sneaky; he was going to sneak in from the East and kill Lancaster! To do this Birek wanted help, and Timlaer, who is a wizard and can cast lightning bolts and all sorts of magic spells, volunteered, as did I, and I 'm a fighter and I hit things with sharp objects. I had lots of sharp objects, but I lost them, I 'll get to that bit later. We volunteered to attack from the East, which was a stealthy mission, so I got some stealthy equipment together, which was mostly brown, for hiding in mud and such things. Then we all set off to Andris with the main group. Around the bridge we split off and we all got separated, but I found Birek again near the East gate, and we did lots of running around and creeping to get to the gate. Problem is it was blocked by these big barriers, Birek couldn 't get across them even though he can do all the magic spells I 've ever seen, and better than most people who spend their lives doing them, he 's really great. You should have seen him fighting the lizard. Sorry, that 's later. Where was I? Oh. What happened then was the start of the bad bit, we heard this rustling sound and loads of lizards (lizard men live on an island to the west, but they are helping Andris because of some piece of history or other, they carry sickles which are quite nice, but I prefer glaives) appeared! Birek told us to warn the others and so I ran around the city, but on the way I tripped over a stick and woke up with a sickle in my head, which was not a good thing. Anyway, I ran along to warn a cleric, because even though I was dead clerics can hear what dead people say, I didn 't want to be a cleric though, because fighters are the best type of people. When I got there there was this huge battle going on, but it was all blurry because I was dead, so I just ran around trying to kill lizard men and mercenaries (who are really bad men who fight for money, but they have glaives, which are good) with ghostly screams, but that didn 't seem to work, however hard I was trying, and I really did try hard. Then a cleric brought me back to life, because clerics are pretty clever and know all sorts of spells, so I found a glaive (which was nice) that a dead mercenary had dropped, and started running round chasing lizard men and mercenaries, but Birek, who was fighting like a really great fight, I could write an aristeia about him, but I 'm not really good at that kind of thing. He was slicing down the bad mercenaries like they were butter and he was a hot knife, which in a way he is. In the end we beat back the lizards and the men and got to escape, I killed lots of lizards, but I lost my weapons, which makes me very sad. Especially Thyrea and Myrea, I loved them. I hope I can find some new weapons soon, but until then I 'll do something or other. Sorry, I keep rambling don't I? Mummy taught me to write, but she didn 't teach me how to make a story flow well. I think the basic thing is that Andris is now blocked by these magic wall things, that we can't get through even with magic, and Birek is the best and bravest fighter in the world.

Keep on fighting! - Ayara
Burial of a Hero by Liaraen on 12 Jul 2012 : 23:17
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Burial of a Hero

July 27, 2005

As the last zombie fell to the ground we gathered together in the middle of the cemetery to wait, an uncommonly cold wind for summer gusting round, whipping at the black robes we wore as we waited for the others who would come to observe Zexe 's final rites.

We did not have long to wait until Brother Nafets, Birek McCalla, Beleth and the King and Duchess arrived, with a large entourage of fellow mourners. With Zexe 's body placed inside a coffin, Nafets began the funeral service, his words followed by eulogies from the King, Beleth, Birek and many of the crowd, the solemn occasion bringing out the best in everyone commemorating the life of the brave man.

It was as I started to speak that things took a bad turn, the wind blew harder, screams and moans came on the wind, people changed from their funereal garb to armour and grabbed at their weapons, clerics cast protective spells as the sounds of thunder rolled throughout the graveyard. As we all looked around nervously Nafets was the first to notice the insubstantial form of Zexe, screaming and writhing. I shuddered, it reminded me too much of the tormented spirit of WIllow Hauksen. Though sometimes he just screamed in pain sometimes we could hear his words, "The Dagger" - the terrible weapon which, by the hand of Elefin, he had finally been slain by. Beleth used his dark art to vanish to the Mirith castle 's library, there to research what he could of the Blood Dagger, Nafets chose to wait at the cemetery, should Zexe say anything more, and the rest of us made haste to return the King and Duchess to the safety of Mirith. Birek scouting ahead, the rest of us surrounding the Royals we made swift progress to the castle, where we discussed the horrific news. King Galandir was adamant in his demands we find some way to help Zexe, and insistent that we bring the Blood Dagger to him, as we debated whether it could be destroyed or whether the souls it had taken could be released Beleth rushed in with an ancient book, a book that had some information on the dagger, but nothing good. It seemed that it could be destroyed, but doing so would destroy the souls of its victims. A dreadful proposition.

It was around this time that mention was made of the wizard known as Seth, someone whom Brother Nafets has always been somewhat concerned about when his name has arisen. This time though it was decided to attempt to locate and speak with him, Beleth created several fires in the throne room and intoned the words that open gates and manipulate the world, I shuddered instinctively, I do not think I will ever be able to be at peace with such power. As I sank back into my chair the flames were overcome with blackness, the room turned dark as a green field when the stormclouds approach and Beleth continued his art. He seemed to speak with voices we could not see, and sometimes even as those voices, his own personality put aside, I could feel the fear creeping up my spine. Then, all of a sudden it stopped.

The shadow lifted from the room and Beleth spoke to the King. It seems Seth had evaded his spell, but he had found the location of Evers, also known as Eve, apprentice to the wizard. She was in Duldrus. With scant delay a group of us set off for the mining town, a journey punctuated by monster attacks and even a chance encounter with a band of Black Hand brigands, most were slain but I am afraid in our haste their thuggish leader escaped us. Nearing Duldrus we found the footprints of one of the lords of all lizards, a dragon, but we hurried past in search of Eve. Alas we found the dragon first, and it was not just any dragon, this was the ancient beast Craussar, perhaps the oldest and mightiest of all forest dragons. As we spoke with him the object of our search appeared and Craussar turned to leave. Foolishly some of us followed him, I cannot recall our reasons now. I strayed too close to him and with a single bite he cast me into the grey world.

I was lucky Eve is an accomplished mage and could bring me back, but my memory grows weak from then on. I recall we journeyed back to Mirith, I remember Eve meeting with the King and agreeing to attempt to persuade Seth to meet with him, but it blurs in my mind. We can only hope he does, for Zexe 's sake, and for all others the dagger has taken.

- Father Vei